The New Email Marketing Hack: Grow Your Mailing List Using Live Streaming

Email marketing with live streaming

Building a strong email list is a must for any business, whether online or offline. The beauty of constructing a mailing is that you get to interact with your target audience and nurture them as they travel down the sales funnel without having to keep spending more money on lead capturing.

However, growing a mailing list is never a task that is completed; if you want to grow your brand, then you must continue to grow your mailing list. This means that most of the time, you have to get creative. A new and fun way to grow your list is by making live video content. Using live streaming to help grow your email list is becoming an exciting and fantastic way to grow your brand. It is indeed evolving as one of the email marketing best practices.

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📼 What is Live Streaming?

“Live streaming is an audio or video broadcast which is released in real-time,” explains Michael Conway, a business writer at Academized. According to a recent study published by Grand View Research, the video streaming market will reach 184.3 billion by 2027. That is a lot of money. So, how can you use live streams to help build your list? Here are some things to keep in mind.

🔀 Tips for Email Marketing Live Streaming

🎯 Identify your Audience

Before you go live, you need to know who you are making videos for in the first place. A successful marketing campaign starts with a clear vision of your ideal customer. This is referred to as an audience persona. The bulk of your email marketing strategy, from diction, colors, and what visuals you will use, need to be influenced by your audience persona. This first step is about building trust with your intended target audience.

🎯 Make an Alluring Offer

The purpose of live streams is to give vital information to your customers. This information needs to be linked to an equally powerful offer that they can’t resist. The best offers provide a solution to a problem that your audience is having. Whether you are offering a free guide, a downloadable checklist, or a free life coaching session with you, the offer needs to meet the audience’s needs.

When you create this amazing offer for your audience, make sure you design it to make a positive difference in your target audience’s lives and make it so invaluable that your customers feel compelled to sign up for it. This shall be the best email marketing move on your part.

🎯 Storytelling is a Marketing Superpower

People love a good story, and your target audience is no exception. When you tell a powerful story, show how it relates to your audience, and offer the solution, your buyers feel like they matter. Part of the solution you are offering is the live stream itself. Your ultimate goal is still capturing your audiences’ email addresses by offering something of value, like a lead magnet. Therefore, your story is the tool that creates the need, and the offer, which is exchanged for their email address, is the solution.

🎯 Make your Call to Action Noticeable

Live-streaming gives you a chance to make your offer as straightforward as possible. You can verbally explain your offer live and provide a link that buyers will hopefully click on to take up the offer immediately. Make sure that the offer’s value is clearly stated so that the audience understands the benefits of taking immediate action.

🎯Promote your Live stream Videos

Promotion of your live-streaming content is crucial. If no one knows you are streaming videos live, then no one will watch. Try planning live broadcasts seven days out and providing ‘get a reminder’ links to share across all your social media platforms and to your email list. This builds anticipation for your live stream.

🎯 Utilize Live Stream Highlights Effectively

Promotion after your live event is still necessary. Make Instagram and Facebook stories out of clips from your live stream. Another way to do this is to use the audio and release it as a podcast to listen to. Doing this ensures that you will get even more emails for your list.
Live streaming is a great, new way to help grow your email list. Not only will an email marketing campaign expand your email list, but it will also help boost your brand. Try out OneStream Live to live stream your live video content on more than 45 social media platforms as well as the web simultaneously.

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