Top 10 Content Ideas for Live Streaming

Content Ideas for Live Streaming

Let’s face it: creating fresh and innovative content can be exhausting. While live streaming continues to dominate the content marketing landscape, consistency remains the key to online success. Hence, whether you’re an individual or a brand, you must keep creating content. We’ve curated a list of the top 10 creative live streaming ideas to help you keep creating amazing video content without struggling

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🟡#1 Spontaneous Live Streams

While scheduling streams is essential, being spontaneous occasionally might be the winner of the show. Through spontaneous live streams, you can show your personality and give your viewers a chance to know you better, give a tour of the office, or just connect with them one-to-one. It may yield you a bunch of new viewers amid the rush hours, given your content is exciting and worth watching.

🟡#2 Interviews and Panel Discussions

Live interviews with industry experts are a leading means to provide in-depth and authorized information to your audience. You can engage in panel discussions with thought leaders in your industry by inviting them into your live stream, seek their expert opinions, and put forward authentic content to your audience. That said, interviews and panel discussions are two of the most interactive live stream ideas.

🟡#3 Live Q&A Sessions

Live Q&A sessions humanize the brand and encourage the audience to engage with the brand in real time. You can leverage social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to host live Q&A sessions and interact with your audience. They boost interaction, draw more people to join your stream, and help your viewers connect to your true brand personality.

🟡#4 Product Demos and How-To Tutorials

Live videos are perhaps the most effective and attention-seeking medium for conducting product demos and how-to tutorials. The majority of the users on the web search with an intention to get answers to their how-to queries, and video streams serve their purpose most efficiently, addressing all their how-to questions. On a similar note, live demos are a prime choice for giving the consumers a first look at your product, discussing its functionality, and highlighting its features. You can also project your unique selling point in comparison to the competitors through clarity-rich demos. That said, live demos are an effective source of compelling potential customers into impulsive buying.

🟡#5 Live Webinars

While the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic pushed you to cancel all the seminars, trade shows, and exhibitions, live streaming emerged as a viable alternative to all these events. Webinars then evolved as the ultimate solution in such a desperate situation, free from any constraints of connecting with any audience anywhere at any time. Live webinars on Zoom are very well suited for conducting marketing, business meetings and conferences, and other professional presentations. Moreover, you can interact with your audience through videos, images, and presentations, capitalizing upon the power of seamless communication through webinars.

Also, during your webinars, you might also want to host a poll or a survey or simply pose questions to your audience. You can then use a whiteboard or live chat support to seek real-time participant responses. A live Q&A session with the audience could be an excellent round-up to your live webinar.

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🟡#6 Behind the Scenes (BTS) Video

Don’t behind-the-scenes consume 80% of your energy and efforts? Why not share these videos to add a pinch of curiosity amongst the audience regarding what’s happening behind the camera? You can use BTS videos to present various pieces of the puzzle, beginning from the planning phase through to shooting, while also highlighting your team efforts, work culture, equipment used, and so forth. BTS videos can also be an effective storytelling technique to humanize your brand and establish a personal relationship with your audience while watching your BTS live stream. A sweet little teaser will only help your audience get to know you better.

🟡#7 Newsjacking

This is perhaps the most innovative and sure-shot technique to jump up in viewer ratings and bank publicity. All you need to do is connect to a trending news story and go live. While it might sound a little cheeky, it’s an effective way to amp the views on your streams and drive highly targeted traffic that can turn into leads. Newsjacking is like leading your market in thought leadership by sharing a new angle for an existing story.

🟡#8 Competitions and Challenges

There are so many crazy and funny live stream ideas that you can challenge yourself or your viewers to do. Or you can host live competitions or bets to engage your audience in an interactive session. Live streaming contests are a fantastic marketing technique to reward your fans for their continued support. Refer-to-win and the best-question-win are two of the most compelling ideas to stir things up between you and your viewers.

🟡#9 Giveaway Contest

Giveaway contests are fun and truly attractive. More importantly, they help boost views and add subscribers. Such events help your live streams go viral in much bigger circles than it usually does. And you can always leverage your social networks to spread the word. The idea is to showcase your product first, explain the features and functionalities, and then give away samples to the users who comment first on your stream or are more engaged in the video. Their feedback will then add value to your product and ultimately grant a spectacular boost to your product.

🟡#10 Rants

And when you’re totally done for the day but are met with a surprise (read: unpleasant surprise), it’s time to vent. Rants work so well on live videos because they’re so opinionated and possibly polarizing. If you have a point of view to share, be it against popular opinion, you might want to pull off a rant over a live stream. Well, you’re just offloading some stress! The catch is that people relate to rants because they’re typically emotional. Hence, rants can be highly effective in driving engagement, forcing the audience to take sides.

🎤Over to You!🎤

Live streaming has witnessed exponential growth in the past few years, with the market growth increasing from $30 billion in 2016 to a projected $184 billion by 2027. To leverage the live streaming benefits, all you need is a reliable live streaming platform such as OneStream Live and a plethora of live streaming content ideas. Your viewers commit a significant proportion of their time to watching you. Make sure you broadcast compelling content to keep them coming back for more.

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