Celebrate Diwali This Festive Season with OneStream Studio

Celebrate Diwali This Festive Season with OneStream Studio Cover

Is on-site Diwali celebration or office party out of option?

Don’t be disappointed as the classic duo of events and technology is here for the rescue. Embrace yourself for virtual Diwali celebrations this year with OneStream Studio.

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🎉 What are Virtual Celebrations?


Virtual celebrations are innovative and interactive events hosted online, where all the remote participants join to celebrate the occasion together. You can add immersive activities to keep the participants engaged in the virtual festival and share the happiness.


🧨 Celebrating Virtual Diwali


Celebrating virtual Diwali is no big deal. There are tons of activities that you can do to enjoy those festive vibes. You can plan Half-Day Engagements like short sessions that may last from 45-70 minutes, to celebrate the festivities with high energy. Host a short yet power-packed session with highly engaging activities. Or you might want to have Day Long Engagements by dividing the day into two parts; the first half with lighter engagement activities and the second half with high-energy celebrations. Better yet, you can celebrate Weeklong Engagements – Decide an activity for every day of the week for a grand Diwali celebration. Keep the spirits high and let the excitement soar.

🪔 Top Fun Ideas to Celebrate Virtual Diwali

🎇 Minute to Win It Challenge


Add some Bollywood spice to the minute to win it challenge. Conduct a series of high-energy and competitive Bollywood-themed activities to complete in 60 seconds. You might want to try out mimicry, acting, dumb charades for a truly engaging session.

🎇 Gala Night


A virtual gala night featuring dinner and other entertainment activities is just the perfect call for virtual Diwali celebrations. You can introduce a pre-decided dress code, or host a fancy dress show to make the event even more exciting.

🎇 Virtual Entertainment Shows


How about hosting an event dedicated to endless entertainment. It can include anything from a music concert to karaoke sessions and dance performances. You might even want to enjoy movie screenings for a memorable virtual Diwali experience.

🎇 Sweet/Drink-Making Activities


Encourage the participants to make mouth-watering sweets with a given set of ingredients and within a given time period. Or have a professional mixologist on board to guide the participants on making some amazing Diwali drinks like cocktails and mocktails. Let the team raise a toast to the season’s celebrations at the end of the activity.

🎇 Virtual Rangoli


A Diwali is truly incomplete without a rangoli. Make a rangoli in the comfort of your home while your friends watch your creativity shine. Or make a virtual rangoli on a handy visual apps and join in the celebrations in full spirit.

🎇 Diwali Themed Contests


Organize interesting contests and competitions around the Diwali theme. A Ramayan-related quiz, a henna contest, thali decoration competition, lantern making contest, and rangoli competition are just a few ideas to get you started.

🎇 Virtual Tambola Night


Host a Tambola night online and spur the excitement levels. You can play it the conventional way with paper cards, or play the online version with your friends. You can also play tambola for real money with real players online and win cash prizes.

🎇 Storytelling Sessions


Revive the old childhood memories by revisiting the Diwali tales. Immerse yourself in the world of Sita, Ram and Ravan to relive the spirit of the win of good against evil.

🎇 Online Games


There are several games that you can play online to celebrate virtual Diwali. You can play free games like trivia, scavenger hunt, and virtual escape room to play in large grop.s or you can play games to win real cash like poker, ludo win, snakes and ladders, bubble shooter, rummy, and T23Patti.

🎇 Pooja Sessions


Host and live stream Diwali pooja sessions for collective prayers.

🌟 Celebrate Diwali with OneStream Studio

✅ Invite up to 10 guests to your virtual Diwali parties using OneStream Studio and live stream your event to millions of viewers across the globe.

✅ Add the innovative Diwali-themed backgrounds from OneStream Studio (or upload your own Diwali background) to click pictures and capture moments of your Diwali party.

✅ Customize your photo booth using virtual backgrounds and make memories.

✅ Enjoy movie screenings via screen sharing.

🚀 Bonus Tip – Are you a Brand Looking to Increase Diwali Sales?

🎯 Leverage OneStream Studio to sell your products during Diwali-themed live sessions! Showcase your products with images and videos, add descriptions and price tags, and put them up for sale during your live streams. Show live product demos or offer flash discounts to encourage consumers to place orders there and then.

💡 Pro-Tip: Promote your live show on all your social media handles well in advance to make sure your consumers tune in at the right time.

🎯 Engage with your audience in real-time through live chat. Answer their queries and concerns, encourage them to participate in product demos, and compel them to buy your products. Let them share their ideas and you share your inspirations during your live sessions.

💡 Pro-Tip: Reply to viewers in private chat if you want to keep secrets.

🎯 Brand your live streams with innovative features from OneStream Studio. Add logos, backgrounds, banners and tickers, and overlays to register your brand amongst your audience. Add captivating intros and outros to attract your audience.

💡 Pro-Tip: Make sure you customize the theme for your live shows in accordance with your brand personality.

This Diwali, strengthen your bond with your friends, colleagues, and family and replicate the physical Diwali experience with OneStream Live. Cling onto virtual celebrations to relish a sense of belonging and build connections. Offer fun and fascinating virtual festive experience.

OneStream Live wishes you a happy Diwali and an abundance of bliss.

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