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As we wave goodbye to 2023, let’s buckle up for a fun ride down memory lane. We’re about to spill the tea on all the cool stuff that made OneStream Live the talk of the town this past year. Get ready to rewind and relive the epic journey of OneStream Live!

January - Dive into the Advanced Scheduling Feature

In January 2023, OneStream Live rolled out a handy update – the advanced scheduling feature. This new feature is a real time-saver, especially for pre-recorded streaming. Now, you can schedule multiple streams all at once without the hassle of setting up each one individually. Whether you want them to go live one after another or at different times, this feature allows you to line up your streams effortlessly. It’s a fast and easy way to plan and schedule multiple streams simultaneously.

February - Server Expansion in South Africa

OneStream Live bolstered its infrastructure in February 2023, emphasizing server expansion, particularly in South Africa. The introduction of a dedicated RTMP streaming server in South Africa is aimed at enhancing services and extending the company’s global reach, showcasing OneStream Live’s dedication to improving the user experience.

March - Celebrating Women in Business on International Women’s Day

OneStream Live marked International Women’s Day 2023 with a special webinar titled “Women In Business: Breaking Barriers with OneStream Live.” The event delved into the challenges women encounter in the business world, emphasizing the empowering role of live streaming as a tool to overcome these obstacles.

April - Infrastructure Growth

In April 2023, OneStream Live underwent significant enhancements, solidifying its position as a leading streaming platform. The expansion of server infrastructure in Canada marked a crucial step towards optimizing performance and ensuring a seamless streaming experience. 

Notably, the addition of enhanced security measures to the embed code underscored OneStream Live’s commitment to user safety, providing an extra layer of reauthorization. 

A strategic move was made with the introduction of a dedicated Canada server for RTMP streaming, expanding the platform’s global reach and enhancing streaming efficiency for users in the Canadian region. These developments collectively reflect OneStream Live’s dedication to innovation and user-centric improvements in the ever-evolving landscape of live streaming.

May - Mother’s Day Special Webinar and National Streamers’ Day

May was a month of celebration, starting with a Mother’s Day Special Webinar dedicated to mom streamers. The event featured inspiring stories from successful content creators and working women who leveraged live streaming to break down barriers. Later in the month, on National Streamers’ Day, OneStream Live hosted an epic webinar covering topics such as creating live broadcasting channels, live streaming on Roku, and hosting watch parties.

June - Live Video Production Week and Exclusive COO Interview

June brought a focus on live video production, accompanied by an insightful interview with Bilal Chaudhry, the COO and co-founder of OneStream Live. Bilal shared his role in managing daily operations and leading various teams across the organization, providing a glimpse into the company’s strategic direction.

July - OneStream Live Early Access Program

In July 2023, OneStream Live took a significant step towards enhancing user experience by launching its Early Access Program. This initiative aimed to provide select content creators with a sneak peek into the upcoming features and updated UI before the official release.

Before the grand unveiling, content creators had the opportunity to participate in the Early Access Program, allowing them to test and explore the new functionalities. This proactive approach by OneStream Live aimed to gather valuable feedback and ensure a seamless user experience for all its users.

The buzz around OneStream Live’s Early Access Program reached various platforms, showcasing its presence on different fronts. The program was not only featured on Feis World, a renowned platform, but also caught the attention of content creators on YouTube. A comprehensive product review can be found on YouTube at this link.

Additionally, OneStream Live’s collaboration extended to multiple platforms, including InEvent, WPStream, and YouTube. These collaborations underscored the platform’s commitment to reaching diverse audiences and expanding its presence across the digital landscape.

August - Version 8.0.0: Step into the Future of Live Streaming

OneStream Live introduced a myriad of enhancements in its Version 8.0.0 release, revolutionizing the live streaming experience. The update unveiled a new website and a revamped web app UI, featuring themes like Light, Dark, and Indigo for personalized user experiences. 

Among the standout additions were the Universal Embed Player, enabling live stream embedding across various platforms, and the Universal Embed Chat, enhancing audience engagemen like never beforet. Users gained flexibility with unique or permanent stream keys, along with advanced scheduling and multiple video uploads. 

The Hosted Live Pages received a major overhaul, allowing simultaneous streaming on up to 5 pages, password protection, and customizable chat features. 

Improved team management, event announcements, and enhanced mobile app functionality further solidified Version 8.0.0 as a game-changer in the world of live streaming.

September - Exploring Version 8.0.1 Updates

In September 2023, OneStream Live rolled out an impactful update with Version 8.0.1, introducing significant enhancements and fixes. Thumbnail implementation saw a major upgrade, offering users three options – a default thumbnail, a video thumbnail generated from the video asset link, and the ability to upload custom thumbnails. 

The event announcement flow was also revamped, allowing flexible timing options, customized time adjustments, and error prevention alerts for scheduling conflicts.

A comprehensive video search bar was introduced for efficient content retrieval, and destination management was streamlined with the addition of a “+” icon. 

Notable bug fixes and improvements were made, including resolving video uploading network issues, fixing embed code tag problems, addressing service outage errors, and enhancing the reliability of Event Announcements and Scheduling features.

October - Mobile Revolution: Version 4.0.5 Release

October witnessed the release of a new mobile version. OneStream Live introduced a transformative update to its mobile version, marked by improved mobile uploading capabilities. The revamped codebase ensures a more efficient and user-friendly experience. 

Noteworthy features include the prevention of screen timeouts during video uploads, allowing for uninterrupted processes. Cloud storage uploads now offer real-time progress monitoring. 

Team Management took center stage as it seamlessly integrated with Android and iOS apps. This enhancement empowers owners to add team members, define roles, and manage team dynamics directly within the app. 

The Thumbnail Editor received a significant overhaul, streamlining the process of changing or uploading thumbnails with a user-friendly dropdown menu. 

Lastly, OneStream Live simplified the unique embed code, enhancing efficiency and ease when embedding live streams from the mobile app. These updates collectively usher in a new era of streamlined functionality for users, making OneStream Live a more versatile and user-centric platform.

November - New Affiliate Program and Return of YouTube's Events

The introduction of the new Affiliate Program brought a strategic shift, offering affiliates a recurring commission structure of 25%, fostering long-term partnerships and mutual success. Affiliates can now benefit continuously from referrals, aligning with OneStream Live’s commitment to enduring relationships. 

Additionally, users can now view and select upcoming YouTube events directly from the OneStream Live Dashboard, streamlining event creation. 

The infrastructure saw enhancements with the integration of new Content Delivery Network (CDN) Points of Presence (POP) across continents, ensuring seamless streaming experiences globally. With CDN POPs strategically positioned worldwide, OneStream Live is poised to deliver unparalleled streaming quality, reaffirming its dedication to providing a top-tier streaming experience.

Explore the November updates here

December - OneStream Live's Year-End Developments

The year concluded with further infrastructural developments as OneStream Live expanded its server presence in Los Angeles (USA), Frankfurt (Germany), Singapore, Hanoi (Vietnam), Tokyo (Japan), Hong Kong, and Sydney (Australia). 

A noteworthy highlight was the launch of the OneStream Live Udemy course. This educational initiative provides users with comprehensive insights into leveraging the platform’s features effectively. Now accessible to a broader audience, the Udemy course serves as a valuable resource for mastering the intricacies of OneStream Live, further empowering users to optimize their live streaming experiences.

As we wrap up the year, OneStream Live stands as a dynamic and innovative live streaming platform, continuously evolving to meet the diverse needs of content creators worldwide. Here’s to another year of groundbreaking developments and empowering live streaming experiences with OneStream Live! 

See you in 2024! 🎉🚀

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