News Update: PhoneLiveStreaming Now Integrated with OneStream Live

PhoneLiveStreaming with OneStream Live

OneStream Live now offers automated live streaming to the traditional telephone through PhoneLiveStreaming. Now you can share your live streams with audiences that do not have computer access, and they can enjoy the streams through a direct telephone call. It works through the same simple workflows as streaming to other social media channels using OneStream Live. The users can live broadcast their streams to the traditional telephones just like they live stream on YouTube or Facebook.

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🔉 Live Stream Audio

PhoneLiveStreaming allows you to get audio automatically from your current live video stream. You can automate your live workflow by integrating PhoneLiveStreaming with your OneStream dashboard using Custom RTMP settings. This is a one-time setup, and you can then use it every time you go live like you usually do. Your phone system will automatically get the live audio.

➿ Auto-Dial / Live Notifications

Live notifications will automatically call the subscribers whenever your live stream starts, using your phone number. So, as soon as you go live, your subscribers’ phones will ring. This is an automated process that washes off the worry of remembering when to call the subscribers, what phone numbers to call, or what access code to use. The callers can simply subscribe themselves by calling your dedicated phone number, and you can add them to your dashboard.

While you are streaming to the traditional telephones, it remains imperative to note that there is a limited number of unique callers per month based on your subscription package.

According to your subscription plan, PhoneLiveStreaming sends out a limited number of calls at a specific time period. Hence, to optimize phone live streaming, you must ensure that your subscribers have enabled the Live Notifications as they are not disabled by default.

⏯️ Automated Recording and Playback

More importantly, while you are live streaming through OneStream Live, the servers at PhoneLiveStreaming automatically record your streams. This allows the callers to call your dedicated phone number even after your live stream has ended and still listen to the latest live event. You can also upload your MP3 audio files to facilitate your subscribers.

👪 Reach Unserved Audiences

The integration of PhoneLiveStreaming with OneStream Live allows you to reach out to all those who do not have access to computers. Also, it allows you to broadcast your content to the elderly and fragile populations who cannot pull the effort to attend your streams using a proper setup. More importantly, you can also include the missing 15% of the church community through this enhanced feature to broadcast to a more inclusive audience.

🙋‍♀️ Custom Greetings and Prompts

You can configure a default customized greeting for your phone call notifications. You can record greetings in your own voice or use the auto-attendant to greet your subscribers with your name. This is especially a helpful when you are catering to a diverse audience that may be using languages other than English. Interestingly, you can upload your custom greeting as frequently as you like from the PhoneLiveStreaming website.

There are a limited number of unique callers per month according the your subscription package and PhoneLiveStreaming sends out a limited number of calls at certain period of time according to your subscription package. So, make sure your subscribers have enabled the Live Notifications, since by default the Live Notifications are turned off.

OneStream Live is dedicated to unleashing limitless possibilities to facilitate smooth and seamless live streaming of your video content. Integrating PhoneLiveStreaming is just another step towards achieving this goal.

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