Transforming Live Streaming with Artificial Intelligence

Transforming Live Streaming with Artificial Intelligence

The groundbreaking technologies of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are taking the world with the storm. Tech development and advancement depict promising signs of transforming every aspect of human life. From the development of digital gadgets to social media platforms, AI is evolving as the driving force in the realms of digital transformation. It is a far-reaching domain that constitutes other emergent technologies, such as Machine Learning and Deep Learning (DL). Be it social media usage or web searching, web store or self-driving vehicles, online or offline experiences, or mobile shopping, AI has become an essential component of our daily lives.

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🤖 What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines and computers. It is essentially a wide-ranging branch of computer science that is directly related to building smart machines that are capable of performing tasks that typically require human intelligence. Simply put, AI leverages computers and machines to imitate the decision-making and problem-solving capabilities of the human mind.

🦾 How is Artificial Intelligence Transforming Lives?

The examples of AI technology run rampant in our everyday lives. They include expert systems, speech recognition, and machine visions. And we’re equally intrigued by self-driving cars, robo-advisors, and Netflix recommendations. Intelligent chatbots that the consumers interact with while shopping online or while placing an online inquiry are also working upon AI principles and ML mechanisms.

The most prominent application of AI is the Google search engine. Haven’t you noticed the patterns in which it copies your choices and behaviors to predict further what you might like? This is simply mind-blowing as to how technology is slowly taking over our everyday chores, and we are being captivated by these tech developments.

👾 Transforming Live Streaming with Artificial Intelligence

Tech giants such as Facebook are becoming the home ground of AI as they increasingly deploy automatic user face identifiers. This makes the facial recognition feature of Facebook stronger than FBI.

The extensive database of Facebook is growing each day, and this is improving the AI algorithm rapidly. Video and live streaming is also growing exponentially, with DL becoming the mutual aspect of these innovations. As a result, live streaming has witnessed a paradigm shift in recent times.

Experts from OneStream Live, a leading cloud-based live streaming solution, have shared mind-boggling stats that indicate that the live streaming market is expected to grow $79 billion in 2021. With digital technology on the rise and the rapid evolution of online streaming services, more and more IT companies are jumping on the bandwagon to capitalize on the never-ending demand of users.

This also encourages AI to become more efficient and provides it with ways to encode, distribute, and organize data. In short, the data will become streamline with the digital landscape and become available to the audience throughout the same medium. With the help of AI, DL is ensuring zero delays, improved OTT streaming, and hustle-free availability of the content.

Let’s discuss a few practical use cases of how AI is enhancing the overall live streaming experience:

👾 Prevent Copyright Infringement

One of the most scalable aspects of AI is the prevention of copyright infringement. AI technology is used to identify the types of copyright infringements that can occur during video streaming. The platforms for video streaming continually monitor and control the published content to avoid any privacy issues. Similarly, DL models are also being used for image processing and recognition. Interestingly, live streaming software is now being designed to detect digital signs for illegal content automatically. However, there is still a lot of research needed by professionals on this aspect.

👾 Adaptive Bitrate

In general, the adaptive bitrate is the technology that can potentially handle the adjustment of the compression level and video quality of the streams to match the available bandwidth from the viewer’s side. AI and DL can cover the gap that could have been left behind adaptive bitrate. Live streaming AI software can scan the videos and decide the quality of the video for the end-user in every situation.

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👾 Video Compression

AI is also leading innovation in the live video streaming industry in terms of video compression automation. AI here is being used for integration in modern video compression software. It is particularly beneficial while uploading the videos on cloud storage as well. Also, with the help of machine learning, video encoding can be efficiently optimized. Interestingly, these encoding models can optimize the overall resolution and frame rate as well.

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👾 Natural Language Processing and Content Management

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is the subtype of DL that allows live video streaming software to understand human language and processes. NLP is today being used effectively for audio descriptions and captions, once again playing a critical role in transforming the live streaming experience of video content creators. The amount of data generated through video streaming platforms is enormous. The integration of AI here is necessary to interpret the streaming content to derive meaningful insights and intelligent analytics and curate efficient content management strategies.

🕵🏼 The Bottom Line

AI and DL technologies are doing wonders in the domain of live streaming. As they continue to grow exponentially, they turn out to be a great solution to optimize the video streaming workflows. However, a lot of research still needs to be conducted in this domain, which makes it an interesting topic for research papers and dissertation writing.

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