How to Increase Views for your Live Streams

Increase live stream views

In today’s video-dominated world, live streaming has evolved as the go-to strategy for brand building and customer connection. It specifically aids in achieving the common business goal of getting to the frontline of audient attention. Hence, increasing the views of your live streams remains a top priority. However, it requires a bit of strategy and effort. This blog will equip you with the most valuable tips to increase the viewership of your live streams.

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❓Why Live Streaming❓

Before we delve into increasing live stream views, let’s first understand why business organizations are increasingly leveraging live streaming as a strategic maneuver. First things first, live streams are an ideal form of content for breaking news, making announcements, and hosting events. Many enterprises live stream product launches, important corporate events and conferences, training sessions and webinars, and other virtual events. Several others invest in regularly hosting interactive Q&A sessions, interviews and panel discussions with industry experts, and brand promotion through influencer marketing. They leverage live streaming to get the target audience involved and keep them coming back for more.

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Live streams tend to create a sense of urgency amongst the viewers. They create a buzz around your content and put you in an excellent position to market yourself while capitalizing upon the power of viewership and engagement.

💡Pro-Tip: Repurpose your live streams to derive the maximum value out of your live streams. Convert them into compelling blog posts, eye-catchy graphics for social media, snippets and quotations, short video posts, or podcasts.

🤔Why Increase Live Stream Views❓

Fair enough that live streaming adds considerable value to businesses. But why should you care about how many views have your live streams fetched? Here’s why!

  • High viewership means increased brand awareness. The more people view your content, the more they know about you, your brand, and your offerings.
  • High views mean increased monetization. The most viewed YouTube live stream bags you the most bucks.
  • High views mean increased leads. This is particularly true when you’re talking about quality over quantity. For instance, if you’re a service-based enterprise, a few highly qualified leads generated from your live stream will be valuable enough.

💡Pro-Tip: High views may not always be the benchmark for successful value creation. For instance, when streaming content for internal use, such as training sessions or corporate meetings, amassing views isn’t a success metric.

🪄Tips to Increase Views for your Live Streams

🪧Promote your Broadcast🪧

Promote your live stream on your social media handles and create a round of excitement. Spread the word and let your audience know in advance when and what they should expect next. You can do this through well-thought-out email marketing campaigns, social media graphics, or blog posts. You may even want to run a few paid ads to reach beyond your social media following and email list. Schedule your live streams in advance and make attention-seeking event announcements.

💡Pro-Tip: Send out reminders on all your social media before going live. Using a live countdown may further induce excitement amongst your viewers.

📜Share Teasers📜

Sharing pre-stream teasers might be a good bait for grabbing the audience’s attention. Think of them as teasers for your favorite TV shows and movies and how they capture your attention and keep you hooked. You can curate compelling teasers in the form of images, short clips, GIFs, tweets, or even short blog posts. The catch is to make bite-sized content that is easy to digest and remember.

💡Pro-Tip: Share short video teasers in emails to create awareness and drive engagement.

🚀Multistream Across Several Social Platforms🚀

Multistreaming is an ideal form of cross-promotion. So, when you’re going live on your YouTube channel, make sure you’re also broadcasting on your Facebook profile and page, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and all other social media handles. Also, embed your live stream on your website to ensure maximum viewership. With OneStream Live, you can multicast your live streams on more than 45 social media platforms and the web simultaneously.

💡Pro-Tip: If you don’t have a website, create a dedicated, personalized webpage using Hosted Live Pages  for web live streaming. Grab your audience’s attention like never before.

✍️Create Compelling Titles and Descriptions✍️

Titles and descriptions either make or break your live stream. They will either entice your viewers to play your video or drive them away. Grab your audience’s attention with the live stream title itself. Use expressive adjectives to evoke their emotions and entice them to view your stream – “Exciting deal that you don’t want to miss”. You may also use stats to attract attention; let the numbers tell the story – “Ranked #1 in the USA”.Or use emojis to add that extra pinch of visual appeal to your captions.

💡Pro-Tip: Add a call-to-action in the description, such as ‘Sign Up for our Newsletter’ or add a link to your website/social media channels to increase your overall viewership.

↗️Invest in Live Video SEO↗️

There’s no point in throwing content over the internet if it’s not ranking on Google’s algorithms. Do you know that 68% of all online experiences fundamentally begin with a search? That said, more than 61% of marketers acknowledge SEO for generating higher leads for their brands. Live video SEO allows you to make a mark in the SERPS, increasing your visibility and viewership. Add highly searched keywords in your live stream title and description.

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💡Pro-Tip: Embed your live stream on your website rather than social media channels to increase your search engine visibility.

👍Encourage Sharing👍

Encouraging your current viewers to share your live stream is a highly effective technique to fetch more views. Give them an offer they can’t afford to miss. Put forward a lucrative incentive or run a quick content during the live stream to increase viewership.

💡Pro-Tip: Offer a free piece of content during the live stream if the stream reaches a specific number of viewers. This will drive people to share your stream.

🤝Engage and Interact with your Viewers🤝

Audience interaction remains the core of live streams, especially for real-time broadcasts. If you’re not engaging with your viewers, they might rather watch a VOD; why stick through your broadcast? So, make sure you interact with them as much as possible. Encourage them to ask questions during the live stream and make them feel a part of it. By showing interest in your viewers, you are actually providing them a unique experience that they won’t soon forget.

💡Pro-Tip: Take their names when responding to their questions and comments.

✨Bonus Tip: Use a Professional Live Streaming Platform✨

Want to take your live stream to the next level? Opt-in for a professional live streaming platform, like OneStream Live. Unlike other services running rampant in the market, OneStream Live is a cloud-based live streaming solution that allows broadcasting pre-recorded and real-time live streams on more than 40 social media and the web simultaneously and from a single touchpoint.

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