Music Live Streaming
with OneStream Live

Play music live to audiences worldwide. Live stream music concerts on 45+ social media platforms like YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Instagram Live, TikTok, and many more.
*No credit card required. No service fee applied.

Showcase Your Artistry

Live stream music to global audiences - live concerts, open mics, or intimate acoustic sessions.


Network & Grow

Collaborate with artists, engage with music lovers, and grow your online community with live music streaming.


Monetize Your Passion

Set up virtual gigs, merchandise sales, and more, while streaming live music across multiple platforms simultaneously.

Seamless Integration

RTMP Streaming

Restream your live music online using external RTMP encoders like OBS Studio, XSplit, or Wirecast and multistream on multiple platforms simultaneously.
Drive Engagement

Live Unified Chat

Connect deeper during your live music
streaming sessions. Respond to in-stream comments from multiple platforms and multiple streams from a single window.

Offer Immersive Experience

Screen Sharing

Showcase your performances with live music online. Offer an immersive and engaging viewing experience with screenshares, ensuring your audience feels every beat.
Find Connections

Network & Grow

Invite music artists to your live streams for collaborations or interviews. Cross-promote and enrich your live music streaming with diverse content.
Go Vertical

Portrait Streaming

Offer your audience an optimized viewing experience in vertical form videos, especially ideal for platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

Power-packed Features
for Immersive Music Streaming


Playlist streaming

Create a playlist of your pre-recorded music videos and schedule them in advance.


Personalised landing page

Create a customised webpage to showcase your live music streaming sessions.


Web embedding

Directly embed your live music streams on your website or elsewhere online.


Social media multistreaming

Multistream your live music streaming sessions on 45+ social media platforms.


Brand your streams

Brand your live music streams with virtual backgrounds, overlays, intervals, intros and outros, and more.


Announce live events

Schedule and announce your live shows in advance. Build hype and ensure your audience knows when to tune in.

Unlock Your Musical Potential

Play music live and ignite your passion for music. Live stream music concerts, private gigs, solo shows, music album launches and more. Use our webapp or simply go live using your smartphone camera for live music streaming.

What Our Clients Say About Us


Florin Muresan

Chief Executive Officer, Squirrly Limited

I can send all the livestreams that our company does everywhere on the Web, on all our channels. It’s incredible for our reach.

Alicia Brownell

Alicia Brownell

Founder & Brand Strategist, SEIZE Worthy

The price is fair, and my experience with the customer service included has been great – even before I signed up for a paid account.

Luke Eischen

Creator, Editor & Gamer, MagicFortune Gaming

I have used many streaming solutions, and this platform works smoothly and looks remarkable. I love how the studio is so easy to navigate!


Michael Vasquez

Product Manager Q2 Services, Q2ebanking

I really like the ability that OneStream has to invite up to 14 attendees to one stream.  At any time, I could have up to 8-10 people in a streaming session.

Rachel Hall

Sales Director, Mary Kay Cosmetics

I have used other platforms before, but OneStream Live is so much more user-friendly.


Mike Grayeb

Content Creator

The embeddable HTML5 video player for use on websites, along with the unified chat feature that accompanies the player, is excellent.

Amandeep Soni

Founder, Singh Nutri Diet

This is a no-brainer. The UI/UX of this app looks clean and very user-friendly. I highly recommend OneStream Live primarily if you teach or coach online.


Angela Langlotz

Business, Intellectual Property & Trademark Attorney

OneStream Live allows me to record my videos, upload them live to the system, and then have them play as live videos, whenever I want.


Abraham Olaleye

Content Creator

OneStream has been a dependent companion on my live streaming journey with the ability to link many social media platforms where I can stream to at once.


Christopher P. N. Maselli

Ghostwriter & Teacher, Writing Momentum

You can link it to just about anything – Ecamm live, OBS, BeLive – they all work and make it so you can broadcast how you want, wherever you want.


M Fahad Sikandar

Head Of Design, Echo Records

I can create professional live streams, brand them with captivating overlays such as logos, backgrounds and multicast them to reach a larger audience.


Ratish Jha

Content Creator

OneStream Live gives me the freedom to go live with pre-recorded video. Therefore, I do not have to take the burden of live streaming and going blank on camera.

Step into the Musical Spotlight

With OneStream Live, sharing your musical journey with the world has never been easier.

Have any Questions?

Absolutely. OneStream Live is the best live streaming software for music, compatible with a wide range of audio equipment, ensuring your music is live-streamed with the highest fidelity.
Of course! You can queue your pre-recorded music videos into a playlist and schedule them to go live on your desired platforms up to 60 days in advance.
OneStream Live offers extensive customisation options, allowing you to infuse your personal brand into every live stream. You can add logos, backgrounds, creative overlays, banners, tickers, etc.
OneStream Live supports videos in mp4, mov, and m4v formats.
Absolutely! With OneStream Live you can set up a dedicated Hosted Live Page for your live concerts and personalise it according to your brand colors, with backgrounds and overlays, and more.

Yes, you can. This functionality lets you record and download your music performances for later use. Learn More