Benefits of Live Streaming Church Services During and After COVID-19

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They’re not going away any soon – neither COVID-19 nor live streaming!

Yes, the novel coronavirus has completely and radically transformed our everyday lives. With the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, just like every other unforeseen event, attendance at churches declined significantly due to the policies regarding social distancing. These policies were devised to control the spread of the virus, and they have managed to do pretty well in terms of controlling the situation.

With some control over the situation, many churches have resumed their gatherings, yet people prefer organizing and attending these gatherings via the modern standard, which is Live streaming. Live streaming has not only helped individuals who were unable to attend earlier but also aids in keeping social distance which is the need of the hour. These policy directives have resulted in many activities related to entertainment, sports, music, and related fields shifting online. Churches have also followed in line.

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Many churches have long wanted to live stream their congregational prayers and services but were not sufficiently motivated to do so until the pandemic forced them to realize this dream. Now that the perfect and easy live streaming tool is just one click away, the churches’ administrations deem it logical to give in to the live streaming trend

🎗️ Live Streaming during COVID-19

A significant increase in the trends related to the live streaming services adapted by the churches has been observed lately. To remain in touch with the various activities taking place in the church, people often tend to adopt the online mode of attendance of church activities.

Most recently, it has been observed that nearly 33% of church-going people have found their churches online. To stay within the domains of the church and attendees’ preferences and maintain the whole concept of community alive. On a similar note, the churches can engage the people by Live Streaming their congregational and community services.

🏹 Live Streaming post-COVID-19

The current situation related to the pandemic has had a major impact on consumer preferences. It is a rough idea that most people will still prefer staying at their homes most of the time, even after COVID-19 is gone. Hence, live streaming services will still be needed by churches in order to gain maximum attendance. Suppose that the pandemic is over and the COVID-19 has been eliminated completely, but as seen over the years, people adapt to the long-term changes they face. By this analogy, one can assume that most of us would prefer staying home on a rainy day rather than going to church for weekly prayers.

More importantly, people who lack the facilities to attend church will not miss out on any activity if the live streaming services continue.

🔔 What are the Benefits of Live Streaming Church Services?

When churches live stream their services with OneStream Live, they can realize multiple benefits:

🎯 Control Over the Content

Pre-recorded videos can be uploaded and live-streamed to multiple destinations using OneStream Live. Pre-recorded videos give you the opportunity to make necessary amendments to your live stream before you broadcast it to your audience.

🎯 Fund Raising

Over the past few years, online transactions have become the preferred method for making and receiving payments. Churches can offer subscription-based live streams or monetize them, and people can easily donate the money with a few clicks.

Your live videos can attract sponsors’ attention as well and serve you greater benefit.

🎯 Community Building

With live streaming the church service, you allow people to listen to the service at any time from anywhere. They can listen to it once they get back home from work or when they are done doing house chores.

Live streaming has made attending the services possible for people who generally cannot be at church service due to any physical disability, time constraints, or health issues.

Phone live streaming can help individuals who are not tech-savvy. This will help the elderly community tune in to church services easily.

🎯 Increased Outreach

With multistreaming, churches can live stream on various social media platforms simultaneously and eventually expand their reach. They can easily get connected with the people who are outside of their local community

🎯 Better Engagement Rate

With Live streaming, you can make your service interactive and communicate with the audience in real-time. You can ask the audience to leave a comment and be more available to them.

🚀 Conclusion

OneStream Live has realized the struggle of the churches and therefore offers user-friendly live streaming services to live stream their ceremonies on social media. Using OneStream Live, the churches are able to gain the attendance of many people who are willing to be a part of the ceremonies but are held back due to the social distancing directives. OneStream Live has affiliations with multiple major social media platforms that can be accessed through multi-streaming.

OneStream Live is, therefore, a comprehensive and reliable live streaming tool to help churches continue their services and congregations virtually. With OneStream Live, you can go live instantly from the browser with OneStream Studio, broadcast pre-recorded videos, and go live in real-time using any third-party app. It is an equally viable tool for both during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

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