A Short Guide to Scale Online Course Sales With TikTok

Selling courses on TikTok

Undoubtedly, TikTok is the hottest social media application at the moment. From scrolling to shopping, people make use of this versatile platform for diverse purposes. Hence, now is the time to get your business on TikTok and make the most out of it.

Irrespective of niche, a user can succeed on TikTok by sharing platform-based content and winning the hearts of people. Do you think selling on TikTok is that simple? The answer is neither yes nor no! Since there is no exact formula, it will be challenging to crack the algorithm and beat the competition. However, reaching the right people at the right time increases the chances of attaining your business goals. Additionally, you might want to avail the support of platforms like Trollishly to amplify your exposure and gain more potential customers in an organic way.

So, are you planning to promote your online course on TikTok? Want to level up your business via TikTok marketing? Then, you’re at the right spot! This article will assist you in leveraging TikTok, especially for online course business.

In this Article:

➡️ How to Create and Set Up Your TikTok Profile?

A well-optimized profile is a weapon to turn your visitor into a follower! In order to sell your online course, you need a TikTok Business or Pro account. Complete your profile setup by providing all the necessary information. If you already have a personal account, either create a dedicated account for your business or simply switch to a professional account so that you will get access to more business features like analytics.

The next step is to craft your bio in a compelling way. Make use of the limited bio space wisely. Weave the words to explain who you are, what your online course is all about, and how it will benefit the buyers. Bio is the perfect spot to place the clickable link of your website, landing page, or course list. At last, include a suitable call to action (CTA) to encourage your visitors to purchase your course right away.

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🎯 How to Curate TikTok Marketing Strategies to Strengthen Your Success?

Be there where your customers are! Don’t jump on TikTok as everyone does! Ensure that your target audiences are right there before investing your valuable time and efforts. If yes, you’re ready to establish your TikTok presence.

Before creating your videos, ask yourself why you rely on TikTok, what you want to achieve, and how to use the app to your advantage. Then, have a clear understanding of the TikTok application and its working algorithm. This greatly helps you to determine what kind of content can go viral.

Further, create audience demographics to deliver content that interests your target audience and let them stay connected with your profile. It is a good idea to visit your niche’s content creators, influencers, and competitors to get inspiration. Finally, create ideal TikTok marketing strategies to skyrocket your online course sales by keeping all these aspects in mind.

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👨🏻‍🏫 How to Craft Compelling TikTok Videos for Promoting Your Online Course?

Diving into content creation straight away might not be helpful for attaining your marketing goal. Hence, it is necessary to learn the proper ways to create a perfect video that engages your TikTok audience.

The common mistake that many businesses make is sharing too much promotional content on their social media profile. Say goodbye to the thought that sharing more business-related content brings more sales. That’s a red flag to your growth! The native audiences are fond of consuming content that gives value to them but not your business.

Initially, showcase your presence by posting valuable content and participating in TikTok trends or challenges. Then, search what your target audiences are looking for to learn in your niche. Based on it, curate educational content to show off your personality, build credibility and gain the trust of your audience. Never miss out on adding relevant hashtags, call-to-action, and captivating captions for every video you post.

Once you have gained a decent number of followers, start sharing promotional content and regular videos to draw potential audience attention. Practise the habit of maintaining the balance between personal content, promotional content, and app-related content.

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💲 How to Increase Your Online Course Sales on TikTok?

Jump into Trends ASAP

TikTok is all about trends and challenges. The younger generations right here show more interest in currently trending topics. So, stay up to date with the latest trends and participate in the ones that resonate with your niche.

Also, experiment with in-app features such as Diet, Stitch, and Q & A to engage with your audience and deliver content in an interesting way. Adding trending songs, hashtags, or special effects to your content expands your reach and garners more potential customers. So, consider the trending factors as soon as possible before it gets outdated.

Influencer Marketing

Similar to other social media, TikTok is filled with top-notch influencers who support budding entrepreneurs, brands, and businesses to accomplish their goals. Land on TikTok Content Marketplace to find your niche-related influencers.

Go through the respective influences to check whether they share content related to your niche and have tons of followers. Then, share your online course with the individual influencers and let them share a review or testimonial video on their profile by mentioning your account. This way, you can reach new audiences and increase sales gradually.

Paid Advertising

There is a plethora of paid advertising techniques on TikTok. If you think the organic results are insufficient to elevate your sales, opt for the best ad type that scales your course sales. The significant TikTok paid ads are In-feed ads, Collection ads, Spark ads, Branded Hashtag Challenge, or Brand Takeover and other types of ads whose insights like synchronized costs and conversions you can track and report using Voluum ad tracker to maximize returns. Learn the difference between these ads and choose the one that suits your business objectives and budget plan.

Collaborate with TikTok Affiliates

You may find affiliate marketers who promote products or services to earn a certain percentage from every sale. Create your own affiliate program or join affiliate marketers found on TikTok. Make use of hashtags like #TikTokAffiliates #TikTokAffiliateMarketing to partner with affiliate marketers. Give a separate online course link and keep track of the sales to pay the commission.

Host a Giveaway or Contest

Another great way to drive conversions and sales for your online course is hosting a giveaway contest. Invite your existing and potential followers to participate in your giveaway program. For instance, ask them to spread the word about your course among their friends or followers and bring leads for your course. In return, present the respective people with a gift, discount, or offer for your online course. As a result, you will get a chance to convert audiences into loyal customers.

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📣 The Bottom Line

Hope this guide enables you to figure out the proper ways to sell your online course on TikTok and drive sales profitably. Don’t take many risks! Simply share content that interests your audience and draws them towards your business. Have fun on TikTok!

Win the hearts of people with your creativity and beat the algorithm with your consistency! You will see a big difference in your business for sure. Good luck 🙂

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