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Join the best affiliate program in town to enhance your earning potential.

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Earn a 55% commission whenever a OneStream Live subscription is purchased through your referral link.

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Offer up to 25% discount to new customers and maximize your revenue potential.

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We offer you support in the form of affiliate assets, email templates, tips & tricks, and more.

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You don’t need to create your own product. So, no product development costs involved.


No working hours or any other requirements. Just spare a few minutes from your daily schedule and make money.

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Track your conversions and revenue from the data-driven Affiliate Dashboard.

Affiliate Program

How it Works

Become our valued affiliate partner and unlock incredible rewards that go beyond just making money. Tap into the world of exciting opportunities with OneStream Live Affiliate Program.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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It’s simple. Just sign up for free and start promoting.

There’s no maximum limit to your earnings. It really depends on your marketing efforts and the conversion rate. With OneStream Live Affiliate Program, the sky’s the limit.

You can promote OneStream Live using social media platforms, paid advertisements, email marketing, writing a blog, creating a website, or simply through live streaming.

Absolutely not! No costs involved.

All payments are made to the affiliates on monthly basis via PayPal.
No, prior experience is not a prerequisite to becoming an affiliate marketer.
You can track your earnings through your Affiliate Dashboard. You can also monitor the previously paid amount and pending balance from the same dashboard.

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