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Live video SEO

Optimizing your live broadcasts is all about SEO. For content creators, it remains imperative to understand that 68% of all online experiences essentially begin with a search. This is precisely why more than 61% of marketers credit SEO for generating more leads for their brands. That said, investing in live video SEO to rank higher on Google is perhaps the single most crucial element of your live broadcast’s success.

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📺What is Live Video SEO?

Live video SEO refers to optimizing your live streams to improve their rankings on Google and other search engine results. These search engines’ algorithms crawl through the videos to consider their content and rank them accordingly. And since you want more and more people to watch and engage with your live streams, you inevitably wish your videos to rank higher on search engine results. Understanding and implementing crawler directives can influence how search engines crawl and index your live streams, potentially improving their visibility and ranking. Therefore, better live video SEO will ultimately translate into increased traffic to your videos.

📑Why is Live Video SEO Important?

Content creators primarily invest in live video SEO for three fundamental outcomes:

➡️ Improved Website Ranking

A well-planned and well-executed SEO strategy ultimately improves the visibility of your live videos while driving traffic to your website simultaneously. Once the viewers land on your website, they can have a closer look at your content and offerings, thereby further increasing your website’s chances of improved rankings.

➡️ Increased Organic Traffic

Optimizing your live videos is a double-edged sword. It supplements your other SEO efforts. When you add keywords to your live stream’s title, description, and transcript, you give the search engines more text to index. Hence, when analyzed with your overall web content, your live videos significantly augment your visibility on organic search, ultimately driving your content to the top of SERPs.

➡️ Lower Bounce Rate

Stats indicate that people prefer watching videos rather than reading text. So, when you embed your live stream on your website, blog site, or any other landing page, live video SEO helps lower the bounce rate and improves the website’s SEO ranking.

✍️How to Optimize your Live Videos

Here are a few tips to optimize your live videos:

❇️ Do your Keywords Research

Keyword research is where SEO begins. First, you identify your niche and then start making a repository of relevant keywords. You can include both short-tail and long-term keywords, and these need not be an exact match to your stream’s content. You can use an SEO checker to get started with your keyword analysis:

: Maintain an Excel Sheet of all the relevant keywords for your live streams, highlighting all the keywords with higher search volume and less competition.

Pro-Tip#2: Avoid keyword stuffing.

❇️ Optimize Titles & Description

Once you have curated the list of the most trending keywords relevant to your videos, take time to work the SEO magic on your title and description. This is a sure shot at making your live streams more discoverable. Your title is the first thing your prospective viewers will see. So, while it must be catchy enough, it must also contain your primary keyword to make it stand out on search engine results. That said, the description gives you a lot more room to express the details about your live stream, allowing a broader opportunity to include all the crucial keywords into it.

Pro-Tip: You might want to optimize your video thumbnails for a better SEO score.

❇️ Include Backlinks

Having internal links essentially improves the authenticity of your live streams. When you link your content to other websites, your search engine rankings likely go up. So, when you schedule your live stream using OneStream Live, make sure to share the link to your live stream on all your social media handles. Collaborate with other content creators to embed your live streams on their pages and generate backlinks to enjoy higher visibility.

Pro-Tip: Backlinks are ‘earned’ through a long-term strategy. Remember, slow and steady wins the race.

❇️ Add Captions

Adding transcripts or captions to your live streams significantly multiplies your broadcast’s play value. And since many of your viewers might watch your livestream after it is over, transcripts and captions will play an essential role in optimizing your videos for better visibility. Make sure to tweak your video script for the most trending and relevant keywords to optimize it for the readers and help search engines read and index it.

Pro-Tip: Add captions to your live streams using SRT files via OneStream Live.

❇️ Repurpose your Video Content

Repurposing and reusing the content of your live stream ensures you have a wide variety of content that is discoverable. At the same time, it allows others to link back and forth several of your content pieces to drive up the visibility of your video streams. You can repurpose your live broadcast into

  • A blog post
  • Eye-catchy graphics for social media
  • Tweets
  • Shorter video clips
  • Audio or video podcasts

: Record your live sessions and broadcast them later for those who missed them.

❇️ Multistream to Expand your Live Video’s Reach

Expanding your live video’s outreach is destined to drive your viewership and, hence, visibility and discoverability. One way to do this is by multistreaming your live streams and going live on multiple channels simultaneously. With OneStream Live, you can multicast your live videos on more than 40 social media and the web at once. It’s the force multiplier that offers the necessary push to your live videos.

Pro-Tip: Schedule your live stream ahead of time to promote it better.

🔔Key Takeaway

Live video SEO is a multifaceted phenomenon. It boosts the visibility of your live streams and improves the discoverability and ranking of your website. Before scheduling your live streams, ensure you spend sufficient time doing the keyword research and plugging them into your live videos wherever appropriate – title, description, transcript, caption, thumbnail, etc. The more time you spend optimizing your live video streams, the better chances you have of grabbing your target audience.

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