OneStream Live 2021 in Review

OneStream Live 2021 Review

While December end is the holiday season for you all, it’s time for us to reflect and learn. As we look back and ponder on our journey this year, we’re overwhelmed with a mix of emotions and a sense of accomplishment.

2021 has been quite a year for OneStream Live. We toed the line, we dug deep, and we achieved!

Let’s go down memory lane and see what we got this year.  

In this Article:

Expanded Resource Hub

This year, OneStream Live committed itself to expand the streaming community’s knowledge base with two major initiatives:

OneStream Blog

We kicked off 2021 with the launch of our very own OneStream Live Blog. OneStream Blog is a complete live streaming knowledge repository with expert guidelines, industry trends and insights, blogs and tutorials, and video broadcasting best practices. We have received an overwhelming response from our guest writers and it’s been an amazing first year for OneStream Live Blog.

OneStream Newsletter

We launched the OneStream Live Newsletter to keep our users up-to-date with the trending live streaming news, tips and tricks, informative how-to guides, the latest industry insights, and a lot more. We have a huge subscriber base that is increasing every passing day. If you haven’t subscribed to OneStream Live Newsletter yet, Subscribe NOW to get the latest news, product updates and special offers delivered right to your inbox.

New Platforms Integration

OneStream Social Account for Streaming on Websites

The new OneStream Social Account allows the users to live stream pre-recorded or real-time videos on their private channel or any external website by merely using an embed code. With this updated version, they will no longer need to refresh the dashboard to receive the latest status of the stream.

TikTok Live

On popular demand by live streamers and content creators, we managed to take TikTok onboard for streaming via OneStream Live. This has banked an incredible response from our user community, drawing an amazing close to the year. The users simply need the RTMP Server URL and key to stream directly to TikTok from their OneStream Dashboard.

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Instagram Live

Gone are the days when OneStreamers had to go to Instafeed separately to configure their Instagram account. They can now connect Instagram via Instafeed manually using Server URL and Stream Key and go live within seconds.

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Twitter Live

Twitter is now directly integrated with OneStream Live. Going live on Twitter via OneStream Live means directly sharing video content in real-time without any hassle. No more Periscope, no more setting up of OBS – the users can connect their Twitter account to the OneStream Dashboard and go live within seconds.

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OneStream Live Mobile Apps

One of the most significant achievements of 2021 – OneStream Live’s app is now available at App Store and Google Play.  OneStreamers can now enjoy all the upgraded features of the latest version on their smartphones using OneStream Live’s mobile app and enjoy real-time streaming directly through their mobile apps.


Download OneStream Mobile App.

Mobile phone streaming is the game-changer for content creators on the go since OneStreamers can now go live directly from their mobile phone cameras. This has been a revelation for the streamers on the go, and we’ve received fantastic feedback on this. Kudos for that!

Phone LiveStreaming

OneStream Live also integrated PhoneLiveStreaming for automated live streaming to the traditional telephone. This allows the users to share their live streams with audiences that do not have computer access to enjoy the streams through a direct telephone call. This collaboration has received an astounding response from our church community.


OneStream Live has partnered with Cisco Webex and is now featured on the Cisco Webex App Hub. Webex users can now multistream their Webex meeting recordings via OneStream Live using the Standard or Professional subscription plans.

New Features

Now let’s dive into the new features and feature updates our team was able to ship this past year. Here are the highlights:

Embed Player

Our Embed Player was the much-celebrated feature announcement for 2021. Recognizing the significance of live streaming on websites, OneStream Live has introduced an incredible feature to embed live videos on the website seamlessly, while also making websites more SEO friendly and helping users to increase their SERP score.

Live Unified Chat

On popular demand, we introduced the Live Unified Chat feature (beta) this 2021. With OneStream Live’s new Unified Live Chat feature, the users can efficiently manage their pre-recorded and real-time live streaming viewers’ in-coming messages, comments, and replies from multiple streaming platforms, that too directly via their OneStream Dashboard.

Real-Time Event Announcement

Ever since we introduced the event announcement feature for pre-recorded streaming, we have received increasing demand for the same feature for real-time streaming. This year we incorporated event announcements for real-time streaming events up to 6 days in advance.

Custom Thumbnail

Custom thumbnail was an option available for pre-recorded streaming and has been in popular demand for real-time streaming. When scheduling Live Events, the users can now change thumbnails for Real-time Events and use customized thumbnails instead.

Open Captions

Allowing Open Captions for pre-recorded videos is the new feather in OneStream Live’s cap for 2021, yet another milestone towards delivering a wholesome and enriching live streaming experience to its diverse clientele.

Enhanced Services

Improved Storage

This year we integrated two additional cloud storage platforms to facilitate user upload options. Box Storage and are now available alongside Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, pCloud, and Zoom for easier uploads of your streaming videos. Also, with the Webex integration, users can now download their Webex recordings on cloud storage and configure any other S3-compatible storage to connect to their OneStream storage.

Pause Subscription

For streamers going out on holiday or taking a break from their streaming schedule, OneStream Live introduced the Pause Subscription feature. This feature allows the users to pause their subscriptions for up to 90 days, as per their needs and requirements, and resume their plan once they’re back to their streaming routine. The users have widely acknowledged this service for saving their time and effort of canceling and re-activating the plans.

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

OneStream Live has always been committed to delivering a smooth and seamless live streaming experience to its users. This year, we introduced Adaptive Bitrate Streaming (ABR) which allows auto-adjustment of video resolution as per the user’s internet speed. This means fewer latency issues, high-quality adaptive streams, and no more buffering problems.

Increased Presence

New Social Media Handles

We have always been there on Facebook, Facebook Community, Twitter, and Instagram. This year we decided to expand our social media presence further. Hence, realizing the need of our ever-growing and diverse user community, OneStream Live set up new official channels on three social media platforms this year:

  1. Pinterest
  2. Redditt
  3. Tumblr

Our writers have also been more active on our Quora space OneStream Live Streaming Tips this 2021, sharing meaningful insights and valuable tips for the streaming community.

Giving Back to the Community

Sponsored Neurodiversity Autistic Pride Day

Since in-person events have been badly affected due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many communities moved their events online. OneStream Live decided to give back to the community by sponsoring the Neurodiversity Autistic Pride Day in June this year, and it was our privilege to do so.

Sponsored Peer Talks

We also sponsored Peer Talks for their podcast sessions on sensitive issues.

Reflecting Thoughts

As we look back and take stock of our progress and milestones unlocked, we also take it as an opportunity to plan for the future. We’re hard at work, working out innovative ways to deliver your feature requests, and we’ve got so much in store for 2022 – multiple new storage integrations, several new platform integrations, and a lot more!

Psssttt – Stay tuned for an exciting new product this 2022. There’s a BIG surprise lined up!

Three Cheers for a lot more happening year – Happy 2022 ya’ll! 🎉🎇✨

OneStream Live is a cloud-based live streaming solution to create, schedule, and multistream professional-looking live streams across 45+ social media platforms and the web simultaneously. For content-related queries and feedback, write to us at [email protected]. You’re also welcome to Write for Us!

OneStream Blog
OneStream Blog
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