Top Live Streaming Trends to Watch Out for in 2022

Live Streaming Trends 2022

2020 saw the boom for the live streaming industry. The fascinating yet mind-boggling stats and trends of 2021 painted a much vibrant and rosy picture for more robust prospects for the live streaming industry. In 2022, we anticipate seeing live streaming outgrow the conventional application domains to become an overarching phenomenon for all walks of life. This year, live streaming is expected to become more popular and profitable, with live commerce taking the lead and 4k streaming ruling the day. Let’s take a closer look into the top live streaming trends to watch out for in 2022.

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💯Important Facts & Stats

🤖Live Commerce In-Stream Shopping will Dominate

As social media like Instagram jumped onto the bandwagon of live shopping with innovative features and Amazon Live became a trending shopping platform, in-stream shopping is expected to be big in 2022. The US social commerce alone currently stands at a massive $51.2 billion mark. And the possibility to combine live shopping on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is expected to herald a new dawn in the in-stream shopping industry in 2022.

🎮4K Streaming will Become a Thing

With more R&D and more brains working behind delivering a smooth and seamless live streaming experience, 2022 will be a year for 4k streaming. As 5G rolls out worldwide and internet bandwidth issues resolve, 4K streaming will become the norm this year. The users will enjoy extra bandwidth to produce and stream high-quality 4k videos.

🤳TikTok will be the Marketing Superstar

As TikTok witnessed an overwhelming success in 2021, it is destined to become the most important social media in 2022. Reaching the one billion user mark in September 2021, TikTok is today the seventh most popular social networking platform globally. And as more and more people flock to it, and with the introduction of business profiles, digital marketers are all set to encash this marketing superstar for reaching out to new audiences.

🎯Twitch Affiliate Marketing will Take Lead

Although Twitch was initially more of a show of gameplay, content creators have leveraged its user-friendly model to monetize their live streams. Donations, Boost feature, and Become a Partner or Affiliate options have been amongst the most popular monetization options for Twitch streamers. 2022 is expected to be the year of Twitch affiliate marketing, as more collaborations are anticipated amongst Twitch streamers and brands to drive brand sales and promote the streamers.

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🎲Shopping on Pinterest TV will Shine

Pinterest is no more a static image repository. It has outgrown its native domain and diversified into live TV with shoppable live streams. On Pinterest TV, users can showcase their products, tag and put them up for display so that Pinners can purchase directly from the retailer’s site. The hosts display a shopping toolbox with all the essential product details such as price, features, brand collaborations, etc. to enable live shopping on their Pinterest channel. Hence, Pinterest TV is expected to rock 2022 with fresh inspirational live videos featuring live shopping and shop exclusive deals.

🎵Music Streaming will be an Imminent Trend

The most noticeable of all streaming trends is the evolution of live music streaming: no DJs, no time checks, and no irritatingly long advertisements. And with most people confined at home due to the pandemic, music streaming services are expected to be pretty busy addressing spikes in demand this year. In Q1 2020 alone, 400 million people subscribed to music streaming services (30% up from 2019 figures), and the number is expected to grow beyond bounds in 2022. With Spotify and Apple Music dominating the market, music streaming resonates well with Gen Z and younger millennials and the older audiences.

Global Music Streaming Subscription Service Market Projected To Reach USD 41,152.8 Million by 2028, With a CAGR Of 10.8% | Growth Market Reports #music #trends

Music Streaming Market Revenue To Register Robust Growth Rate During 2021-2028, Says Reports and Data #music #trends

💻IoT Video Streaming will Grow Manifold

Internet of Things (IoT) streaming is already magnificently growing in terms of everyday applications, especially given that there has been a significant increase in the number of devices connected to the internet. Collaborating with an iot application development company can further enhance the capabilities of live streaming platforms, integrating advanced IoT technologies for more interactive and immersive user experiences. It is predicted that IoT-based connected devices will be around 30.9 billion units by 2025. Hence, 2022 will see widescale applications of IoT in literally every sector – from law enforcement to medicine, security surveillance, industrial monitoring, and short-range communication technologies for cars. Interestingly, connected vehicles are forecasted to be the largest segment of the global IoT-5G endpoint market, projected to grow into 19 million endpoints by 2023 (Statista, 2020).

🎱LinkedIn Live will Become the Go-To Business Platform

LinkedIn Live just came out of BETA in 2021 and is all set to dominate the live streaming market for business organizations. Brands in 2022 will increasingly leverage LinkedIn Live to promote their brands and interact with their target audiences in real-time. It is expected to form the heart of brands’ content marketing strategy. More and more businesses will find their voices on LinkedIn Live and attract their tribes using LinkedIn live streaming strategies.

🧩Amazon Live will Fuel E-Commerce

With Amazon Live leading the e-commerce landscape, e-commerce brands have the chance of reaching larger audiences. Brands increasingly partner with live streamers to produce their personal online shopping experiences. As the pandemic continues to haunt the masses into lockdowns and social distancing directives, online shopping is expected to continue to dominate consumer behavior in 2022 as well. On a similar note, Amazon Live is expected to strengthen the opportunity for brands to partner with content creators for an incredible e-commerce push.

🚨Final Takeaway

Live streaming has toed the horses to take divergent paths in 2022, growing exponentially on two major fronts. One is the social platforms like TikTok, Twitch, and Instagram, as these platforms continuously roll out more live streaming-related tools. And the second is through the e-commerce retailers, who are beefing up their own tech infrastructure to ace the live streaming trend.

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