How to Use Layouts in OneStream Live Studio

Master Layouts in OneStream Live Studio

OneStream Live Studio is a versatile tool for live streaming. Its user-friendly interface and highly customizable features have garnered worldwide attention. The latest version of OneStream Live brings various modifications, especially with reference to the Live Studio, each with its own benefits that make it valuable for content creators, merchandising, and individuals looking to engage with their audience through live video content. One such feature is the Layouts. Let’s dive into the specifications for the layouts and find out how to create professional-quality branded live streams using them.

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Why Use Different Layouts In OneStream Studio?

Utilizing different layouts in your live streams through OneStream Live provides numerous advantages that can enhance the impact of your content and increase viewer engagement. This strategic approach ensures your live streams are seen and fully experienced. Discover why OneStream Live is the ultimate choice for landscape and portrait mode streaming:

  • Portrait Mode Layouts Optimized for Mobile Viewing: Viewers now prefer accessing content via mobile devices; streaming in portrait mode reduces distractions by optimizing the screen orientation. This feature lets you create focused and interesting content, perfect for Instagram, TikTok, and even Facebook, where many people use mobile phones. OneStream Live has tools like customizable layouts and branded assets, making it the top choice for live streaming. You can be creative, and it is easy to use.
  • Landscape Mode Layouts for Mainstream Content: This format aligns with the natural orientation of most screens, such as computer monitors, TVs, and landscape-oriented smart devices. It provides a wider field of view, maximizing visual content and ensuring compatibility with various viewing devices. Moreover, platforms and applications like YouTube often default to landscape orientation, further reinforcing its mainstream status in live streaming. The revamped OneStream Studio features six layouts with circular variations to cater to the visual needs of influencers and their audiences.
  • Customization and Artistic Freedom: Creators can customize layouts with branded logos, virtual backgrounds, and interactive elements, enhancing brand presence. From a viewer’s perspective, various layouts and customized assets give an intimate viewing experience, encouraging them to engage in the content more often. Ensuring your stream maintains a professional appearance while seamlessly reflecting your brand’s identity.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The all-new Studio draws a clean and intuitive layout, making it easy for users to navigate the various settings and options without feeling overwhelmed. Accessing the layout options is just a few clicks away after you create a session.

Applying Layouts in OneStream Studio

For these layout adjustments to take effect, there must be more than one participant on the screen, or you would need to share external media. This restriction ensures the layout changes can be visible and make sense with the available content. Follow this guide to navigate through and effectively use layouts in OneStream Studio and livestream your sessions without any hitches. You can further play around and integrate logos, overlays, backgrounds, and visual effects into these layout options. 

  1. Initiate Your Stream: Create a Studio session and invite guests to participate in your session.
  2. Invite the Guests: Once your guests join and enter the session through the link, you can view the pop-up message of their arrival and wait until they are connected on the left sidebar.
  3. Add the Participants: To display the participant screen on the stream, click the Add to Stream button from the left sidebar.
  4. Choose Desired Layout: Above the control panel, you will find a selection of available layouts. Click on the desired layout design, and it will be applied to your session.
  5. Go Verticle: If you intend to optimize the layout for mobile viewing, click the mobile icon that says ‘Portrait Mode.’ This command optimizes the session layout to accommodate mobile device dimensions. 

Different Layouts of Landscape and Portrait Modes

Solo (Available for Landscape and Portrait Mode)

This layout showcases one primary source, such as a camera feed, screen share, video, or even an image, filling the entire screen without additional elements. It eliminates distractions by removing extra elements, providing a clean presentation for maximum clarity. Content creators who primarily rely on one main source, such as solo presenters, instructors, or performers, can effectively utilize the solo layout in OneStream Studio.

Picture-in-Picture (Available for Landscape and Portrait Mode)

Using PiP, you can emphasize certain elements or participants by featuring them in the main frame while providing visibility to other elements in smaller insets. It’s advantageous for interviewers, panel hosts, tutorial creators, and presenters who want to showcase multiple perspectives while maintaining viewer engagement. This layout can accommodate a maximum of six participants for the rectangular variation, while eight participants can be accommodated for the circular variation.

Grid (Available for Landscape and Portrait Mode)

This layout can increase viewer engagement by providing a dynamic presentation. It’s particularly beneficial for forum meetings, multi-presenter events, comparison videos, or any scenario requiring the simultaneous display of multiple sources for enhanced viewer engagement and clarity. Like other layouts, this option also restricts the number of participants on stage: a maximum of twelve participants for the rectangular variation with margins can be added; without margins, nine can be added. In comparison, three participants can be accommodated for the circular variation.

Cinema (Available for Landscape and Portrait Mode)

It replicates the widescreen format commonly seen in movies, allowing content creators to present their live streams in a cinematic style. It is useful for events, presentations, or performances that aim to captivate audiences with a more cinematic feel. By utilizing the cinema layout, content creators can enhance the professionalism and engagement of their live streams, making them stand out and leave a lasting impression on viewers. This layout limits a maximum of eleven participants for the rectangular variation, while eight participants can be accommodated for the circular variation.

Reels (Available for Landscape and Portrait Mode)

Using the Reels layout limits the maximum number of participants to eleven for the rectangular variation, while six can be adjusted if the circular variation is selected. It provides additional context to the main content being presented. For example, if you’re streaming a live demonstration or tutorial, you can simultaneously show the presenter’s face or reactions side-by-side without diverting the attention from the main source, providing viewers with a sense of connection and engagement.

Highlight (Available for Landscape)

The highlight layout in OneStream Studio is perfect for emphasizing key elements or moments during a live stream. It allows creators to spotlight specific content, such as important visuals or speakers, by enlarging them and reducing the prominence of other elements. This layout enhances viewer engagement by drawing attention to highlights and ensuring clarity in conveying essential information or messages. In comparison to different layouts, you can adjust the highest number of thirteen participants if you choose this layout option.

Layout That Fits!

OneStream Live continues its legacy of bringing out the best in the multistreaming world. The OneStream Live Studio now offers several layouts to enhance the visual presentation and customization options for live streams. These layouts cater to various genres of content formats, presentation styles, and viewer preferences, providing flexibility for content creators. By offering this asset, OneStream Live has empowered its users to create visually engaging streams that better suit their brand and audience, ultimately enhancing viewer engagement and overall streaming experience.

Additionally, the availability of different layouts allows users to experiment with their artistic side with various visual alignments, ensuring that their streams stand out at each front and effectively convey their message.

OneStream Live is a cloud-based live streaming solution to create, schedule, and multistream professional-looking live streams across 45+ social media platforms and the web simultaneously. For content-related queries and feedback, write to us at [email protected]. You’re also welcome to Write for Us!

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