The Ultimate Guide for Multistreaming: How to Start Streaming on Multiple Platforms in 2024

How to multistream

In today’s digital era, live streaming has become a crucial part of our online presence. Whether you’re a gamer, a digital marketer, a content creator, or an influencer aiming to connect with your audience, the significance of live streaming cannot be overstated. But what if we told you that you don’t need to confine yourself to a single platform? How about the idea of going live on more than 45 social media platforms and the internet all at once? Multistreaming is the answer you’re looking for!

As per recent forecasts, the video streaming industry is projected to reach a remarkable value of $330 billion by 2030. Multistreaming is essentially about being present on multiple platforms simultaneously – whether it’s Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitch, your website, blog site, relevant social forums, or anywhere else on the web that you prefer. With OneStream Live, all you have to do is create one live stream, and effortlessly broadcast it across various platforms. In this comprehensive guide to multistreaming, we’ll delve into the advantages, techniques, and essential tools required to expand your audience reach and elevate your content to the next level.

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🤷‍♀️ What is Multistreaming?

Every content creator wishes to connect with as many audiences as possible. Live streaming allows content creators to share their broadcasts on various platforms of their choice, including Facebook Live, Instagram Live, YouTube, Twitch, Twitter (now X), Vimeo, Dacast, or even on their own website domain.

However, there’s a challenge: when you stream on just one platform, like Facebook Live, you can only reach the viewers on that specific platform. If you want to reach another audience on a different platform, such as YouTube, you need to go through the entire setup process and stream your content all over again.

This is where multistreaming, or simulcasting in simpler terms, comes to the rescue. Multistreaming allows you to broadcast your stream to multiple destinations or content delivery networks (CDNs) simultaneously.

🔎 Benefits of Multistreaming: Why Should You Use Multistreaming?

Before multistreaming gained popularity, if you wanted to broadcast a single piece of content, your only option was to set up a distinct stream for each streaming destination. This process was not only cumbersome but also entailed a lot of repetition and consumed a significant amount of time. Multistreaming presents a reliable solution to eliminate these burdensome and repetitive tasks.

Here are some of the most widely acknowledged benefits of multistreaming:

🎯 Expanded Audience Reach

By streaming to various platforms, you can connect with your audience across multiple networks during a single streaming session. The greater the number of channels or platforms you broadcast on, the more opportunities your content has to be seen by your audience. Multistreaming is an excellent method for expanding your viewer base. And if your aim is to market or sell a product, having a larger audience increases your chances of conversion.

💡 Pro-Tip: With OneStream Live you can multistream on more than 45 social media platforms and the web simultaneously. This means you can tap on your audience on all possible channels where they may be hanging out.

🎯 Audience Diversity

Every streaming platform has its own distinct group of users with specific interests and demographics. Multistreaming provides you with the ability to reach out to various segments of the audience spectrum, guaranteeing that your content finds relevance among a diverse array of individuals. This means that you can capture the attention of a wide range of people, spanning from the tech-savvy crowd frequenting Instagram to the more professionally oriented members of LinkedIn. By embracing multistreaming, you ensure that your message resonates effectively with these distinct groups, optimizing your reach and engagement potential across the digital landscape.

🎯 More Opportunities to Engage with your Audience

Why stream to one platform when you can do more? Multistreaming fosters real-time interaction. Whether it’s through comments, reactions, or questions, you can engage with your audience across multiple platforms, building a loyal and interactive community around your content.

💡 Pro-Tip: OneStream Live’s cross-platform Live Unified Chat is a game-changer in multistreaming, offering content creators to engage with their audience from all social platforms using a single window.

🎯 Save Time and Effort

A great feature of multistreaming is that you only need to set up once. Configure all of your settings, have your video footage ready, and then go live. If you live stream to different destinations at different times, you will have to customize your settings and redo the entire setup process.

💡 Pro-Tip: OneStream Live’s Team Management feature allows you to add team members for effective management of your streaming schedules. You can add admins and managers to your team and divide work efficiently.

