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Twitter is our long-lost friend. OneStream Live and Periscope have been pretty good mates, only until recently when Periscope shut down, leaving the streamers heart-wrenched and sobbing. They were coming to terms with streaming to Twitter via Periscope using Media Studio, but unfortunately, Twitter decided to discontinue Periscope live streams; well, for good! So, here’s the great news. You can now live stream on Twitter via OneStream Live through direct integration!

That calls for three cheers – Hip, Hip, Hurray!

Going live on Twitter via OneStream Live means directly sharing audio or video content in real-time, without any hassle. And this direct integration is intended to take your connection with your Twitter followers up a notch because you can now interact with them in real-time, and they can comment on your feed in real-time as well. Your followers can even join you live via audio. How incredible is that!

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💁 Periscope is Out – Twitter Live is In!

Back in the day, Twitter’s live stream feature was powered by Periscope. Periscope is essentially a separate service dedicated purely to broadcasting videos, making live streaming to Twitter possible. That said, Periscope accounts are identical to Twitter accounts, working around a similar algorithm. Following a user on one app would fundamentally mean following them on the other too. So, Periscope live streams would broadcast on Twitter and vice versa.

On March 31, 2021, Periscope was officially pulled down from app stores and formally shut down by Twitter. Twitter linked the decision to the continually declining Periscope usage, strategic product realignment initiatives, and a corporate intention to cut down on the expenses of app maintenance. The news marked a major milestone for the live streaming industry, marking the end of an era. However, this decision was a part of the broader strategy to streamline Twitter’s features. It certainly doesn’t mean that live streaming is going anywhere. It has only become a lot more convenient.

Introducing Twitter Live – Twitter’s live streaming feature that allows you to go live from anywhere, anytime, and using any device. Be it your mobile phone, your desktop, or your laptop; Twitter Live is now your go-to live streaming destination.

👉 Why Twitter Live?

Want to weigh the pros and cons before jumping on the bandwagon of Twitter Live Streaming? These are a few of the innumerable benefits that make Twitter Live stand out from other live streaming platforms:

  • Location – Twitter allows you to tag your location while setting up your live stream, so the viewers will know where you’re streaming from. This makes targeting much easier as Twitter delivers your live video to the potential viewers’ Explore tab in your area.
  • Real-Time Interaction – Viewers can easily interact with you during your Twitter live stream via Twitter Live chat, comments, and sending hearts for likes.
  • Stream Saving – As soon as your live stream ends on Twitter, a recording of your live stream is auto-saved on to Twitter and becomes readily available for replay on-demand from within the stream’s initial tweet.
  • Stream Editing – Twitter also gives you a chance to edit your recorded live stream essentially by tapping the video within the tweet and then tapping Edit Broadcast. You can change the stream title and even edit the starting and ending points of the video. Once done, tap on Save Changes to lock them in.
  • Repurpose Streams – You are open to the world of opportunities for repurposing your Twitter live streams. Turn them into a blog, use the transcript to make an audio podcast out of it, make eye-catchy graphics, or simply save it up for re-running as a pre-recorded live stream via OneStream Live.
  • Time Stamps – Twitter allows you to add custom starting and ending points to your live broadcasts. So, the viewers who only want to watch a particular part of your stream won’t have to watch the entire session.
  • Invite Guests – You can invite up to three guests to join your live stream at one time.

🎯 How to Stream on Twitter with OneStream Live

  1. On your OneStream Dashboard, click on Connect.
  2. Click on Twitter.
  3. Click on Authorize App.
  4. You will be redirected back to your Dashboard after authentication.
  5. Read through OneStream Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, check the checkbox, and click Continue.

Your Twitter account is now connected to OneStream.

If you prefer video format, here’s a tutorial from OneStream YouTube Channel.

For Pre-Recorded Live Streaming:

  1. Go to your OneStream Dashboard and click on Create Event.
  2. Click on Pre-Recorded.
  3. Upload your video, set the title, description, and other details for your stream, click on your Twitter account, and schedule your stream.

For External RTMP Streaming:

  1. Open OBS on your Device and click Settings
  2. Click Stream and select service as Custom.
  3. Go to OneStream Dashboard and click on Create Event.
  4. Click on External RTMP Streaming.
  5. Select Go Live Now.
  6. Click RTMP Settings.
  7. Copy Server URL and Stream Key from OneStream RTMP settings.
  8. Paste Server URL and Stream Key copied from OneStream to OBS stream settings.

Your OBS is now ready to send the stream to OneStream. Select your media by clicking the + sign.

9. Click Start Streaming to begin sending the stream to OneStream.

10. Once the video appears in OneStream Dashboard, click the toggle button beside your desired social accounts to send the stream to your Twitter account.

🌟 And That’s a Wrap

Twitter Live is the best place to report your live streams and build long-term relations with your audience. Being a unique and trusted platform, Twitter evokes the element of trust in your content. Businesses can leverage Twitter Live to announce product launches, conduct product demos, or share BTS videos to spark excitement amongst the audience. Several other innovative content ideas can be used to make your mark on Twitter Live.

Forget the hassle of using Media Studio to go live on Twitter. If you’re a OneStream Live user, you can directly connect your Twitter account to OneStream Dashboard, bypass all the hiccups and go live on Twitter.

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