Unified Live Chat – All Your Chats in One Place

Unified Live Chat

With OneStream Live’s new Unified Live Chat feature, you can now efficiently manage your pre-recorded and real-time live streaming viewers’ incoming messages, comments, and replies from multiple streaming platforms, that too on a single screen. While most people underestimate the impact of live chats on the overall viewer experience, it is perhaps a significant feature of successful live streams. They make the streams similar to in-person events and encourage active audience engagement and real-time responses.

Unified Live Chat is currently only available for Facebook Page, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitch. But our team of seasoned developers is continually working on expanding the scope to other apps soon. Also, since this is a beta version, you can expect a lot more development in the future.

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📝 Benefits of Using OneStream Unified Live Chat

✅ No More Switching of Tabs – Read and re-read your messages from multiple streaming platforms, respond to them on one screen, and take your efficiency curve to a whole new level.

✅ Convenience – Since many people are messaging while you’re live, it calls for a lot of effort to manage them. With Unified Chat, it’s one less this to worry about!

✅ Accumulated vs. Individual Response – Whether you want to send out the same reply to all platforms or tailor your response for every individual platform, it’s up to you. OneStream allows both routes.

✅ Faster Support – With OneStream Unified Chat, it becomes easier to reach out to your customers (talking about businesses). The average query resolution time is way less for unified chats than those in the traditional service channels.

✅ Grow your Audience – Remind your viewers that you’re live. Interact with them in real-time so that they know you’re not broadcasting pre-recorded content. People watch streams to engage – share comments, ask questions, exchange opinions – live chat makes them feel welcomed.

✅ Easily Collectable Feedback – Collect feedback fast and most efficiently. Instant feedback pushes performance levels and makes it easy for the management to connect the dots.

✅ Track your Conversations – OneStream Unified Live Chat comes with a live stream player in the live chat box, allowing you to know at which point your viewers left their comments.

✅ All-in-One Solution – Live chat in pre-recorded streaming is a dynamic step towards more efficient live streaming. You can automate your live streams and respond to your viewers from the same platform.

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🎯 Tips for Engaging Through Live Chats

✅ Establish Chat Rules – make sure you specify the rules for the chat before you go live – avoid longer texts, repeated text is spam, links not allowed, avoid typing in all caps, use English only, avoid offensive language, and so forth.

✅ Be Active – as already highlighted, live streams are a rich place to engage with viewers. So, keeping the conversation going is the catch to keeping the audience engaged and hooked to your stream. Welcome new viewers, put up questions – be present in the chat.

✅ Stick to Platform Guidelines – whichever platform you’re streaming to, make sure you follow its moderation guidelines. Social media such as Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, and Instagram all have policies that moderate the personal stream chat rules. Make sure you check them out before streaming.

✅ Limit Chat to Followers – the chat must be exclusive to your followers or paid subscribers (in the case of YouTube). While this will limit the chances of bots intrusion and trolls, it will also make your chat more relevant.

✅ Use Chat Moderation Tools – to err is human, and we cannot ignore the chances of human effort. You might want to use automated tools, such as a chat client, to manage the chat much more quickly.

Unleash a whole new world of engagement opportunities with our exciting Unified Chat feature by turning your viewers into participants. Let’s Get Started!

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