TikTok: The Marketing Jackpot – Is your Business There Yet?

TikTok for Business

2020 has been an awful year. For one, we didn’t really ‘live’ throughout this cursed year; quarantine and restricted periods have prevented us from doing the most casual things, such as meeting our friends, going shopping, or even hugging acquaintances on the street. Instead, 2020 has made our homes the only place to hang out safely without being fined or worse. While it may have been fun for a week or so, soon enough, it became quite the opposite and made us bored to tears.

These unusual circumstances were pivotal for making TikTok more trending than ever; people having too much time on their hands found the app’s trends and rich world of content the only haven to turn to because reality was so gloomy and hopeless. Just slip through TikTok’s rabbit hole and let others’ sense of creativity take you places you’ve never visited before (and upload creative and innovative videos on TikTok accordingly). After all, getting some TikTok likes and followers could really make one’s days when the spirits are low!

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🚀 TikTok's Hype In A Nutshel

Indeed, TikTok’s worldwide popularity came as no surprise for some, fully aware of the app’s advantages (that shine all the more brightly when a global pandemic attacks). While TikTok might seem narrow-minded at first (for being an app that’s wholly reliant on videos, for instance), those who think this way soon found that they’ve been wrong all along for the diversity the app offers nonetheless. It’s no surprise that plenty of businesses in any niche or scale established a TikTok presence, recognizing the amazing marketing opportunities TikTok holds.

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💰 TikTok as a Marketing ‘Jackpot’

Anyone can find videos matching their niche and interests on TikTok; it can be lip-syncing themed videos, dancing videos, or engaging live videos. For this very reason, TikTok became a fertile ground for affiliate marketing.

That being said, TikTok also has its weaker links any marketer should be aware of to maximize their posts’ impact to the fullest extent. Limited editing functionality is one. If you want your videos to go wild in terms of editing, etc., relying solely on the app’s features won’t do the trick. The editing options there are rather limited. Furthermore, downloading a video from the app cannot be done without the watermark; in other words, a total bummer.

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🎯 Ride The TikTok Hype Your Own Way

Fortunately, it’s a free world, and we can get help from third-party apps and programs to fine-tune our videos to our hearts’ content. Video-editing apps such as Movavi and Splice come in especially handy on such occasions. Yes, it will require some extra work, but you’re guaranteed to take your videos a notch higher by doing so (and possibly broaden your videos’ outreach just as well)! Apropos of engagement, and transition effects are also one of our go-tos means of ticking another V in the viral-crown checkbox. They contribute to the video’s overall flow and empower another crucial aspect of any post; aesthetics.

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💥 Final Words

Since the competition over people’s attention and likes is quite stiff, especially in such a thriving sphere as TikTok, we have to ensure each video begins with an enchanting hook (on top of the previously mentioned elements). ‘Strong’ openings invite people to watch any video in its entirety and even hit the like button or leave some cheerful comment while they’re at it. Unveil unlimited marketing opportunities on TikTok with a professional partner such as OneStream Live to maximize the true potential of your marketing efforts.

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Yuval Zilberfarb
Yuval Zilberfarb
Yuval is an Israeli content writer at SEOMADEZ LLC. The company manages various e-commerce sites whose forte is Digital Goods.


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