🎯 Increased Visibility & Ranking

Each platform comes with its user base and demographic, providing you with an opportunity to connect with a wider spectrum of viewers. Whether it’s the visually-focused Instagram audience, the professional network on LinkedIn, or the gaming enthusiasts on Twitch, multistreaming enables you to tap into these distinct communities simultaneously. As your content resonates with different segments of the online population, your brand and message gain recognition and influence across various corners of the internet. This increased visibility on multiple platforms positions you as a versatile and accessible content creator or business, further enhancing your online presence and authority.

Expanding your content’s presence across multiple platforms through multistreaming can have a profound impact on your online visibility. Search engines like Google often consider the number of authoritative and relevant backlinks to your content as a ranking factor. When you broadcast simultaneously on various platforms, each with its own unique URL linking back to your content, you effectively create multiple entry points for search engine indexing. This increased web presence can improve your content’s search engine ranking, making it more likely to appear prominently in search results. Remember, for descriptions, using some rank tracker will help you optimize your content to rank higher. Consequently, your streams can attract a broader audience through organic search traffic, ultimately driving higher viewership and engagement.

🎯 Make the Most of the Native Platforms

Every social platform is designed with a specific objective. For example, YouTube Live is often used for monetization purposes, Facebook Live helps you reach and engage with your current audience, Twitch is for gaming content, while Vimeo is preferred for the ability to control viewers’ access. By streaming to more than one platform simultaneously, you are not restricted to a certain platform’s limitation.

🎯 Brand Consistency

Consistency in branding is paramount for building a strong and recognizable brand identity. When you multistream, you have the advantage of maintaining this consistency seamlessly across various online platforms. Whether it’s your logo, color palette, or other visual elements, they remain uniform across all streams. This unified branding not only bolsters your brand’s recognition but also instils a sense of trust and reliability among your audience. No matter where they encounter your content, they’ll instantly connect it to your brand, which is invaluable for establishing a lasting and impactful presence in the digital landscape.

💡 Pro-Tip: OneStream Studio offers several branding options for creating consistent and branded live streams. from professional logos to creative overlays, custom backgrounds, intros and outros, banners and tickers, and a lot more, you can multistream a consistent brand image using Live Studio sessions.

🛃 Who Can Multistream?

Multistreaming can be beneficial for any content creator aiming to expand their audience reach, encompassing a wide array of individuals and organizations. This encompasses, but is not limited to:

👉 Marketers operating in the B2C and B2B domains

👉  Podcasters and producers

👉  Entrepreneurs and business proprietors

👉  Educators, coaches, and trainers

👉  Religious groups and institutions

👉  Influencers across various niches

👉  Artists

👉  Gamers

👉  And a diverse range of others who seek to engage with broader audiences

🚀 How Does Multistreaming Work?

⚙️ Streaming Software Encoder

An encoder is like a translator for videos. It changes videos into different types so they can be shown on your social media. Software encoders are special computer programs that do this job. One of the most popular and free software encoders is called Open Broadcaster Software (OBS). There are others like vMix, Streamlabs, or Wirecast that can also send your videos to many places at once.

Software encoders are good for people who are just starting or know a bit about broadcasting. They don’t cost as much and are not too hard to use. But, be careful because they can make your computer slow and use a lot of the internet, which might cause problems when you’re broadcasting to different places at once. If you want to use a software encoder for broadcasting to lots of places, you’ll need a strong computer and fast internet. This can be a big expense, especially if you’re just starting out.

⚙️ Streaming Hardware Encoder

A hardware encoder is a real thing you can touch, like a machine. It takes your original video files, makes them smaller, and changes them into the right kind of files for multistreaming. Some examples of hardware encoders are Pearl-2, Pearl Mini, TriCaster, and TeraDek. Hardware encoders are better for people who know a lot about broadcasting because they cost more money and need tricky setups.

