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Multiple Destinations

Be everywhere at once. Multicast your real-time or recorded live streams on 45+ social media platforms and anywhere on the web.

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    Best Multistreaming Software for All

    Social Media & Web
    Multistream on multiple social media platforms including Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Twitch, & Instagram, and the web at once.
    Upload & schedule your recorded videos for multistreaming. Create a playlist, schedule in advance, and reach wider audiences.
    Multistreaming via
    RTMP Encoders
    Create real-time live streams using Live Studio or external RTMP encoders such as OBS, Zoom & Xsplit and multistream on social platforms, Hosted Live Pages and the web at once.

    Multi-platform broadcasting

    What is Multistreaming?

    Multistreaming is the practice of broadcasting live streams on multiple online platforms simultaneously. When you’re live streaming to your YouTube channel and choose to broadcast the same content on your Facebook group, LinkedIn profile and your website, you’re multistreaming.

    Getting started

    How it Works

    Schedule your recorded videos in advance and broadcast your live streams flawlessly.
    Connect 2 or more streaming platforms to OneStream Live dashboard.
    Start your stream using OneStream Studio or any external RTMP encoder, or upload a pre-recorded video for streaming.
    Select all the destinations you want to go live on, including your website and Hosted Live Pages.
    No software installations or downloads required. Multistream directly from your browser.

    Where can you Multistream?

    With OneStream Live, you can multistream your real-time and pre-recorded videos on more than 45 social media platforms, any custom RTMP destination, Hosted Live Pages and anywhere on the web. However, if you’re a beginner, we recommend you start with multistreaming on Facebook Live, YouTube Live and your website.


    Why Multistream?

    Combine the strengths of various social platforms like Facebook, YouTube & Instagram to create a holistic online presence. Grow your following with the best multistreaming software.

    Connect with diverse and untapped audiences across multiple destinations. Reach more viewers and expand your network.

    Interact with your viewers through Live Unified Chat.Seek feedback, share excitement, and create meaningful connections with your audiences.
    Use platform-specific features to increase discoverability. Reach potential customers and build brand awareness.
    Increase opportunities for monetization through ads, sponsorships, donations, or subscription. Live sell on Amazon & multiple other platforms simultaneously.
    Fact Check

    Learn the Stats

    Discover what benefits different streaming platforms
    offer and enjoy them all with multistreaming

    Live streaming accounts for 23% of global viewing time.


    Live video streaming is expected to grow to $184.27 billion by 2027.


    86% of marketers use live video as a marketing tool.


    LinkedIn Live videos drive 7x more reactions than standard video posts.


    82% of X users watch video content on X.


    Facebook Live videos drive 3X more engagement than traditional videos.

    What Our Clients Say About Us?

    70% increase in engagement with interactive live Streams

    "OneStream Live has been a game-changer for my live streaming endeavors. Its easy setup, impressive features, multi-platform streaming capabilities have made my live streaming process efficient and effective."

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    Imran Hayat


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