How to Monetize Twitter Live Streams?

How to monetize Twitter live streams

You must have already read through our blog on the prospects of live streaming your content on Twitter Live. Here’s your guide to leveraging the best promotion and monetization options for Twitter live streams to make some hefty bucks! But before we head directly into the dynamics of how to make money on Twitter, let’s first understand what do people generally use Twitter Live for?

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🎬 What is Twitter Live used for?

Individual content creators and businesses/brands use Twitter’s Live feature to leverage planned promotional campaigns and share unique content across a global audience. Capitalizing upon the power of real-time audience interaction, they use Twitter live streaming to build lasting relationships with their audience. The ultimate premise remains to evoke feelings of trust and authenticity amongst the target customer for their benefits using innovative strategies. You can use OneStream Live to live broadcast on Twitter Live for:

  • Showcasing products
  • Launching new products with interactive curtain-raiser events
  • Hosting Q&S sessions to address customer queries in real-time
  • Hosting interviews and panel discussions with experts of the field
  • Share backstage events (BTS videos) to build audience interest

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Once you have your Twitter Live content strategy planned, the next step is to enhance your Twitter live streams for an optimal viewing experience. You must make sure that the quality of your broadcasts is top-notch to grab your audience’s attention and maintain their interest. Here are a few points you must take care of while live streaming on Twitter:

  • Select a suitable filming spot – optimal lighting, calm yet appealing background, noise-free setting, and a tripod to stabilize your live streams.
  • Stay in the center of the frame with the camera at eye level.
  • Interact with your audience – take queries, answer their questions, ask them to leave comments and share reactions, keep the conversation going.
  • Create a streaming schedule to promote it before the live stream and draw a large audience for yourself.

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💰 How to Monetize Twitter Live Streams?

Now that you have your content strategy planned and the optimal live streaming setup ready, you can promote your Twitter live streams and monetize them.

🎯 Sponsored Tweets

If you have a solid presence on Twitter with a large following, you can leverage this to attract other companies and brands to pay you to tweet about their products and services. They would likely want to encash your popularity on Twitter to promote their products to your audience using a paid tweet. You might want to use one of the many online platforms that help connect Twitter influencers with companies looking to pay for tweets – SponsoredTweets and PaidPerTweet are two of the most popular ones.

🎯 Affiliate Marketing

Twitter allows you to add links to your tweets, even if they’re live videos. You can use this space to add an affiliate link and direct your viewers toward it. You can then promote your affiliate products and services here. You will be paid a commission for every product and service purchased through your affiliate link. The best part about affiliate marketing is that you need not have a large Twitter following to get started. You can well roll out as a newbie and make good money.

Pro-Tip: Don’t promote away any affiliate product that you come across. Identify a niche and a target audience, understand their preferences and choices, and promote relevant affiliate products.

🎯 Promote Your Own Products

Instead of promoting others’ products, you might also consider selling your own products on Twitter live streams. Since you already have a base following you, they’ll also likely be interested in the products you offer. Share an eye-catching image of the product, along with an engaging product description and a link to purchase – Bingo! You can drive more sales by promoting a sale or a discount; nothing attracts more audience than a limited-time sale.

Pro-Tip: Multistream your Twitter live streams via OneStream Live on multiple other platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, to introduce your products to millions of online shoppers beyond the Twitter audience.

🎯 Leverage Email Marketing

Build an email list and send out reminder messages to your subscribers for your upcoming Twitter live streams. You can also use this list to share promotional content with your audience, announce new products, and promote flash sales and discounts. Email marketing offers a lead magnet to drive traffic to your streams, which can then be directed towards your website to generate sales.

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🎯 Create Twitter Ads

Twitter ads are a smart way to help your business reach more people beyond your current audience base. You can use these to spread awareness about your business and tap on other Twitter users who are not your followers. Twitter ads look just like other tweets in the feed but are labeled ‘promoted’, rightly targeted to the right people, based on their specific interests, demographics, and activity on Twitter.

🎯 Twitter’s Amplify Program

Twitter has two live video monetization options – Amplify Pre-Roll and Amplify Sponsorships. You must apply for either of these programs to be able to earn money through them. The Amplify Pre-Roll option allows the marketers to run ads as pre-rolls on your live streams. The Amplify Sponsorship option lets your set up partnerships and alliances with the advertisers. Simply put, the Twitter Amplify Program works in collaboration with content creators and brand partners to create unique and engaging content to facilitate sharing immersive video experiences on Twitter.

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Now you know how to monetize your Twitter live streams well. Share a few tweets for OneStream Live, and let us know how helpful this article was.

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