Live Stream on your
Personalised Webpages

Embed your live streams on your customised webpages, hosted by OneStream Live. Personalise your web live streaming experience with the incredible customisation options.


Customised Webpages

Personalise your webpage with custom backgrounds, layouts, brand logo, social media links, and more.  Embed your pre-recorded, real-time or Studio live streams effortlessly.



Live Chat. Event Schedules. Security.

Interact with your viewers in real-time using Live Chat. Feature upcoming events schedule to keep your audience informed. Password-protect your streams to control access to your content.


Customisable Player. Custom Domain. Layouts.

Customise the player background, thumbnail, color, and controls to match your brand identity. Choose a basic domain or set up a custom domain. Select the best layout for your webpage.



Social Links. Call-to-Action. Fundraising.

Add social media links to drive traffic to your social platforms. Insert a clickable call-to-action to collect feedback, emails, or other information. Collect donations for your charitable events.

Hosted Live Pages

How it Works

Broadcast your live streams on your personalised webpage with just five simple steps.

Set up Domain

Choose basic domain or set up a custom domain, like, for your webpage. No external hosting required.

Customise Text & Layout

Add an SEO-friendly headline and description. Customise font, colors, background, and page layout as required.

Set a Call-to-Action

Add an attractive call-to-action to drive engagement. Collect donations, gather responses, drive traffic, and more.

Start Engaging

Your Hosted Live Page is ready to engage and convert. Embed your recorded, RTMP, or Studio live streams on up to 5 webpages at once.

Explore Dynamic Features

Customise your Webpage

with Powerful Features

Save time & effort. Focus on creating powerful live streams.

Secure Streaming
Password-protect your webpage to limit audiences and control access to your streams.
Use Custom fonts, colors and layouts in your live streams for added personalisation.
Social Media Handles
Add social media links to increase visibility and direct traffic to your social platforms.
Live Chat
Customise your chat widget as you like. Engage with your audience in real-time.
Embed Live Streams
Embed your pre-recorded, real-time or Studio live streams with ease and comfort.
Event Schedule
Show your upcoming events schedule to keep your audience engaged.

Use Cases

Who can Use Hosted Live Pages

E-Commerce Businesses

Showcase product launches, share live demos, host Q&A, live sell online, announce promotions & discounts, and more.

House of Worship

Live stream your prayer services, sermons, lectures, and seminars. Host virtual congregations, collect donations for charitable causes, and more.


Live stream your podcast sessions with a branded feel. Download your podcasts to repurpose and restream later.

Event Management

Share behind-the-scenes, event setup videos, live broadcast of events, host virtual events and galas, and more.

Real Estate

Showcase virtual house tours and presentations of properties. Multistream on several platforms to get more eyes on your listings.

Gaming & Esports

Broadcast live gaming sessions, esports tournaments, and competitive matches. Interact with your viewers in real-time to build your community.

Influencers and Celebrities

Connect with your followers in real-time. Host Q&A sessions, share tips & tutorials, offer promo codes, host contests & giveaways, and more.

Coaches and Trainers

Conduct live coaching sessions, training workshops, fitness classes, telehealth & educational programs, share inspirational stories, and more.

What Our Clients Say About Us?

"As a content creator, I always strive to find the best tools to make my live streams more engaging and professional. With Hosted Live Pages, I can design a webpage in under 30 minutes using the templates supplied, which makes my live streams look more polished."

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Steven Healey

Amazon Insider, Content Creator, Brand Ambassador


Frequently Asked Questions

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Hosted Live Pages are available on all plans. However, to enjoy the complete set of features and functionality, you are advised to purchase the Professional Plan. Explore Plans.

You can customise font, colors and backgrounds for your webpage. You can also customise the player settings, layout design and add your stream’s title and description. You can even customise your domain name.

You can add multiple social media links and show up to 4 links on your personalised webpage.

Absolutely! You can live stream on up to 5 Hosted Live Pages at the same time.

Absolutely! You can set up your custom domain for your Hosted Live Pages. 

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