How to Promote your Hotel Brand through Social Media?

Promote your hotel Brand through Social Media

Social media live streaming is a great way to market your hotel. It’s easy to get your message out there, and it can help you reach new guests. But how do you go about doing it the right way? Here’s how!

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🏨 Why Use Social Media to Market your Hotel?

You can use social media to:

🛎️ build a following and connect with potential customers.

🛎️ promote your hotel and increase its visibility.

🛎️ sell your hotel, especially during the high tourist season.

🛎️ connect with potential guests and create a positive image for your hotel.

🛎️ promote your hotel during special events, such as conferences or holidays.

🛎️ promote your hotel by using content that is unique and engaging for guests of all ages.

🛎️ create a personal connection with your guests and promote your hotel as a place they can come for a relaxing vacation experience.

🏩 How to Maximize your Hotel’s Social Media Presence?

Every social media site has a different function, and the one that best suits your hotel is the one that you use. Your hotel’s social media page should be well-rounded with content, photo galleries, and videos that show off your hotel in all its glory. Use hashtags to help people find what they’re looking for, and make sure to add new photos and videos as often as possible. You can also use audio or video to supplement your posts: using soundtracks to capture atmospheres or visual effects to create excitement. Here are a few expert tips to maximize your hotel’s social media presence:

️⌗ Use the Right Hashtags

Your hotel’s social media site should be filled with hashtags representing the type of customer you want to reach: honeymooners, business travelers, etc. Make sure to choose those tags wisely so that your posts are easily found by other online users. For example, if you’re a Marriott property, use “#marriottvacation” instead of “#hotel.”

In addition to hashtags, make sure to include relevant information about your hotel in your posts. This could consist of features about our rooms (e.g., “The perfect room for a relaxing vacation”), restaurant recommendations (#PlateauPizza Near Me?), or deals happening at our properties (e.g., “How much does it cost for a stay at our newest property?”).

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🖼️ Use Graphics that Draw People in

Your hotel’s social media site should look professional and inviting so people feel drawn in to share photos and videos with you from their phones or computers. Try using graphics such as photos of people around your property taken by employees or featuring models who will be appearing on your website soon (e.g., “Welcome to The Marriott Corporate Suite!”). If possible, have staff take pictures of guests arriving at your property so they can promote it quickly and easily on social media!

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📽️ Add New Photos and Videos to your Social Media Sites

When adding new photos and videos on your social media site, keep in mind two things: firstly that they need to be of high quality; secondly that they need to be interesting enough so people will want to share them with others on social media but not so engaging that it takes away from other content on the site! Uploading new photos from inside or outside of your hotels is a great way to engage with your audience. To do this, try taking some stunning images of lobby areas or exterior views before uploading them onto Instagram or Twitter for added impact. To add new photos and videos to your social media site, upload them from inside or outside your hotels. This will give you added impact and make people want to share them with others.

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📢 Use Online Promotional Services

In addition to creating high-quality content, make sure to use platforms such as Incrementors New Jersey content marketing solutions to promote your hotel. Take advantage of online tools like Twitter and LinkedIn to share photos and updates about your hotel and its amenities. Also, post on relevant blogs, forums, or other online locations where others may be interested in what you have to offer.

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📝 Write Blogs and Articles

If you want your blog or article writing privileges on popular social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, make sure you put in a good effort by publishing advanced SEO content that’s relevant to your hotel’s brand! In addition, make sure any content you post is easily accessible so that potential guests can see it right away without having to search through many pages of webpages first.

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🚀 Bonus Tip: Live Stream your Hotel Events

Don’t forget to engage with your audience in real time by live streaming your hotel events. You might want to live stream the gala night, Christmas celebrations, musical shows, corporate events, or any other important happenings at your hotel site. Show behind-the-scenes of any upcoming event, such as the New Year’s eve celebrations. Take your audience on a virtual tour of your recently built convention halls or honeymoon suits, swimming pool or gymnasium facilities, hotel spa and bar, etc. The prime purpose is to showcase the most attractive features of your hotel to attract tourists and travelers to your destination.

Use OneStream Live to create and multistream these live events on 45+ social media simultaneously. You can also embed these streams on your hotel’s website and reach out to an even larger audience. Or may want to create a dedicated webpage for live streaming your hotel events using OneStream Live Spaces. For busy seasons, you can schedule a playlist of pre-recorded videos to live stream on your preferred date and time. With OneStream Live, you can expand your hotel’s online presence manifold.

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