Top 10 Virtual Christmas Party Ideas for this Holiday Season

Top 10 Ideas for Virtual Christmas Parties

Christmas is a time for spreading joy, happiness, and love. It’s the time to bring people together, no matter how far apart. Use your favorite OneStream Studio to create festive live streams this holiday season and broadcast them in real-time to all your social media and the web simultaneously. Spur the holiday spirit and celebrate the end of year with these tree-menduous virtual Christmas party ideas.

🎅🏻 Secret Santa

How about a game where you buy a gift for a random person? While this may sound challenging for a virtual Christmas event, we can still make it fun and exciting. You can ask your audience to buy the gifts from a pre-defined selection of items, and their selected items will be shipped as a gift to the other person. And then you can live stream the unboxing of all the presents in a virtual Christmas party.

☃️ Virtual Christmas Movie Trivia

We bet Christmas Trivia is a sure shot to bring out everyone’s competitive streak. Let’s test our knowledge of Christmas classics this holiday season with virtual Christmas movie trivia. You can create digital Christmas trivia yourself or hire a professional game master to host the game. Play as many rounds as you wish, increasing the difficulty with each level. Live stream your event to let everyone celebrate in spirit.

🎄 Virtual Award Ceremony

If you’re a marketer, you’ve got to love this one. Dreading the COVID-19 situation, we’ve all been bound to think out of the box, especially when it comes to fostering the corporate stereotypes of ‘honoring and celebrating each employee’. This Christmas, you can live stream a virtual Award Ceremony, giving away personalized fun awards to show your love for your employees. Make sure everyone walks away with a trophy. Embed the live stream on your corporate website so all your customers can also join the celebrations.

🦌 Virtual Gameathon

We’ve all celebrated the hype of online gaming this year, witnessing Twitch leading social gaming platforms all the way. This year, one of the most noteworthy trends has been the mindboggling increase in the number of people watching others demonstrate their gameplay through live streaming. So, it might be a safe bet to host a virtual Gameathon this Christmas and let everyone watch one another going head-to-head, no matter where they’re physically based.

❄️ Online Scavenger Hunt

Wondering if a virtual scavenger hunt can be as exciting as the one you host in your backyard? Well, of course! Here’s the idea – host a live stream, open up challenges, and send your virtual party guests on a quest to find odd or difficult items. The tasks can be as simple or tricky as you like, from finding an old stocking to hunting down the biggest Christmas tree in the neighborhood. Have your guests post pictures in the live chat as they check each item off the list.

🍾 Virtual Cocktail Party

We all know it’s that wine-derful time of the year when all of us love to gulp down festive cocktails. How about sending your audience a cocktail mixing then and then live streaming a professional mixologist demonstrating how to do it. This can be a smart move to build relationships with your audience and get everyone actively involved.

🎀 Virtual Theme Party

One of the most exciting ways of getting into the mood for Christmas is hosting a virtual theme party, like a fancy dress show or a costume party. You can send your audience a fabulous box of props to wear during the event – a Santa hat, a pair of funky stockings, Christmas glasses, etc. This can turn out to be a terrific ice-breaker.

🎇 Virtual Escape Room

With things becoming excessively digital, escape rooms have become a popular choice for virtual Christmas activites. The entire concept revolves around locking the teammates inside a room, giving them an hour to complete all the given puzzles, allowing them a successful escape. In a Virtual Escape Room, you can virtually group people to celebrate teamwork, demonstrate problem-solving techniques and creativity to complete the puzzle, and escape the room.

🍒 Virtual Comedy Club

We all need an extra reason to laugh after all that’s been happening ever since the coronavirus pandemic outbreak. How about hosting a virtual comedy club this Christmas and multistreaming it on all your social media to spread joy and happiness? You can also create immersive events where your audience can enjoy many different comedians throughout the event, enjoying plenty of laughs and making your virtual Christmas party a huge success.

🎊 Minute-to-Win-It Challenges

A great way to make your virtual event even more exciting is by including rounds of minute-to-win-it challenges. Come up with fun virtual Christmas games that can be completed within a minute so that each participant can accrue points quickly and head towards the trophy. It could be a cookie chomp challenge (balancing a cookie on the forehead and racing it down to the mouth without using hands) or a candy cane tower challenge (building the tallest tower with candy canes). There are a plethora of virtual holiday party ideas that could be so much fun.

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Here’s a Mistle-Toast to the Holiday Season!

Regardless of which activity you choose, you can make your virtual Christmas party an event to remember with OneStream Live. Ladies & Gentlemen, give a huge round of Santa-plaus for an incredible Holiday Deal to make your Christmas party, New Year celebrations, and all the forthcoming events a major hit!

Create fun-filled live streams this holiday season with OneStream Studio. Invite guests, watch your favorite movie together using media share, add the festive vibe with Christmas-themed virtual backgrounds, and much more. Multistream your festive season celebrations to more than 40 social media platforms and spread joy and happiness. Embed your virtual party streams on your website and make the party crowd much bigger, so the fun gets even better. Better yet create your own personalized webpage for live streaming using OneStream Hosted Live Pages. Put your favorite Christmas Carols in a playlist and schedule them to go live and entertain your audience while you’re away planning your next event. Do we need to tell you more?

Time to spruce things up with OneStream Live.

Yappy Holidays!

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