Tips to Schedule your Videos for Greater Reach

Tips to Schedule your Videos for Greater Reach

Today, it is hard to find a content creator who does not invest in video marketing to deliver his message. When it comes to optimizing this strategy, live streaming offers the most promising results in terms of maximizing the outreach. If a picture is worth a thousand words, as they say, a video is probably worth a million. High-quality, innovative, engaging video content is high in demand and the best bet for capturing customer attention.

That said, have you ever wondered if the timing of your video stream impacts your reach? Or would it make any difference if you schedule your live stream at a particular time and date? Indeed, the timing of your video stream does influence its outreach. If you’re streaming at a time when your target audience is half asleep, you’re not acting wise. You have to be particular about when you stream to get the required attention and traction from your target audience.

Interested in ramping your video marketing strategy? Read on to discover the most effective tips to schedule your videos for increased outreach.

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🎯 Set Out your Streaming Goals

Begin with identifying your streaming goals. Identify your niche, their tastes and preferences, and the objectives of your strategy in terms of reaching out to them. Once done, strategize the entire plan and identify essential metrics to evaluate its success.

🕰️ Monitor Analytics

Make a detailed report about what your video is all about and how well it is performing. Is the topic trending? Does it meet the mood and preferences of the target audience? Are you streaming on the right channels where your audience hangs out the most? Are your videos getting enough engagement? And so forth. With just a few clicks, you can collect helpful analytics of your live streams from the OneStream Dashboard.

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🎬 Segment your Target Audience by Demographics

Remember, people with different demographic profiles have different time preferences for watching online videos. Find out what day and time your target audience is the most active on social media. People are generally less occupied during weekends or between 17:00–20:30 on weekdays, and this is when their online activity is at its peak. But then time zones also matter. Weekends in the Gulf region are different than weekends in the West. Similarly, targeting by age, the above might not be accurate if your target audience is middle-aged housewives. 10:00–13:00 is more suitable to reach them, regardless of their geographic location. You have to do some research and use a hit-and-trial method to find the best time to stream your video content.

⌛ Event Timing is Important

Real-time streaming of events, right at the moment, is the most effective way to magnify your videos’ outreach. For instance, streaming videos related to a national or global event in real-time can give your video a massive boost in terms of user traffic and views. Similarly, live streaming firework events from Time’s Square on New Year’s Eve will draw magnificent traffic to your live streams.

💰Occasion-Based Targeting

Live stream your marketing videos on important days – Christmas, Diwali, Eid, etc. such events trigger the maximum viewership and fetch you the best engagement responses for your video content. Seasonal promotions work equally best for businesses and find out which season would enhance the impact of your video. If you sell seasonal products like bomber jackets and sherpa throws, you better live stream your video during the chilly winters.

You might want to schedule your videos in advance for such events. OneStream Live allows you to schedule a playlist of your pre-recorded live streams up to 60 days in advance and set up event announcements for your pre-recorded videos. Even more interesting is that you can also schedule real-time streams and make event announcements well in advance to act smart and save up on time.

🖥️ Repurpose your Video Content

Hard work, time, and lots of resources go into making content – be it videos or otherwise. Repurposing old content into different formats to disseminate amongst your target audience is just the right thing to do. There’s so much that you can do with your video content – draft informative blogs, create infographics and compelling social media posts, make audio podcasts, produce engaging tweets, chop up longer videos into smaller clips, and a lot more.

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🚨 MultiStream

Multistreaming is the key to amplifying your outreach. If you have a diverse audience base (Millennials, Gen Zs, Baby Boomers), not all of your target audience might be dwelling on one social platform. While millennials might be more active on Facebook and Instagram, you might find Gen Zs on Twitter and TikTok. The catch then is to grab your audience where it hangs out the most. And multistreaming serves the purpose well.

With OneStream Live, you can multistream to more than 45 social media platforms and the web simultaneously, from a single touchpoint, and without much hassle.

🔔 Promote! Promote! Promote!

If you want to augment your videos outreach, you must promote it on as many channels as possible. Be it through social media, email marketing, or conventional marketing tactics; promotion is the key to greater reach. Post teaser videos on your social media handles, post announcements, and links in relevant communities, embed your live streams on appropriate forums and blogs, send out inviting emails, work with influencers to promote your videos, and so forth.

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Embrace yourself for a smooth and seamless live streaming experience with OneStream Live’s scheduling feature. Create playlists of pre-recorded videos and schedule them to broadcast live at your desired date and time. Reschedule the previously scheduled streams to reach out to those who missed them earlier. Create event announcements well in advance for both pre-recorded and real-time streams, and enjoy your videos outgrow audience reach. Record videos using OneStream Studio and schedule them to live stream on 40+ social platforms at the same time. Brand your live streams by adding a custom virtual background, logo, ticker, and visual effects by using OneStream Studio.

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