Optimizing Your Live Streams: The SEO Guide for Live Videos

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Do you still think that SEO is only necessary for websites and has nothing to do with streaming platforms? Well, in that case you urgently need to reconsider your views and use the full potential of Live video SEO for YouTube or Twitch. In this blog, we will talk about the main aspects you should focus on and give some video SEO tips for effective stream optimization.

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📃 Broadcasts Features

If you analyze the popular broadcasts that rank at the top, you will notice several common characteristics such as:

  • numerous viewers and an increasing number of channel subscribers;
  • good audience retention;
  • high engagement in the form of likes, comments, and other reactions.

Let’s take a closer look at each characteristic.

👀 More Viewers and Subscribers

Roughly speaking, the ones who rank your streams are the search bots. And the first thing they consider is the number of viewers. The algorithm takes this indicator as a sign of quality content. Often, the quantity of subscribers depends on the content creator’s experience and preparation level. Hence, you will need high-quality equipment, an installed streaming program, and a suitable room. The main difficulty you might face is the inability to re-record bloopers. Still, this might be even better, as lately, people are striving to see real and imperfect humans.

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👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Audience Retention

Audience retention is also important. To keep viewers tuned in, you need to keep them interested. Remember that streaming is not only about receiving information but also about live communication with the presenter. Therefore, it is important for you to be sincere and really interested in what you are talking about.

🔝 High Engagement

To get activity in the form of comments, master methods of engaging with your audience. How can you do that? Watch top streamers and learn from them. This will help you find effective techniques. Ask questions and respond to your viewers’ comments. Once you are sure that you have all your bases covered, you can move on to other promotion methods, which we will describe below.

📈 How to Get Views

All new streamers have one common problem: how to gain viewers and subscribers. Here are the basic rules you should follow for this:

  • Consistency is the key: follow the schedule and make streams as often as possible.
  • Select the topics that are interesting both for you and your viewers.
  • Analyze competitors and make your broadcasts more vivid, reveal issues that have not yet been discussed much or have not been addressed at all.
  • Promote streams in every possible way.

Of course, attracting an audience is only half the battle. You also need to keep your viewers and make them loyal. In the previous section, we have already discussed the factors that will help you maintain and grow your audience. Now, let’s dwell a little on promotion.

You can boost your stream’s promotion using a pay per publication strategy. It’s the fastest method, allowing you to announce broadcasts on popular social media and thematic forums. It means that your target audience will learn about your stream and plan to watch it. This might be a perfect option if you want to reduce your expenses and pay only for published posts that work.

👩‍💻 Stream Evaluation Algorithm

Each social network, including YouTube and Twitch, has an algorithm determining channel rating. Many factors influence the position of the channel and video in search results, but the main ones are:

  • Viewing time: The longer a person watches a video, the better the algorithm perceives it.
  • Quantity of views: Naturally, the more people join the broadcast, the more interesting it is from the system’s point of view.
  • Likes, reposts, and comments: The algorithm also positively perceives videos that encourage users to take action.

Basically, it is all about your visibility, which might be challenging, especially at the beginning. So, don’t forget that creating backlinks will help improve the visibility of your streams to internet users. Read why backlinks are important for search rankings and include the necessary actions to your video SEO strategy.

And, of course, if many users watch an online broadcast, like it, and make comments, such videos occupy leading positions in search results. So, to improve live video SEO and boost broadcast ranking, encourage viewers’ activity in all possible ways.

💡 Pro-tip:  Use the expertise of a dedicated SEO agency to optimize and refine your strategy.

🎯 Stream Optimization Directions

To understand how to achieve optimized video streaming, approach preparing a broadcast as filling a website. Users search for streams and enter queries to find the video they want. It means you need to really know their language and needs. Be strategic about creating videos. The content should be coherent to users’ search queries and the keywords you use in the title, description, tags, and more.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is my target audience looking for?
  • Does my business offer a solution to a problem that viewers are facing?
  • What search queries are relevant to my audience and industry?
  • Do viewers want to receive prompt information, or are they willing to spend much time watching?

It is essential because, for example, if they want quick results, they will include specific words in search queries, for example: “how to make something quickly,” “quick and easy recipes,” “short workouts,” etc. And your long-form content will be useless for them, no matter how good it is.

👉 Optimize Your Header

It is the title of the video that most often determines whether the user will watch it. It’s crucial that your headline sounds natural but still grabs attention, so try to avoid unnecessary words. Make it intriguing, unambiguous, and concise. Limit yourself to 60 characters so the title doesn’t get cut off on the results page.

👉 Prepare Description

The description helps YouTube and Google understand the context of the video. If it is optimized and structured, the video will rank higher and appear in the suggestions sidebar. Include 2-3 keywords at the beginning, and don’t overdo it. The optimal length is around 300 characters.

👉 Use Hashtags

By including relevant hashtags in your video’s description and tags, you make your content more discoverable. Think of them as signposts guiding users to your content in the ever-expanding digital landscape. They not only improve your video’s visibility but also help categorize it, making it easier for search engines to understand and index your content correctly.

🚀 Tips on Live Stream Optimizations

Apart from going live regularly, you can optimize broadcasts by doing the following:

  • Add target words to headings and hashtags.
  • Provide links to your site so viewers can learn more about you.
  • Multistream your broadcasts on several platforms to increase your reach.
  • Use suitable equipment to ensure high-quality broadcast.
  • Provide valuable content for your viewers.

Broadcasting services are constantly being improved. New platforms are emerging. And since competition is continuously increasing, live-streaming is a way to stay afloat. The ability to take a phone with a camera at any time, record an event, and publish it helps promote your business.

When optimizing, do not forget about the security of your account because attackers are constantly trying to take over the most popular accounts. It means that as you become more famous, you get exposed to more and more risks.

📌 Conclusion

Now you know why is live video SEO important, and all the most effective techniques for video optimization. Of course, streaming platforms are constantly evolving, and new trends will emerge. Still, the things we’ve seen in this blog will be a great place to start and grow both your popularity and your community. 

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