⚙️ Cloud Multistreaming

Cloud multistreaming has become very popular because it offers a balance between software encoders and hardware encoders. With cloud multistreaming, the hard parts like using lots of internet, space, and computer power are done by the cloud. It’s also much cheaper than buying a physical hardware encoder. Sometimes, you’ll still need an encoder (it could be software or hardware) to connect your video to the cloud streaming service. For instance, if you’re using an external camera, recording your screen while talking, or editing during your livestream, you’ll need an encoder. But if you’re just streaming from a webcam, phone, tablet, or using videos you made before, you can simply use a cloud video streaming service such as OneStream Live without needing an extra encoder.

🤔 How to Multistream with OneStream Live?

Streaming to multiple sites take more time to set up, but the basic process is quite simple. Here’s how to multistream using OneStream Live:

  1. Choose the destination you want to broadcast to such as social media platforms, your website, or Hosted Live Pages.
  2. Connect your social accounts to OneStream Live.
  3. Go live in real time with pre-recorded videos.

For multistreaming through third-part RTMP encoders:

  1. Connect your favorite RTMP encoder such as OBS, Zoom, ECamm, XSplit, etc. to OneStream Live.
  2. Choose the destination you want to broadcast to such as social media platforms, your website, or Hosted Live Pages.
  3. Start sending streams from your RTMP encoder to OneStream Live.

Read More: RTMP Encoder Streaming:  A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

💻 Choosing Your Multistreaming Solution

There are several platforms available for multistreaming at your disposal. Using OneStream Live, you have the flexibility to stream to multiple platforms of your choice, be it YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Trovo, Telegram, Twitter Amazon, or any custom RTMP destination, allowing you to leverage any platform you prefer. Here are some tactics for determining which platforms to select when engaging in multistreaming:

👉 Define Your Goals: Start by clarifying your objectives. Are you a gamer seeking to livestream on platforms such as Twitch? Are you looking to increase your audience, promote a product, or simply share your content with a broader audience? Your goals will guide your destination choices.

👉 Know Your Audience: Understand your target audience. Different platforms attract different demographics. Research where your ideal viewers spend their time and tailor your choices accordingly.

👉 Platform Compatibility: Ensure your content aligns with the platform’s format and audience. For example, if you create visual content, platforms like Instagram or YouTube might be suitable, while LinkedIn may work better for professional content.

👉 Content-Type: Consider the nature of your content. Is it live events, tutorials, gaming, or interviews? Some platforms are more conducive to certain content types. Choose destinations that complement your content style.

👉 Geographic Reach: If you have a global audience, choose platforms that cater to international viewers. This can help you expand your reach beyond borders.

👉 Engagement Features: Evaluate the engagement features of each platform. Some offer interactive features like live chat, polls, or Q&A sessions, which can enhance viewer engagement.

👉 Monetization Options: If monetization is a goal, explore the revenue-sharing or monetization options offered by the platforms. Some platforms have more robust monetization programs like Twitch and YouTube.

👉 Competition Analysis: Analyze the competition. Look at similar content creators or businesses in your niche and see where they are streaming. This can provide insights into effective platforms.

Remember that your choice of multistreaming destinations may evolve over time as your goals and audience preferences change. Continuously monitor your analytics and adapt your strategy accordingly to maximize the impact of your content.

💫 Popular Multistreaming Services in 2024

✨ OneStream Live

OneStream Live stands as a robust multistreaming platform, standing out with its support for more than 45 social media platforms and web live streaming. It offers a rich set of features and delivers a user-friendly experience, making it a favored choice among content creators and businesses alike. Setting it apart from other alternatives, OneStream Live facilitates the effortless uploading, scheduling, and live streaming of pre-recorded videos. This platform also allows creating a playlist of pre-recorded videos and scheduling them for going live up to 60 days in advance. This is a feature unmatched by its rivals. It also provides a cross-platform chat function, allowing for enhanced audience interaction, and supplies comprehensive analytics tools to gauge the performance and reach of your live streams in real time.

OneStream Live seamlessly integrates with popular streaming software solutions like OBS Studio, ECamm, Zoom, and XSplit, giving you the flexibility to utilize your preferred streaming software while taking advantage of its multistreaming capabilities. Whether you’re targeting platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, or numerous others, OneStream Live empowers you to efficiently manage and broadcast your content across multiple destinations, making it a versatile and reliable choice for content creators and businesses.

