OneStream Live Studio + Firefox

Take charge of your live streaming experience with OneStream Live Studio for Firefox add-on. Enjoy the freedom of managing your streams directly from your Firefox browser!  

Enjoy the power of robust Live Studio streaming within Firefox

Maximize the power of OneStream Live Studio with Firefox add-on. Start or join a Live Studio session seamlessly and effortlessly.

Features & Benefits


Social Media Multistreaming

Multistream your Live Studio sessions on 45+ social platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and more.

Live Stream in Portrait Mode

Go live with vertical videos seamlessly directly from your Firefox browser.

Host your Own Live Shows

Collaborate like never before by hosting Live Studio sessions with up to 12 guests, directly from your Firefox browser.

Convenient Live Streaming

Enjoy the convenience of managing Live Studio streams from any device with Firefox add-on.

Grow your Digital Presence

Share screen or external media effortlessly using OneStream Live for Firefox.

One Size Fits All

Enjoy the OneStream Live for Firefox add-on regardless of your subscription tier.

Integrations to
Streamline your
Live Streaming Journey

OneStream Live works with all the tools and apps you’re already familiar with, be it third-party encoders, social media platforms, or Live Studio extensions. Connect your tools to OneStream Live and multistream your content across multiple platforms seamlessly.
RTMP Encoders
Social Platforms
Cloud Storages