OneStream Live Studio + Brave

Enhance your streaming workflow with OneStream Live for Brave extension. Ensure a secure and efficient streaming experience directly from your Brave browser.

Effortless Live Studio sessions right from your Brave browser

Navigate the OneStream Live Studio with the Brave browser effortlessly. The OneStream Live Brave extension allows for a frictionless setup of Live Studio events right from the Brave environment.

Features & Benefits


Multistream Professional Live Streams

Easily multistream your Live Studio streams from Brave to 45+ social media platforms and the web at once.

Live Broadcast in Portrait Mode

Live stream vertical format videos on Instagram & TikTok, directly from your Brave browser.

Host your Own Live Shows

Invite upto 12 guests and go live in simple steps all from your browser using Brave extension for OneStream Live.

Convenient Live Streaming

Jump to your OneStream Live Studio from Brave without interrupting your regular tasks.

Engage, Interact & Grow your Audience

Share screen or external media effortlessly using OneStream Live for Brave.

Set it & Forget it

The Brave Extension for live streaming is compatible with all OneStream Live subscription plans.

Integrations to
Streamline your
Live Streaming Journey

OneStream Live works with all the tools and apps you’re already familiar with, be it third-party encoders, social media platforms, or Live Studio extensions. Connect your tools to OneStream Live and multistream your content across multiple platforms seamlessly.
RTMP Encoders
Social Platforms
Cloud Storages