The most interesting offering at OneStream Live is the intuitive tool to create personalized landing pages for web live streaming. You can create your own dedicated live streaming landing pages using Hosted Live Pages, and embed your Live Studio, pre-recorded and real-time streams there seamlessly.


Unlock and explore the best live streaming hosting and viewing experience with OnTheFly; if you are seeking a solution that fulfills all your live streaming needs and caters to all industry needs, then enter the Studio OnTheFly offers. The professional-grade recording, top-end video CMS, high-quality video streaming, security-focused channels, and video editing capabilities make it one of the world’s most user-friendly and potential streaming platforms. Businesses and content creators who seek professional streaming services and solutions shouldn’t miss this platform.

✨ Vimeo Livestream

Vimeo provides an extensive range of live-streaming capabilities, even though multistreaming may not be its primary focus. Through Vimeo Livestream, you have the ability to simultaneously broadcast on various social media platforms and apps using RTMP. This service offers ad-free, high-definition (HD), and adaptive live streaming, alongside customizable branding elements like Wave Video. You can seamlessly switch between streams, manage audio mixing, and interact with your audience through features such as chat, polls, and carefully moderated Q&A sessions. Furthermore, Livestream supports streaming from diverse devices, including desktops, mobile devices, and through API integration.

✨ Switchboard Live

Switchboard Live proves to be an exceptional option for those seeking to stream to an unlimited number of destinations. This platform excels in the realm of multistreaming and enjoys significant popularity among the live streaming community.

Switchboard Live boasts a variety of standout features. Notable among them is its stream-sharing functionality, which permits guests to stream on their respective social media platforms without the need for passwords. Additionally, it offers the capability to embed a player directly on your website and supports hands-free streaming through Auto Start/Stop functionality. With Switchboard Live, taking your live broadcasts to various locations of your choice becomes a hassle-free endeavor.

✨ Lightstream Studio

Lightstream Studio offers an array of features alongside a flexible creative toolkit. It primarily caters to gamers and creators, accommodating live streaming of video games from consoles like Xbox and Playstation, facilitating guest appearances, and supporting the streaming of diverse content genres such as IRL videos, talk shows, podcasts, and webinars.

Both Lightstream Studio plans come generously equipped with an impressive feature set. This encompasses capabilities like seamless integration of images and videos, text streaming, cloud-based synchronization and storage, unlimited streaming hours, and access to live chat support. The Gamer plan caters specifically to individuals in search of a multistreaming platform tailored for Twitch. It empowers them to routinely live stream their gaming sessions from Xbox, PlayStation, or mobile devices, all without the need for a capture card. In contrast, the Creator Plan offers enhanced flexibility for live streamers, allowing them to invite guests, stream from RTMP sources, and more, enabling a broader range of streaming possibilities.

✨ Restream

Restream distinguishes itself as a formidable multistreaming platform, granting users entry to a diverse array of over 30 social streaming platforms, along with a comprehensive set of features, all presented in a user-friendly interface. While there exist distinctive alternatives to Restream, this platform excels in its seamless ability to upload and live-stream pre-recorded videos. Moreover, it offers a multi-chat feature for enhanced engagement and furnishes valuable analytics for gauging the performance of your live streams.

Restream seamlessly integrates with popular streaming software options such as SLOBS, OBS Studio, Elgato, XSplit, and more. You have the flexibility to employ Restream’s browser-based application or your preferred streaming software to engage in multistreaming across platforms like Twitch.

🚀 Conclusion

Achieving success doesn’t always hinge on growth alone; numerous streamers aim to broaden their audience reach for the purpose of establishing connections, nurturing a community, and providing valuable content to as many individuals as they can. Regardless of your motivations for going live, multistreaming emerges as the definitive method to connect with a diverse and extensive audience. By utilizing solutions such as OneStream Live, you possess the ability to effortlessly expand your viewer base. So, whatever drives you to go live, multistreaming is the reliable path to reach a broader audience.

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