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Fall is in the air, and it calls for Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Your favorite spooky holiday is just around the corner, and it’s time to prepare for the celebrations. As much as you love traditional in-person Halloween parties, you must admit that virtual festivities give you an edge as they allow you to celebrate with people who cannot join you due to the difference in location or for any other reason. It is a great way to invite people to your party from all around the world and spend quality time while enjoying the spooky season.

Many love harvesting pumpkins, visiting haunted houses or going trick-or-treating with their peers. But what to do when you’re hosting a virtual Halloween party? Well, worry not! There are plenty of things out there through which you can host a virtual Halloween party to remember.

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🎃 How To Host a Virtual Halloween Party

Organizing a virtual Halloween party demands proper planning. With a little creativity and a strong internet connection, you can throw a successful virtual Halloween party. The following are a few tips to help you begin:

🍬 Internet Connection: A stable internet connection is a must; after all, you do not want your event to freeze in between or broadcast with poor quality. For hosting and live streaming the event, you must have at least 10Mbps.

🍬 A Reliable Live Streaming Platform: To host and live stream your event, you must choose a reliable live streaming platform equipped with all the necessary tools. It should have the tool to host an event, with the possibility of adding virtual backgrounds, inviting guests, sharing media during the session, and live streaming. You can plan out your event and choose the platform accordingly.

🍬 Destination: Choose the social platforms you have your audience on. If you can live stream on multiple social platforms, do not miss the opportunity, as it will help you reach a wider audience. If you plan on hosting a private event, you can create and customize your own webpage using Live Spaces.

🍬 Necessary Equipment: You do not need a professional live streaming set-up for hosting a virtual Halloween event. The built-in camera, or any cost-effective camera, microphone, and good lighting, will do the work.

🍬 Send Spooky Party Invite: Create a spooky party invite and share it with your guests via email. You can also share the invite on your social media handles to bring your audience to the party.

🍬 Pick a Theme: Take your virtual party to the next level by choosing a theme. You can dress up according to the theme and decorate your background.

🧛🏼‍♀️ 10 Virtual Halloween Party Ideas

Virtual Halloween Parties allow you to include multiple activities for your audience. By choosing and customizing different ideas, you can entertain all your guests. Here are a few ideas for a Fang-tastic Halloween:

🥂 Virtual Costume Contest

Host a costume party that allows guests to show off their costumes. You can offer prizes for the most creative costumes. Be sure to state the costumes’ guidelines to keep the event fun. You can choose options like ghosts, witches, pirates, vampires, etc. You can create different judging categories like the funniest, spookiest, and original outfit. On Halloween, organize a virtual party to judge your employees’ costumes.

🥂 Halloween Themed Games

You can arrange spooky games and activities to give the day extra Halloween spirit. Split your teams up into groups and get the competitive spirit floating.

🥂 Halloween Watch Party

Hosting a movie-watching party can be an amazing way to bond with your guests. Decide a Halloween-themed movie, and set a time and date to tune in together.

🥂 Tell Spooky Tales

What better way to have fun than share spooky and frightening stories? Invite people to share fun yet frightening Halloween stories about goblins & ghouls. You can also ask the guests to write an eerie tale, and at the end, you can judge the stories and offer prizes to the best ones.

🥂 Monster Dance Party

You can dress up and host a virtual dance party. After creating a playlist of Halloween music or your favorite songs, dance the night away after eating your candy. Then, for an additional bonus, pause the music and challenge your guests to a game of freeze dance.

🥂 Haunted Magic Show

Halloween celebrations are incomplete about magical potions & magical tricks. You can use this creative idea in virtual celebrations. A virtual magic show will be a scary, ridiculously engaging, and highly interactive activity.

🥂 Virtual Escape Room

Host a virtual Escape Room with the guests. You can divide the guests into small groups and play this with them. There are many virtual Escape Room games available online for help.

🥂 Pumpkin Carving Competition

It is an affordable virtual Halloween contest to ignite creativity in employees by organizing a pumpkin carving event. You can recommend learning pumpkin carving art through online tutorials before the live event. On Halloween day, the best pumpkin will be the event winner.

🥂 Pumpkin Beer Tasting

This is a festive and easy way to get together for drinks without leaving your house. You can schedule an online meeting and tell everyone to show up with 1-2 pumpkin beers. You can leave it up to them, or you can also come up with a list of options and assign beers to each person. Once everyone is on the call, take turns going around and trying each one.

🥂 Murder Mystery Games

Arrange games that will keep the audience on their toes. Some of the virtual games you can host are:

  • Murder mystery games
  • The Zombie game
  • Halloween Themed trivia questions, etc

👻 Celebrate Halloween with OneStream Live

OneStream Live gives you all the tools and features to host a frightfully fun Halloween Party. With OneStream Live, you can:

🦇 Host the Halloween Party: With OneStream Live Studio, you can easily host a meeting with guests.

🦇 Invite Guests: Using the OneStream Studio, you can invite multiple guests to the meeting and host a fun-filling event.

🦇 Apply Halloween Virtual Backgrounds: OneStream Live has added multiple Halloween-themed virtual backgrounds for its users. Use the customized virtual backgrounds in your event to give a festive touch.

🦇 Use Countdown Timer for Games: You can play games with the guests and use the Countdown Timer feature for the thrill.

🦇 Live Stream: Live stream your event on more than 45+ social platforms and the web at the same time and reach a wider audience.

🦇 Record the Party: You can record the event while hosting and live streaming and share it with the audience who missed it.

🦇 Repurpose the Event: Schedule the recording for broadcasting later, or share snippets with the audience.

🦇 Organize a Private Halloween Party: Host a private event using Hosted Live Pages. Create and customize your own landing page with Hosted Live Pages by OneStream Live.

Organize your Virtual Halloween Party with OneStream Live and create a magical day filled with candies, games, and some extra spook-tactular flair!

OneStream Live is a cloud-based live streaming solution to create, schedule, and multistream professional-looking live streams across 45+ social media platforms and the web simultaneously. For content-related queries and feedback, write to us at [email protected]. You’re also welcome to Write for Us!

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