5 Powerful Ways Businesses are Using Live Streaming

5 Powerful Ways Businesses Using Live Streaming2

Businesses using live streaming claim a spot in their expertise and actively educate their audience using live streaming software. Businesses use live stream marketing to get a genuine reaction from their audience through business video streaming, creating a direct connection. 

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Additionally, businesses and entrepreneurs have excellent chances to diversify their revenue streams and boost their exposure through live streaming for business. In this blog, we’ve outlined 5 powerful ways to use live streaming for business.

How Are Businesses Using Live Streaming in 2024

Live Q&A Sessions

Whatever you choose to call it—”Ask me anything,” “A fireside chat,” or “Q&A”—this form of business video streaming only requires a small studio, a camera, and ideally an experienced host. 

Usually, potential buyers and existing customers have inquiries about your product or service that they can’t resolve independently. Focus on a single area of your company’s operations and hold a live Q&A session to allow customers to ask questions and get answers.

Why Choose OneStream Live?

  • Use Unified Live Chat to answer questions while live streaming for business. 
  • Pin important comments for emphasis.
  • Multistream to 45+ social destinations for greater reach. 
Multistream on 45+ social platforms & the web

Product Reveals

We’re all aware of the hype that Apple creates with its yearly product launches by live streaming them. This really helps your product shine bright and create massive appeal among existing and potential customers.

Moreover, along with drawing attention to the occasion, the brand, and the item, it also has a high conversion rate. The most economical strategy to increase sales is to create a live demonstration of your good or service.

Why Choose OneStream Live?

  • Build hype by pre-announcing your live events.
  • Stays top of feed as social platforms prioritize live content.
  • Embed live product reveals to your website
Embed your streams on the web with OneStream Live

Contests & Giveaways

One of the trending marketing strategies used by businesses these days is holding contests and giveaways. By having a competition, businesses using live streaming gain a ton of visitors during the event and a lot of talks afterward!

Run a contest or a live stream promotion during your live stream to interact with your audience. You can host a contest in person and stream it live to your outside audience, ask viewers questions and encourage them to comment on the live stream with their responses, or simply announce a contest you are currently running and explain how people can enter.

Why Choose OneStream Live?

  • Promote the event with short highlights or teasers.
  • More exciting than simple posts or stories. 
  • Brand live stream with multiple branding options like overlays, backgrounds, etc. 
OneStreamLive-Create streams with OneStream Live Studio

Live Behind-the-Scenes

Moving on, we can all relate to the excitement we feel when we are given opportunities we normally wouldn’t have access to. Like a visit to a manufacturing unit or watching the production of our favorite video.

Today’s customers are particularly keen to watch business video streaming more than brand-related content. Regardless of your line of work, you can describe your day to an audience from your point of view, and live streaming for business is just the perfect medium for that.

Why Choose OneStream Live?

  • Enjoy full HD streaming.
  • Pre-recorded streaming enables a smooth and flawless event. 
  • Stream in portrait mode to target mobile audience.
OneStreamLive-Explore pre-recorded streaming with OneStream Live

Training Seminars or Courses

Organizing a branded instructional event through business live streaming may enable you to reach a much wider audience. Maybe you can demonstrate a “how-to” of a frequently used service at your company, where you take users step by step through a process while we’re on the subject? Or perhaps you might present a course or lecture to demonstrate your expertise?

In either instance, offering to teach your users about subjects they’re interested in learning through live streaming for business will only boost engagement and highlight your knowledge. 

Why Choose OneStream Live?

  • Stream to private destinations like FB groups, unlisted YT events, etc. 
  • Create a personalized webpage for different webinars with customized branding.
  • Easy media and screen-sharing.
  • Use Team Management to divide tasks.
Create your personalised Hosted Live Page

Final Thoughts

As we’ve explored throughout this piece, businesses using live streaming are not just keeping up with trends—they’re setting them. From intimate live Q&A sessions to grand product launches, live streaming for business offers a unique opportunity to connect with audiences and showcase your brand in real-time.

Whether you use business video streaming for instructional content or live stream marketing to boost stream sales, the potential for growth and engagement is enormous.

You will only find out by trying it out!

OneStream Live is a cloud-based live streaming solution to create, schedule, and multistream professional-looking live streams across 45+ social media platforms and the web simultaneously. For content-related queries and feedback, write to us at [email protected]. You’re also welcome to Write for Us!

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