Add Custom Backgrounds to your Live Streams for an Added Visual Appeal

Add custom backgrounds to live streams

Businesses no longer need to spend hundreds of dollars on expensive studio fees because of the affordable and innovative technology available in the market today. A high-definition and affordable camera, microphone, lighting, and other pieces of equipment can be obtained easily for live streaming.

While these gadgets are crucial for live streaming, broadcasters may forget about another inexpensive tool to take their videos to the next level: a custom background.

You must have used custom backgrounds in your online meetings, which means you know the importance of having an uncluttered background. A custom background serves a far more purpose than just concealing your actual surroundings. This blog will help you understand the importance of using backgrounds, how you can create them, and add them to your live streams.

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💁‍♂️Benefits of a Custom Background in Live Streams

A crisp and good-looking background is much more useful than simply hiding your surroundings. It offers commendable benefits, including:

✅ Branding Opportunity

Putting up a custom image or a video of your brand in the background allows your viewers to identify your brand easily. You can convey your brand’s message to your audience much more effectively. Use your brand colors and logo in the background to document your brand’s image in your audience’s memory.

✅ Conceal your Personal Space

Setting up a studio or revamping your personal space to give your live streams a professional touch could be costly and challenging. A custom background permits you to dodge these challenges. You can live stream your events, meetings, and seminars, without fretting about your space by simply putting up a custom background.

✅ Maintain Professionalism

A custom background in live streams helps you maintain a work style. You can live stream from home, cafe, or your favorite holiday spot while keeping your professionalism intact.

✅ Privacy

A custom background filters out unnecessary activities in your background and gives you the utmost privacy.

🎨 How to create a Custom Background for Live Streams

Some of the best tools to create a custom background are:

🌟 Canva

Canva is a graphic design tool for businesses, brands, and individuals to create social media posts, presentations, logos, custom backgrounds, posters, documents, and other visual content. You can easily create and export a custom background using Canva. It offers tons of free and paid templates, and you can also upload your own images for modification.

🌟 Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a photo editing and graphics creation software. It offers various image editing features and the capability to create complex graphics, and it has become the industry standard due to its versatility. You can design your logos, custom backgrounds, posters, and many other visual aids using Photoshop.

🌟 Crello

Crello is a graphic design tool similar to Canva. It is quite easy to use, and just like Canva, it allows individuals to create visual content in simple-to-use steps.  

💡 Pro-Tip: For custom backgrounds, the industry-standard aspect ratio is 1920×1080, and this ideal ratio of 16:9 will fill the space without compromising the quality of the background.

🔦 How to Add a Custom Background in Live Streams with OneStream Live

OneStream Live allows you to add an image, video, or audio background to your stream during your live session.

To add a custom background to your live streams, follow these steps:

1️⃣ Login to OneStream Studio and click Background on the right slide-out sidebar.

2️⃣ Click the ➕ icon to upload a custom background image, video, or audio.  You can choose from the provided templates too.

3️⃣ Hover the mouse on the background on the right-hand slide-out bar and click Show on the background to apply it.

4️⃣In the audio controls section, adjust the volume according to your need.


💥Final Thoughts

In today’s era, when the entire world is adapting to working from home, you must find new ways to stand out. Choosing a crisp and good-looking background can help you achieve that sought-after executive look and separate you from the monotonous crowd. OneStream Studio understands the need of the hour and incorporates the custom background tool for live streamers. You can add an image, video, or audio as the background and take your live streaming game to the next level.

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