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OneStream Live is the pioneer in pre-recorded streaming. But we have come a long way to establish ourself as a groundbreaking all-in-one live streaming solution that is ideal for creating, scheduling and multistreaming professional-looking live streams (both real-time and recorded) on 45+ social media platforms and the web at once.
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Discover our exceptional range of cutting-edge products that will transform your live streaming experience.
Live Studio

OneStream Studio is your gateway to a dynamic live streaming experience. You can effortlessly create professional-looking branded live streams in real-time, with high-quality video, interactive features, and seamless audience interaction. Learn More

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Pre-recorded Streaming

Pre-recorded streaming offers a perfect platform to showcase your recorded content to a global audience; no stutters or glitches, only smooth live streams. You can create a playlist of recorded videos and schedule them to go live on your desired date and time. Learn More

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External RTMP Encoders

External RTMP Encoders streaming allows real-time streaming using multiple third-party tools including OBS, Zoom, XSplit, Wirecast, Ecamm Live, and more. You can offer an immersive viewing experience to your audience and engage with them in real-time. Learn More

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Hosted Live Pages

Hosted Live Pages are your ticket to web live streaming without having to buy expensive external hosting. You can customize your own webpage for live streaming, add social platform links, seek donations, and connect with your audience like never before. Learn More

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Meet the Founders

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OneStream Live is a masterwork of three Finland-based engineer-turned-entrepreneurs, Hanan Naeem, Bilal Chaudhry, and Shahzad Hussain, focused on transforming live streaming into a robust technology ecosystem. OneStream Live leverages over a decade of experience and industry knowledge of these maestros, aiming to deliver state-of-the-art live streaming services and expert support.

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OneStream Live initiated as a simple idea of developing a user-friendly live streaming solution. Brewed with immense hard work and resilience, it has become an innovation-driven leader in the global live streaming industry today.
Based in Espoo, Finland, OneStream Live is the brainchild of three visionary entrepreneurs – Hanan Naeem, Bilal Chaudhry, and Shahzad Hussain. Drawing upon their extensive experience and deep industry insights, OneStream Live is dedicated to revolutionizing live streaming and providing cutting-edge technology solutions to content creators worldwide. With a strong focus on delivering exceptional services and expert support, we strive to create an unrivaled live streaming ecosystem.


To become a global leader and a trusted partner in the live streaming industry and provide innovative-and customer-centric live streaming services across all walks of life.



OneStream Live envisions to unlock a world of opportunities for video processing, transcoding, and live streaming pre-recorded and real-time videos.

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“OneStream Live is the easiest to use, plug-and-play platform for live streaming. And the scalability is incredible.”

Jamie Matos
Founder, Evolt


“OneStream Live allows me to record my videos, upload them live to the system, and then have them play as live videos, whenever I want. ”

Angela Langlotz
Business, Intellectual Property and Trademark Attorney


“I have used other platforms before, but OneStream Live is so much more user-friendly.”

Rachel Hall
Sales Director, Mary Kay Cosmetics

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OneStream Live is a cloud-based service to schedule & live stream pre-recorded and real-time streams to 45+ social media platforms including Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Instagram, Twitch, or any custom RTMP streaming destination all at once.

With powerful scheduling and multistreaming features, OneStream Live is for anyone and everyone; individual content creators, businesses, gamers, coaches, influencers, churches and other houses of worship.

You can get started with OneStream Live absolutely free. But we also have other subscription plans to suit your requirements. Check out our pricing plans.

OneStream Live supports .mp4, .mov, .m4v, and webm formats/extensions. You can also stream 180° or 360° videos with OneStream Live

Absolutely! You can record and download your streams to repurpose later.

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