The Best Streaming Software for Mac in 2024


Live streaming is becoming increasingly popular so it’s essential to find software that allows for this on a Mac, especially if you are a dedicated Mac user. You need to choose an option that offers a smooth streaming experience, and is friendly with the pocket too. Ease of use, features, compatibility with your streaming setup, and pricing are some of the important factors to consider. Here are some of the pros and cons of the best streaming software suitable for use on a Mac.

But before we get started, here’s a pro-tip for Mac users. If you have already updated your MacBook to the new version of Sonoma you may have noticed your device is slowing down. You can read more here if you want to know how to speed it up so you can stream smoothly. A slow Mac is probably the last thing you would want when streaming so to keep it in top shape, refer to this helpful guide.

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🎯 Wirecast

Wirecast is a sophisticated live streaming solution from Telestream. It allows you to capture any media, add customization options, and stream live in seconds. Useful features include an audio/video sync tool, Twitter integration, and source switching with transitions support.

👉 Pros

  • Easy navigation and a manageable learning curve.
  • Video capture and encoding of live streams for broadcasting to multiple servers and platforms at the same time.
  • High-end features such as a built-in Chroma key for green screen support and animated graphics.
  • Supports various video and audio inputs from cameras, microphones, webcams, computer screens, etc.
  • Multi-camera recording.

👉 Cons

  • Difficult to set up guest features.
  • Wirecast Studio costs $599 for a lifetime license.

Wirecast is an ideal solution for live streaming music, especially for musicians who want to make performances cost-effective, flexible, and convenient. It can give them money-making opportunities and they have live contact with audiences. It gives them global reach and creative freedom. In this case, an expensive lifetime license could be worthwhile.

🎯 OBS Studio

OBS Studio is another popular choice for Mac users. It is open-source and has many useful features. It is suitable for live streaming on YouTube, Twitch, or any other video platform.

👉 Pros

  • Open-source code allows teams to collaborate in the code base.
  • Low CPU usage.
  • Unlimited number of video and audio sources.
  • Supports transitions.
  • Filters for basic effects.
  • A built-in audio mixer.
  • Easy connection to online video platforms.
  • Frequent updates.
  • Allows for video capture, streaming, and broadcasting.

👉 Cons

  • It is not as user-friendly as some of the other streaming software and can take some effort to set up.
  • Mastering its features requires a learning curve.
  • It does not support multi-bitrate streaming.
  • Few customization options.

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🎯 Evmux

Evmux is a browser-based live streaming platform with a user-friendly interface. It has some great features and offers a comprehensive and streamlined live streaming option. When logging in to the dashboard you will see your previous streams and be able to set up new streams. You can reuse your previous streams as templates and set up a single broadcast or a multi-session event. 

A free plan gives you access to a variety of features but the Evmux watermark does appear. Plans start at $19 per month and the basic plan removes the watermark and increases multi-stream destinations to four.

👉 Pros

  • Customizable templates.
  • Multi-streaming.
  • Host multiple guests.
  • Guests can wait in a dedicated green room prior to going live.
  • ISO video recording.
  • Many options for customization such as fully customizable built-in animated titles.

👉 Cons

  • Not as many features as some of the other options.
  • Limited support for certain platforms.

🎯 Ecamm Live

Ecamm Live has an intuitive user interface and a variety of useful features. It offers great value for the price. There’s a 14-day free trial and plans start from $16 per month.

👉 Pros

  • User-friendly and tailored for macOS.
  • Integrates with Twitter, Twitch, Facebook Live, and YouTube Live.
  • Many useful features such as the ability to invite remote guests.
  • Add animations and overlays on a stream.
  • Interact with the audience during a live stream.
  • Support for multiple cameras.
  • Mac and iPhone screen sharing.
  • Stream in HD quality.
  • Automatic video recording to Mac hard drive.

👉 Cons

  • An expensive one-time fee.
  • Does not directly support multi-streaming.

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🎯 OneStream Live

If you are looking for professionalism and ease of use, OneStream Live is a top choice. It is a cloud-based live streaming tool that allows for live streaming to multiple platforms directly from the browser or your smartphone. The most commendable feature is that it allows you to create personalized landing pages using Hosted Live Pages, for embedding your streams. You have access to a free plan, and paid plans start at $15 per month.

👉 Pros

  • Stream to 45+ different platforms.
  • Add up to 10 guests to live streams.
  • Use invitation links to add guests to a live stream.
  • Apply customization and branding using creative overlays.
  • Live cross-platform chat.
  • Add captions and calls-to-action live streams.
  • Record and live stream pre-recorded videos.
  • Create a customized landing page for live streaming.
  • Available on mobile apps.

👉 Cons

  • No video editing tools.
  • 4k streaming is not available.

The rise of multistreaming has opened up new networking and growth horizons for content creators; you don’t have to confine yourself to only one platform. OneStream Live is an optimal cloud-based live streaming solution to multicast your live streams on multiple social media platforms and anywhere on the web, all at once. It works equally well with OBS Studio, Restream Studio, Wirecast, Ecamm Live, Evmux, and any other external RTMP encoder for Mac.

🚀 Conclusion

For live streaming on macOS, you have a variety of options to choose from. Costs vary from a free option like OBS Studio to an expensive one like Wirecast. The ability to live stream to many platforms at the same time, like you can with OneStream Live, can really help you to expand your audience.

Download OneStream Mobile App.

OneStream Live is a cloud-based live streaming solution to create, schedule, and multistream professional-looking live streams across 45+ social media platforms and the web simultaneously. For content-related queries and feedback, write to us at [email protected]. You’re also welcome to Write for Us!

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