7 Marketing Strategies to Grow your Live Stream Channel

grow your live streaming channel

Every live streamer has once found themselves completely absorbed into a live stream, feeling every laugh and reacting in real-time to every plot twist. Maybe it’s the unpredictability, the raw energy, or just the fact that anything can happen. And if you are behind the camera, you might often wonder how to turn those passing glances into a crowd of faithful viewers who can’t wait to see what you’ll do next.  To grow your live streaming channel, you need to master the art of live video streaming marketing and understand the nuances of streaming marketing. 

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Let’s start digging into some actionable marketing strategies to grow your live streaming channel.

Basics of Live Video Streaming Marketing

In simple terms, live video streaming marketing refers to the tactics and strategies used to promote live online content. Unlike traditional video content that viewers can pause or watch at their leisure, live streaming captures the immediacy of the moment, offering unique opportunities for interaction and engagement.

Today, with millions of streams flooding platforms daily, being unique is necessary. Streaming marketing isn’t just about attracting viewers; it’s about holding their attention, building a community, and converting casual watchers into loyal fans and revenue streams.

Top Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Live Streaming Channel


Broadcasting your live stream across multiple platforms simultaneously, known as multistreaming, can dramatically increase your reach. By tapping into diverse audiences on different platforms, you’re spreading your content wider and testing which platforms garner the best engagement. OneStream Live can help manage this process like a piece of cake. All you have to do is connect your social accounts and stream your videos to 45+ social platforms simultaneously. 


  • Wider Reach: Broadcast across multiple platforms to simultaneously tap into various viewer demographics.
  • Increased Exposure: Gain visibility on several platforms, which helps in building brand awareness.
  • Risk Diversification: Less dependency on a single platform for viewers and revenue.

Pre-promotion of Live Events

Building your audience’s anticipation is super important to grow your live streaming channel. Start promoting your upcoming live streams well in advance using your social media channels, website, and email newsletters. This pre-promotion helps ensure that your audience knows when to tune in and what to expect, boosting initial viewer numbers right as you go live.

OneStream Live is your best friend for this. Use OneStream Live’s event announcement feature to announce your live events on social media channels prior to going live. You can then use these announcements to promote your events beforehand. 


  • Audience Preparation: Gives your audience time to schedule and prepare for the event, increasing their likelihood of tuning in.
  • Build Anticipation: Creates buzz and excitement, which can lead to higher initial viewer numbers.
  • Enhanced Engagement: Engages the audience even before the stream starts, fostering a deeper connection.

HD Live Streaming

Quality matters a lot to grow your live streaming channel. Streaming in high definition (HD) can significantly enhance the viewer’s experience, making your content more enjoyable and professional-looking. Investing in good-quality streaming equipment can set you apart from many lower-quality streams and help retain viewer engagement. OneStream Live makes the lives of live streamers easy by offering HD streaming just within a few clicks. 


  • Improved Viewer Experience: High-quality visuals make the stream more appealing and enjoyable to watch.
  • Professional Image: Projects a professional image, which can attract more viewers and potential sponsors.
  • Competitive Edge: Sets your streams apart from others that might offer a different level of quality.

Branding Your Live Streams

Create a recognizable and consistent brand for your live streams. This includes using consistent logos, color schemes, and overlays that reflect your unique style. Good branding makes your content instantly recognizable, which can increase viewer loyalty and help your streams stand out in a crowded market.

OneStream Live is your ultimate branding savior. Use OneStream Live’s Studio for the complete package of branding your live streams, from customized overlays and backgrounds to intervals and music. 


  • Instant Recognition: Helps build a consistent, recognizable brand identity across all your content.
  • Viewer Loyalty: Strong branding can enhance viewer loyalty as audiences grow familiar with your unique style.
  • Marketing Efficiency: Easier to market your streams as the consistent branding resonates more quickly with the audience.

Build an Email List

Capturing your viewers’ email addresses allows you to communicate directly with your audience. An email list can be a gold mine for promoting future streams, sharing exclusive content, and directly driving engagement. Plus, it’s a direct line to your core fans for any new initiatives or merchandise offerings.


  • Direct Communication: Allows for direct and personalized communication with your audience.
  • Audience Retention: Increases the chances of bringing previous viewers back for future streams.
  • Controlled Outreach: You control the narrative and timing of your promotional efforts, independent of platform algorithms.

Use Both Short-form & Long-form Content

Diversify your content offerings by mixing up the duration of your streams. Short-form content can capture viewers’ attention in a limited time, and they prefer quick updates or highlights. Long-form content, on the other hand, allows for deeper dives into topics, which can be great for storytelling, tutorials, or extensive Q&A sessions. This mix can cater to different viewer preferences, keeping your channel versatile and engaging.


  • Audience Flexibility: Caters to different viewer preferences, accommodating both those with limited time and those seeking in-depth content.
  • Content Variety: Keeps content fresh and engaging by providing a variety of formats.
  • Enhanced Discoverability: Different content lengths can optimize your channel for various search and recommendation algorithms on platforms.

Engage in Partnerships

Collaborating with other streamers or brands can open up your channel to new audiences and help to grow your live streaming channel. These partnerships can be as simple as guest appearances or as complex as sponsored streams. Each collaboration brings with it a chance to cross-promote content, introducing your channel to potential new followers and adding fresh content to your repertoire.


  • Audience Expansion: Each partnership introduces your content to the partner’s audience, potentially growing your viewer base.
  • Resource Sharing: Collaborations often involve sharing resources, ideas, or technologies, which enhances the quality of your content.
  • Innovative Content: Brings new ideas and perspectives to your streams, keeping content dynamic and engaging.

Ready to Grow Your Live Streaming Channel?

Well, there you go! That wraps up our guide on how to grow your live streaming channel! By applying these strategies like live video streaming marketing and exploring various facets of streaming marketing, you’re setting yourself up for success. Remember, it’s not just about reaching more eyes; it’s about deepening engagement to maximize viewership and revenue potential.

So keep pushing the envelope, engaging with your audience, and exploring new platform monetization avenues. You’ve got the tools—now go make your mark in the live streaming world!

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