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Live streaming is the future of brand management and marketing, and the global pandemic has brought this future into sharp focus. Marketers have adopted this strategy to connect with the target audience and present their brands and products more personally. The previous culture of creating fast-paced ads and flashy billboards as a marketing strategy is no longer convenient and has been replaced by videos. The digital marketing landscape today is characterized by live streams as a mainstream tool for brand building, and for all the good reasons.

Live streaming has become the number one medium for brand awareness. As per statistics, 79% of people confess that videos persuade them to purchase a product from the brand. It has been witnessed that companies that use videos for marketing enjoy 41% more traffic from search engines.

However, live streaming is not an elixir that will boost your brand or product overnight. A foolproof content strategy is required to achieve the marketing goals, and a content plan is the key ingredient of that content strategy. In this blog, we will help you learn how to plan the best content for live streaming plan to amplify viewership and achieve the marketing goal.

🏷️ Advantages of Having a Live Streaming Content Plan

Spontaneous content ideas are rarely flourishing. A dedicated content strategy must be utilized to promote your product, brand, or online show. A roadmap to your brand or organization’s live streaming content will assist in producing quality content in less time.

Formulating a content plan ahead of time will enable you to keep up with the objective of the live streams and stay organized. Your content plan will define your marketing goals and help you reach them.

Imagine that your favorite show was broadcasted without planning. It would be chaos. The same effort must be put into promoting your live performance, and a proper content plan must be prepared in advance to accomplish it.

A live streaming content plan will help you stay consistent. Live streaming regularly by following a proper schedule helps with the reach of the content and boosts viewership in a short period.

📜 Tips to Create a Live Streaming Content Plan?

Creating a live streaming content plan is not as complex as it seems. Here are a few tips to help create a powerful live streaming content plan.

🤝 Know your Audience

The most important tip is knowing the audience’s demands. You should deliver content that resonates with your audience. You can lose views on live streams and prospective clients if the content does not speak to the audience. To have the proper knowledge about this, you can have polling, Q&A sessions, or add a product or feature requests box on your website.

Pro-Tip: Do proper research on the target audience and use that data to create content around it.

You may want to note down the comments and queries that you get under the comments section or via email from your audience and formulate topic ideas from them.

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📝 Formulate Live streaming Content Ideas

Create live streaming content ideas that answer your audience’s questions and deliver the key point of your brand. Live streaming aims to connect with the audience and smoothly promote your product or brand, so you can go live spontaneously and communicate with your audience. But staying consistent is crucial, so good live streaming content ideas must be put in draft beforehand. Some of the best content ideas are:

  1. Live Q&A Sessions
  2. Hosting webinars and Interviews
  3. Presenting your product during the live stream
  4. Virtual Fundraisers.
  5. Behind The Scenes

Pro-Tip: Plan the best content ideas that match your brand’s or organization’s tone and include useful insights your audience demands.

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💯 Choose the Best Live Streaming Platform

You must analyze which social platform provides you with more reach. Live streaming on a social platform that does not have the maximum target audience is burning daylight, and each platform can offer you a different audience. Choose any one live streaming platform or go live on multiple social platforms using the multistreaming feature offered by OneStream Live.

Here are a few points that will help you in choosing the best live streaming platform:

  1. Specify your niche and the type of content that you will be live streaming. This will help you find your target audience and, in return, assist you in choosing a platform for live streaming.
  2. Choose the most used live streaming social platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, Instagram, TikTok, etc.
  3. Choose a service that allows you to go live on multiple social platforms at once.

Pro-Tip: Vouch for OneStream Live as the most optimal live streaming solution that allows multistreaming to more than 40 social media and the web simultaneously.

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⏰ Know the Ideal Time & Rate for Live Streaming

Identify the time zone of your audience and broadcast your live streams during active hours. Check the analytics to learn when your audience is active and engaging on your live streams to select the ideal time.

Your live stream should be delivered at least once a week on a set day and time. Going live daily can be impromptu but requires more preparation and less quality content.

Pro-Tip: Divide your target audience into time zones and devise your content plan accordingly.

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📅 Follow a Schedule and Be Consistent

Once you have formulated content ideas, create a schedule and live stream accordingly. Stick to the live streaming schedule that you have made. Consistency is a game changer. When you follow a plan with persistence, your audience will know when and where to find you, and that will help you with engagement on your live streams and prevent you from losing views on the live streams. With OneStream Live, you can schedule recorded videos or a live event to live stream on multiple social platforms.

Pro-Tip: Scheduling the live streams in advance is a great hack to stay consistent, and it helps in saving time and effort.

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⌛ Check the Duration of the Live Stream

You don’t want to lose your viewers because of boredom, do you? Make your live streams fun, engaging and precise. Refrain from adding vague and unnecessary information to the live streams.

Pro-Tip: The duration of your live stream should be at least 10 minutes to 1 hour.

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🎥 Select the Best Equipment for Live Streaming

After the entire effort, delivering a high-quality live stream is the optimum goal. The execution of your content planning depends largely on the quality with which it will be delivered. You must invest in gadgets with excellent results to achieve a high-quality stream. The live streaming equipment does not have to be pricey to get a perfect result; intermediate-quality live streaming equipment will do the work.

The most important pieces of equipment required for live streaming are:

  1. Laptop or Computer
  2. Camera
  3. Microphone
  4. Audio mixer
  5. Lighting
  6. Live streaming solution

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❗Deliver the Purpose of your Live stream

Regardless of the plan, your live stream content should include the key message that you want to deliver to your audience through live streaming. Remember the objective of the live stream and provide it to your audience wrapped up in engaging and helpful content.

Pro-Tip: Repurpose your live streams to deliver maximum value for your audience.

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🔴 Final Takeaway

Create a live streaming content plan that is engaging, helpful, and delivers the key message of your brand or business to your target audience. The content plan works as the map that navigates you and helps you reach your marketing goals smoothly. Remember, the content plan must include live streaming pre-recorded videos, and real-time streaming both. Apart from RTMP streaming, OneStream Live also allows live streaming of previously recorded videos. You can even schedule your live events to keep your live streaming consistent.

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