9 Tips for Writing Video Marketing Scripts for an Online Business

Tips for writing video marketing scripts for online business

The video format seems to be a perfect format for businesses to present their products and services. A high information retention rate, the ability to use multiple senses to experience a video, and the ability to show how to use a product rather than explain it are all the big pluses for video as a medium above others. With the rise of video content marketing and video streaming platforms such as YouTube, the video format has become one of the more important ways in which businesses communicate to their customers.

With the overproduction of video material in the early 2000s, some segmentation of the video volume has come to the forefront. Some videos were getting more views and were a better experience for the viewers than the others. As experience has shown, the viewers can cope with a poor quality video, but the audio layer is no joke: it has to be perfect since people are not as tolerant of poor audio quality. Further segmentation occurred, and it soon became apparent that it is not only the quality of the audio layer that played a crucial role in the video’s success, instead the script or what is being said in the video itself as well. So, how to make a good script that will showcase what your company has to offer to an already saturated market?

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Here are nine tips for writing effective video marketing scripts for an online business:

📜 Make an Outline First

You should never start writing the script right away. Take your time, do enough research, and try to brainstorm some main ideas that you would like to deal with in the video. Then build around those important points or data to provide more detail. This is called a good outline. An effective outline for your video will give you the best possible guidance and enable your audience to experience the best that your company offers.

✍ Repurpose Old Content

Reuse the old content you have and draw the last bit out of it before completely sidelining it. Yes, the content may be outdated, but you can always order proof help or use an online rephrasing tool, and the content paraphrased and updated. This solution is practiced very often, as it squeezes the maximum value out of content that would have otherwise gone untapped.  

👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 Make a Point and Hook Your Audience

Usually, within the first few seconds, a good, valid point should be made in the video. Users will not spend more than a few seconds watching your content if you cannot grab their interest immediately. The power of a good script cannot be underestimated, and it is the high-quality only that guarantees that your video will bring in the only thing it is meant to bring in: views and profits.

📝 Use Short Sentences - Keep a Conversational Tone

Unlike text, the sentences in a video should be KISS-ed – Kept Short and Simple. This is simply because the viewers cannot absorb very long sentences, especially if they contain a lot of information. Scriptwriters have a lot of experience and use different tricks to integrate as much information into a script as possible. Try banking on one.

However, if you do not have enough budget to hire a script writer to keep sentences concise and easy, consider getting help from a summarizing tool. It will automatically shorten your given sentence by eliminating all the unnecessary details.

🙋🏻‍♂️ Adjust to Your Audience

Adjusting to your audience and their needs is of utmost importance. The market demands that for successful YouTube marketing, your YouTube channel hosts a live stream, at least occasionally. The same goes for Instagram, while Facebook is not so demanding regarding streaming live videos. Depending on the habits of your audience and, more importantly, their time zone, it may prove difficult to provide them with a high-quality video stream, let’s say in the middle of the night. It is, then, recommended to use a professional live streaming service that can enable you to live stream your pre-recorded videos at the time that suits you. With OneStream Live, you can schedule a playlist of pre-recorded videos up to 60 days in advance and queue them to broadcast live at your desired date and time. Adjusting to your audience is not an easy task, but it does not need to rid you of your sleep patterns.

🛍️ Do Not Focus on Selling

Gone are the days of TV shopping and noisy announcers who drilled the “BUY IT NOW” phrase into your ears. Nowadays, a more streamlined and elegant approach is adopted for business communications. Explain the issue that your product addresses and show how your product can solve it. Focus on highlighting the product rather than selling it, and prospective buyers will come your way.

📣 Practice Aloud

Once you have your script ready, make sure to practice it. Do so by reading it aloud several times. Although you will be using a live video streaming service (so you’re not going live), you do not have to make mistakes, especially because redoing a whole video can be too time-consuming and cumbersome.

🗣️ Read, Do Not Memorize

Once in front of a camera, read the text. Reading saves you memorizing and rehearsing time that you would have to spend if you were memorizing the text. It also gives you fluency once in front of a camera and reduces the chances of pronunciation mistakes. Interestingly, having a piece of text in front of you while filming might also alleviate some stage fright since you don’t focus on the camera while reading.

🛠️ Be Creative With Technolog

Always keep exploring the best deals and solutions out there. There are several alternative live streaming services, so go ahead and explore which solution works best for you and your product. Find ways to automate and outsource at least a part of your work.

🎇 Conclusion

Creating videos to present your products and services to the online community is not an easy task. A perfect script is a great tool, but also choosing the appropriate way to present your new, flashy video has a big say in how successful your marketing campaign will be. Follow our advice and make your job in creating the perfect video much easier.

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