Using Live Video Streaming to Build Website Traffic: The Important Role of SEO

How to drive traffic to your website

Live video streaming is not just about the views; it’s about turning those viewers into your entourage. When folks enjoy your video, your brand love skyrockets by a crazy 139%, and they become your brand warriors, sharing your content 39% more. However, before you hit that live button, understand the importance of tracking your live stream performance. It helps you know what works and what doesn’t. And you can do that easily by using a solid SEO tool.

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Using the right SEO tool, like those at, is like having a spotlight on your content. You can leverage this software to analyze key metrics like keywords, engagement, and audience demographics. This insight helps optimize your content for search engines, making it easier for potential viewers to discover your live streams. So, once you have one of those platforms in your bag, it’s time to get real and implement some strategies to use live streaming in your favor. In this blog, we explore how to use live video streaming to build your website traffic, and the important role of SEO therein.

Integrating Live Streaming into Your Content Strategy

There are three factors to consider when preparing to include live video on a website or social media platforms: the content, the schedule, and the audience.

Identifying relevant content for live streaming

The first step to using live streams for building traffic to your website is to learn what topic to choose and how to decide on your content. To identify suitable content, consider the formats you can deliver and the topics with relevance to your level of expertise and the target audience.

💡Pro-Tip: Create a Live Streaming Content Plan to add efficiency to your operations.

Planning a live streaming schedule for consistency

Live streams with consistent schedules attract and retain more viewers whether the live streams they watch regularly are scheduled daily, weekly, or monthly. What’s important is that viewers know when they can join you. To manage your scheduling effectively, you should be realistic about the available time and resources and send notifications before going live.

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Choosing the right platforms for your target audience.

Identifying the audience for live video streaming on websites or social media platforms is critical to its success. However, select a platform where your target audience lives. You can use performance data on reach, engagement, and formats to determine when your audience is most active. Used effectively, the data informs and fine-tunes a broader SEO strategy, revealing where, when, and how best to expand and link with other platforms.

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SEO and Live Streaming: A Symbiotic Relationship

Integrating live streaming into a comprehensive SEO strategy boosts your site’s visibility to search engines, making it more likely to rank high in search results. Hence, optimizing your live streams for search engines is the success recipe to drive website traffic. Live streams have several of the quality markers the search engines look for. For instance:

Real-time engagement signals

These include social signal metrics such as likes or shares. In web live streaming these metrics reveal how useful viewers saw the content. With greater engagement, sites become more visible to the search engines, which boosts them to rank even higher.

Fresh and relevant content for search engines

Live streams generate fresh content for search engines. They see the relevance as a signal of quality content. Later, uploading the live stream as a video or using its transcript in a blog will make more content available for the search engines to index and rank.

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Building Links through Live Streaming

Backlinking is essential. Those links demonstrate how a website is valued. To the search engines, sites with high-quality backlinks signal reputability, expertise, and authoritativeness, all factors that help the site rank higher.

To improve your backlink profile with the help of live streaming, you should consider the following:

  • conducting interviews with experts and influencers
  • collaboration opportunities, for example, in live events
  • developing engagement
  • outreach to other sites
  • outreach to new partners through LinkedIn
  • repurposing and distributing web live-streaming recordings

Promoting Your Live Streams for Maximum Reach

Promoting and repurposing live video on website streaming for social media increases its reach. And you can do it in many different ways. For instance:

Leverage social media for Pre-Promotion

Pre-promotion is vital for agency live streaming because it sets the stage for you to go big by raising people’s interest. For that, you can always create compelling teasers, use advance announcements and exclusive previews, and give incentives.

Utilize Keywords and Hashtags for Discoverability

To promote your live streams on social media, be sure to use keywords and hashtags properly.

It’s essential to identify relevant keywords and incorporate them naturally. Also, create a unique hashtag, preferably going with platform-specific hashtags. Don’t forget to cross-promote with influencers.

Work on Post-Stream Promotion

Finally, don’t ignore post-stream promotion. For that, you can repurpose content. Repurposed live streaming content used post-promotion sustains its impact. It can take many forms, including reels, recaps, behind-the-scenes, shared testimonials, and website surveys.

With the right tools, content can be quickly adapted to suit individual social media platforms. 

Measuring Success: Analytics and Tracking

No matter what you do, there’s no point in sticking to that if that doesn’t perform. And that’s why constant tracking is essential. Different platforms offer different ways to track performance and analyze data. Facebook has Live Insights, and YouTube has YouTube Analytics. There are tools available on Google Analytics, Bitly, and Leadpages.


Live streaming can go a long way in fetching more traffic for your website and website SEO plays an equally important role. You’ll reach a wider audience and develop deeper brand awareness while building authoritative links that have search engine credibility. To be visible to search engines to direct traffic to a business website, live streaming must be valuable and relevant to the target audience, demonstrate a level of expertise, be optimized for each platform, and be consistent in promotions, scheduling, hashtags, and keywords.

OneStream Live is a cloud-based live streaming solution to create, schedule, and multistream professional-looking live streams across 45+ social media platforms and the web simultaneously. For content-related queries and feedback, write to us at [email protected]. You’re also welcome to Write for Us!


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