News Update: Mobile Version 4.0.23 Release

Mobile App Release 4.0.23: New Mobile Broadcasting Features

Exciting news: OneStream Live’s Mobile App Release 4.0.23 is here! This is a significant update that promises an even better live broadcasting experience. With a complete overhaul of the user interface and the addition of exciting new features, we genuinely can’t wait for you to try it out!

Here’s everything you need to know about the new mobile app release:

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What’s New with Mobile App Release 4.0.23?

Our last update brought back the much-anticipated Mobile Live Broadcast feature. With this mobile app release, you can activate your camera and access a variety of options:

  • Mic Mute Icon: Gain control over your audio inputs with a simple tap.
  • Camera Swipe: Easily switch between front and back cameras to stream different angles.
  • Select/Unselect Destinations: Select or unselect multiple streaming destinations while going live.

Once you’ve configured your settings, hit the ‘Go Live’ button to start streaming instantly. Adding stream details and mandatory data is pretty easy, ensuring you’re ready to broadcast in moments.

Enhanced User Interface and Experience

The update doesn’t just stop at functionality. We’ve revamped the entire user interface to make it more intuitive and user-friendly. A live timer now keeps track of your broadcast duration, and an End Stream button is readily accessible when you need to sign off. If you decide to pause or hide the stream options, simply click the timer icon to toggle visibility.

Plan-Specific Streaming Limits

Furthermore, we’re introducing streaming limits specific to each plan for live broadcasting. These limits are designed to cater to various broadcasting needs, whether you’re hosting a quick session or a full-day event.

  • Free Plan: 1 hour
  • Basic Plan: 2 hours
  • Standard Plan: 6 hours
  • Professional Plan: 10 hours

Stay Ahead with OneStream Live

Version 4.0.23 of our new mobile app release promises and ensures a smoother and more intuitive user experience while you broadcast live. We are committed to continuous improvement and eagerly await your feedback to make future releases even better.

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