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Choose your nearest server for optimal RTMP streaming

Live video streaming continues to gain popularity as a mainstream content delivery medium, thanks to the continuous advancements in technology. RTMP plays a lead role in the growth of this industry and continues to dominate the live streaming landscape.

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🌐 What is RTMP Service?

RTMP, an acronym for Real-Time Messaging Protocol, is the most common and fundamental protocol for real-time streaming. It is applicable for both audio and video streaming and the exchange of data between a server and Flash player. Initially developed by Macromedia, now Adobe, RTMP remains the most commonly deployed protocol for live streaming.

Simply put,

  • RTMP is a live streaming protocol that facilitates transmitting video files from an encoder to a streaming server
  • AAC-LC is the best audio codec for RTMP streaming. However, AAC is also supported.  H.264 is the best video codec for RTMP streaming. Most mp4 files are built using these codecs.
  • OneStream uses RTMP to deliver a user’s content to the destination live streaming server.
  • Broadcasters prefer RTMP streaming owing to its low latency. (HLS is another streaming protocol that is gaining popularity, but we leave that for another blog)

🔗 Features of RTMP Streaming




Low latency - 5 seconds

Playback Compatibility

Limited - Only supported by RTMP-compatible players


Some restrictions

Audio Codecs

AAC, AAC-LC, HE-AAC+ vq & v2, MPS, Speex, Opus, Vorbis

Video Codecs

H.264, VP8. VP6, Sorenson Spark, Screen Video v1 & v2

Variant Formats


🔀 Benefits of RTMP Streaming

  • Flexible – RTMP allows users to skip, rewind and forward the live stream or start watching it from anywhere they want. Users are not forced to watch the stream in one direction only or from one point only.   RTMP can also be configured to use Adaptive bitrate streaming, although that requires the latest versions of flash player and some technical know-how.
  • Low Latency – Capitalizing upon its ability to stream live content, whether audio or video, RTMP can stream with relatively low latency. This is a significant plus for broadcasters who regularly stream large-scale events in real-time.
  • Minimal Buffering – RTMP is widely acknowledged for minimal buffering, which significantly enhances the user experience. Hence, RTMP also plays a lead role in some web conferencing tools.
  • Secure Streaming – RTMPS, a secured version of RTMP, allows secure, encrypted transfer of streaming content from the encoder to the streaming destination. This prevents man-in-the-middle attacks or anyone eavesdropping on your feed.
  • Reliable Live Streaming Experience – BY maintaining constant contact between the video player and the server, RTMP streaming allows an optimal streaming experience.

➡️ How Does RTMP Streaming Work?

RTMP was initially developed for high-performance transmission of data, both audio and video. Hence, RTMP maintains a continuous connection between the server and the player client, allowing the protocol to act as a transfer medium to transmit data to the viewer rapidly. Since RTMP sits on top of the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), it uses a three-way handshake when transmitting data. The client (initiator) requests the server (accepter) to start a connection. The server responds, and the client acknowledges the response and maintains a session between either end.

🚀 How to Use OneStream RTMP Service?

You can use OneStream Live’s RTMP servers to restream your content to multiple destinations worldwide, simultaneously including your website. Here is how it works:

🌎 Geographical Outreach of OneStream Live’s RTMP Servers

OneStream Live has a network of RTMP streaming servers deployed around the globe that allow you to restream your content to multiple video streaming destinations simultaneously. All you have to do is make sure you choose the one nearest to your physical location and send your stream to that server. OneStream Live’s RTMP server will broadcast your content to an unlimited audience across the globe.

Pro-Tip: You are advised to select the nearest RTMP server based on your location to stream using RTMP service. This will ensure stream health and minimizes the risk of buffering.

Here’s a list of the nearest OneStream servers that you should choose based on your geographical location:


RTMP Server

Southern Africa

South Africa (Johannesburg, SA)

Eastern Africa

South Africa (Johannesburg, SA)

Central or Middle Africa

South Africa (Johannesburg, SA)

Western Africa

South Africa (Johannesburg, SA)

North-Western Africa

EU South (Madrid, Spain)

Northern Africa

EU South (Madrid, Spain)

Northern Europe

EU North (Helsinki, FI)

North-Western Europe

EU West (London, UK)

North-Eastern Europe

EU North (Helsinki, FI)

Western Europe

EU West (Amsterdam, NL)

Central Europe

EU Central (Falkenstein, DE)

Southern Europe

EU South (Madrid, Spain)

South-Eastern Europe

Middle East (Istanbul, Turkey)  

Central Asia

Middle East (Istanbul, Turkey)  

Western Asia

Middle East (Istanbul, Turkey)

South Asia

Middle East (Istanbul, Turkey)

South Asia

India (Mumbai)

Eastern Asia

South East Asia (Singapore, SG)

South-eastern Asia/Asia-Pacific

South East Asia (Singapore, SG)


Asia Pacific (Sydney, AU)

United States of America:


RTMP Server

North West America 

US North West (Seattle, USA)

West America 

US West (Los Angeles, USA)

East America 

US East (New York, USA)

Southwest America 

US South (Dallas, USA)

Southeast America

US South (Miami Florida USA)

Pro-Tip: Choose Auto Detect as your server if you are not sure, and our system will choose the nearest RTMP server based on your location.

OneStream Live is working tirelessly to expand its geographical outreach by adding other regions to its servers list to bring you the most optimal live streaming experience.

OneStream Live is a cloud-based live streaming solution to create, schedule, and multistream professional-looking live streams across 45+ social media platforms and the web simultaneously. For content-related queries and feedback, write to us at [email protected]. You’re also welcome to Write for Us!

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