Add Intros & Outros to your Live Streams with OneStream Studio

Intros Outros Live Streams with OneStream

Wondering why you should use intros and outros in your live streams?

Intros can help you properly introduce yourself, bring your live show’s topic into the limelight, and highlight your content with a visual appeal.

Similarly, outros can help you better conclude your shows, drop a point of contact for your audience, and inform them about the next live streams to keep them hooked and coming back for more.

So, do you have a cool video to play at the beginning or end of your live stream, or want to use one of our creative intros and outros? We’ve got you covered!

In this Article:

🤔 What are Intros and Outros?

Intros are the opening or introductory clips of a live stream. Outros are the concluding ones. While intros help build a strong preliminary statement at the beginning of the video, outros mark a visually appealing end to them. Cut short, intros and outros are the ultimate formulae to create impactful professional-looking live streams.

🤷‍♀️ Why use Intros and Outros?

A short countdown timer is perfect for grabbing your audience’s attention and getting them seated for your show. Why? Firstly, it creates the much-needed hype and awareness about your live stream that will start soon. Second, it prepares your audience for tuning in, so they can quickly check off their to-do list and get seated for your show. So, you don’t have to wait for people to join your show before you begin with your content; by the time you start presenting, you’ll already have a snowball ready for a watch time. Remember, the first few viewers are difficult to grab, but once you have them tuned in, the next 100+ are easy.

Here’s what intros have to offer:

✅ added visual appeal

✅ a professional look

✅ highlight brand philosophy

✅ establish brand awareness

✅ enhance brand recall and build trust

✅ enhance audience retention

Similarly, you can play short videos or media clips towards the end of your show to signal that the stream will end soon. Outros will help you connect with your audience in the longer run. For example, you can share your social media handles and ask your viewers to subscribe to them for more updates. Or you can share a teaser for your next live show and ask the viewers to bookmark the time and date. Or you can announce an upcoming event and invite your viewers to register for it. You can even seek their feedback by asking them to leave comments on your live show.

Here’s what outros have to offer:

✅ improved audience retention

✅ direct viewers to call-to-action

✅ enhance social media outreach

✅ offer a consistent video closure experience

🥇 Pro-Tips for Creating Impactful Intros & Outros

🎯 Add animations to make your intros and outros rich and engaging

🎯 Add music to create the right ambiance and set the mood of your live streams

🎯 Keep them short to keep them attractive. Longer ones will clash with the audience’s attention span

🎯 Include a call-to-action in the outros

🎯 Make sure you add your social media links to the outro to drive traffic to your social media handles

🎯 Follow your brand guidelines to differentiate your brand and strengthen brand recall

How to Use Intros and Outros with OneStream Studio?

1. Go to OneStream Studio and click Intervals on the right slide-out sidebar.

2. Choose your desired Intro/Outro template from the right slide-out sidebar or upload a custom intro/outro by clicking the ➕ sign.

3. Hover the cursor on the chosen intro/outro on the right slide-out sidebar, and click the Show/Hide button to display/remove the intro/outro.

4. The chosen intro/outro can be looped by clicking 🔁 loop icon.

5. Set the number of loops on the pop-up window and hit the Ok button.


🏆 Bonus Tip

Here are the names of the built-in intros and outros that you have at your disposal while streaming via OneStream Studio:

🎇 Final Call

Use intros and outros to make your live streams look professional, easy to understand, and viewer-friendly. Make a lasting impact on your audience and add value to your webcasts, podcasts, and presentations with built-in intros and outros in OneStream Studio.

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