Top 10 Tips You Need to Check Before Starting Your UGC Business

UGC Business: Expert Tips to Start

User-generated content (UGC) businesses are taking the world by storm. A UGC business, which operates across multiple platforms and is driven largely by social media, can propel creators into lucrative and influential careers.

Moreover, a UGC business uses originally produced material for others to consume in campaigns, ads, individual posts, and other pieces. UGC content is often created by customers or fans of a brand and its products or services.

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What is User-generated Content?

UGC content varies widely and can include videos, images, reviews, social media posts, testimonials, blog posts, and podcasts. Instead of being created by a brand’s marketing team, UGC is developed by actual users.

UGC has exploded in recent years. It ranges from unboxing videos of new offerings to images showing how a piece of clothing looks on someone.

Top 10 Tips to Start Your UGC Business

Many content creators have established strong business models that focus on UGC. If you think you have what it takes for such a career, here are 10 tips for launching your UGC business.


Research Content Types

The types of content that can be created vary. Knowing what kind of content best suits your personality and background is important in deciding what will work for you.

For example, you may prefer to create short videos that can appear on TikTok, Instagram, and Reels. You may also lean towards creating compelling blog posts or content for X (formerly Twitter).

Furthermore, some creators opt to create many different kinds of content and hit multiple platforms. Know that a large portion of UGC today is video material that can be posted across platforms and accessible by audiences in various spaces.

No matter what medium you choose, it is important to select the content and the platform on which you want to create.

Learn to Film Great UGC Videos

As a UGC business, you are likely to create video content. That means having the equipment and knowledge to create compelling, relevant, and entertaining videos.

You’ll want the following equipment secured to make high-quality videos:

  • Camera or Smartphone: A professional camera or high-end smartphone with good video features will make a major difference in your content quality
  • Headphones: To produce excellent content, you need to hear what’s being recorded. A good set of headphones can be a game-changer in recording and editing.
  • Lighting: Natural light or the lights in your apartment or home will only do so much. Investing in quality lighting equipment, such as a ring light or softbox, can be the answer to putting the shine on your content.
  • Recording and Editing Tools: Many software options exist for recording and editing your content. You’ll want to condense, edit, and format your video for each platform on which you post

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Find Your UGC Business' Niche

You can create many types of content for different products and services. To determine your niche, consider your hobbies, interests, professional experience, and passions.

Your best chance at success with a UGC business is to focus on one niche. That way, you can position yourself as an expert and connect with like-minded followers.

While the sky’s the limit when it comes to UGH niches, here are some of the most popular:

  • Skincare and beauty
  • Health and wellness
  • Cooking
  • Consumer electronics
  • Wealth creation
  • Productivity
  • Spirituality
  • Fashion
  • Crypto Investing
  • Pop Culture
  • Collecting

Build a Portfolio and a Following

When you begin to pitch your business to brands, they will want to see what value you can bring to them. You’ll need to provide a portfolio of actual or conceptual posts demonstrating your skills in the UGC space and what you can offer them.

You can create brand-specific social media posts and tag them to show them what you can do or build a website that features your work.

Moreover, you’ll also want to create a strong following as part of this repertoire and profile-building. Followers matter, especially on the bigger platforms, and will shape how much you can be compensated for creating brand-specific UGC.

Thus, you can build your following in many ways, especially by targeting content to audiences with tags that help people find you.

Determine Where to Start Your UGC Business

Location can matter greatly when it comes to your UGC business. While lots of business work can be done remotely, the location you choose can still have a huge impact on your business.

Think about the brands you want to work with, where they are located and where their target customers live. Having close proximity to these brands can make a difference in how you operate.

Take states such as New York, for example. If you are working in New York City, you’ll be able to have in-person meetings with creative staff of some of the world’s largest brands. You’ll also have access to some of the most dynamic and visually stunning locations where you can record content for your UGC,

Working in New York also gives you access to talent that could be a part of your content, including artists, actors, writers and other creative people.

No matter where you choose to launch your business, be sure it’s one that will add to the work you’re looking to produce.

Create Profiles

You’ll want to establish your business on the social media platforms on which you plan to operate. Having accounts on these channels lets you start posting content and building a following.

Be sure to understand the tone, style, and approach other creators use on these platforms so that your content resonates with viewers.

Join UGC Platforms

There is a vibrant, active online community of fellow UGC professionals. There are multiple UGC platforms available where you can be discovered by brands looking to partner with UGCs, apply to participate in brand campaigns, and learn more about the process and profession.


Pitch Brands Directly

Once you’ve built your portfolio and following, regardless of what platforms you belong to, it’s a good idea to pitch brands directly.

Clear, direct, and smart emails can get the attention of brand marketers and help you build relationships. Be sure to include links to your portfolio and content and follow up to stay front of mind.

Remember that many brands will be bombarded with user-generated content, so make sure your pitch stands out and use any relationships you have to get a foot in the door.

Set Your Rates

How much will you sell your UGC for? Many brands have predetermined rates for how they engage with creators. These rates may vary based on your follower numbers and the results you can demonstrate from past work.

Still, you should research what competitors of your size and in your space are charging and adjust your rates accordingly.

Enjoy the Journey and Adjust

Starting a UGC business can be heady and challenging. Be sure to enjoy your work and learn from what you’ve done, and adjust your approach and strategy accordingly.

A UGC business can help connect you with brands you love, people who enjoy what you produce and introduce you to a self-sustaining, profitable career.

Concluding Your Journey of Starting a UGC Business

In conclusion, starting a successful UGC business hinges on a deep understanding of content creation, strategic use of platforms, and fostering solid relationships with brands. 

Remember, every piece of content you produce and every platform you utilize opens a new avenue for business opportunities. Keep refining your approach, stay adaptable, and continue to engage your audience creatively.

Your journey in the UGC business is about reaching a destination and growing and evolving with every piece of content you create. Embrace the challenges, enjoy the process, and build a successful UGC empire.

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