How to Brand Your Live Streams

How to brand your live streams

Every brand has a story to tell, and the most effective medium of narrating this story is through a video. Best brand story videos must link up well with your brand personality, your unique voice, and the overall experience you offer to your target audience. While live streaming allows you the benefit of humanizing your brands, it also offers the leverage of personalized interactions with your target customers. That said, branding your video content opens up limitless opportunities for you as a marketer and for your brand at large, creating a strong perception of your brand in your customers’ minds.

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🎨 What is Branding?

Branding is a means of differentiating your brand from its rivals. Video branding is a marketing maneuver to make your brand stand out from the rest. It combines several communication elements such as logo or emblem, color palette, mission statement, slogan or tagline, consistent design or theme, fonts, imagery or mascot, and the brand name, of course

📣 Why is Branding your Live Streams Important?

  • 80% of the consumers today prefer watching a live video as compared to reading a blog. Branded live streams help gain the attraction of the target audience most effectively, syncing well their content consumption preferences.
  • 71% of the consumers tend to purchase from brands that they recognize. Branding your live streams helps build your brand awareness and recognition amongst your target audience to impact their purchase decisions ultimately.
  • Branded live streams add an element of trust to your content. As a result, the customers are more attracted to the authenticity offered. You can also capitalize upon the power of referrals, sponsorships and affiliations, brand deals, and a lot more opportunities.
  • Branded live streams depict your purpose to attract your customers and convert visitors into leads quickly. Since people connect with brands through this powerful medium, you can draw and retain your customers most optimally and profitably.
  • Branding plays an integral role in determining whether your audience will stay longer or leave shortly. Hence, branding your live streams can help to create an excellent first impression.

☢️ How to Brand your Live Stream?

Branding your live streams is all about creating an outstanding video experience for your target audience. The catch is to pick unique and engaging content that resonates well with your customer base to create a memorable experience for them. Here are a few simple steps to guide you through:

✅ Plan your Content

Before you go live, make sure you plan smartly. Determine the type of content that will maximize engagement with your target audience. Take their interests and preferences into account, gather relevant information that will attract them to your streams, and identify content that will eventually create unique experiences for your audience. Check what’s trending. Crawl through social media platforms to draw inspiration from other streamers. Brand your live stream with content that will interest your target audience the most.

Pro-Tip: A little bit of competitor analysis won’t hurt.

An appealing and memorable logo is the key to branding your live streams. A well-designed logo created with a reliable and advanced logo maker will help your audience identify your streams with your brand, sending out a sharp image of your brand personality. Even if they don’t remember your brand name, they will always recall your logo. That’s the trick!

Pro-Tip: Keep the logo consistent across your socials to make it easier for customers to remember your brand and associate with it.

✅ Use Profile Picture and Custom Thumbnails

Streamers usually prefer using their own photo as the profile picture on their channels to help create a personal connection with their audience. Others prefer using their logo as the display picture as a constant reminder of the brand. Custom thumbnails are another element you don’t want to miss from your YouTube branding kit.

Pro-Tip: Be creative. Try using an avatar to represent your brand.

Have a look at OneStream’s YouTube channel branding:

✅ Use the Right Colour Pallet

Make sure you pay special attention to your color pallet since it impacts how people perceive your brand and correlates with the brand personality. A signature color can significantly boost brand awareness by 80%. For instance, green is most commonly associated with environmental consciousness, pink reflects feminism, gold denotes premium, and purple signifies glamor or charm.

✅ Use a Custom Overlay

Overlays help add spice to your live streams by providing all the crucial information you want your audience to know about your brand. Using well-designed custom overlays helps augment your live streams by providing a unique look and feel. You can set up a dedicated page with the details or choose to display a web banner at the top of your channel. Whenever a viewer joins your stream, this will likely be the first thing he’ll see.

Pro-Tip: Be creative with overlays; use ready-to-buy designs or create your own.

🏷️ Brand your Live Streams with OneStream Live

OneStream Live allows branding your live streams to create a memorable experience for your target audience. You can add your logo and custom thumbnails to pre-recorded streams for enhancing your brand awareness and recall. And you can experiment with a lot more branding options for real-time streams through OBS and other third-party tools.

Create the most compelling brand storytelling videos, differentiate your streams from the others, and make your brand a better choice — live Stream with OneStream Live.

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