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Onestream Success Story Brittany

For Brittany, live streaming with OneStream Live was like a dream come true. She had struggled with live streaming her content consistently and was beginning to give up hope until she came across this service! Find out how Brittany’s success story can be a blueprint for your own streaming endeavors in this blog.

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👩🏻‍💼 Brittany Sherell - Coach, Author, & Speaker

Brittany is a business coach and consultant who helps businesses identify their next best steps to create strategic impact and income. She teaches people how to turn their expertise into high-impact courses or coaching programs. Brittany is passionate about helping others reach their full potential and make positive changes in their businesses and lives.

🚧 The Challenge

Brittany had big plans for her live-streaming channel. She wanted to grow a large audience and build a successful brand. But she quickly realized that this would require a lot of consistency and hard work. For Brittany, the biggest struggle was sticking to a daily routine. She found it difficult to set aside time each day to stream, especially when she had other things going on in her life. This led to inconsistency in her live sessions, which made it hard for her to gain and keep viewers. But Brittany didn’t give up. She kept working at it, and eventually, she found OneStream Live, which worked for her. Now she is able to produce high-quality live streams on a consistent basis.

🎯 The Solution

When Brittany found out about OneStream Live, she was immediately intrigued. She had been looking for a way to connect with her audience in a more personal way and live stream with consistency.

Brittany used OneStream Live to live stream consistently, using the pre-recorded feature. This has allowed her to easily record videos at a time that suits her and schedule them to go live on a daily basis.

The pre-recorded feature allowed her to have more control over the content she was putting out, and she could make sure that it was high quality.

OneStream Live made it possible for Brittany to connect with her audience on a daily basis, and she soon saw an increase in viewers and engagement.

“My favorite feature in OneStream Live is being able to live stream pre-recorded videos. I love being able to loop the video. It allows me to schedule a video to go live at 11 in the morning and again at maybe 6 pm. It helps me to reach different people regardless of whether they are at work in the morning and missed the first live stream and they catch it in the evening, it creates a whole lot of versatility  around staying visible and on top of my game for my audience.” – Brittany Sherell

🎬 Brittany's Studio

In order to produce high-quality streams, Brittany had to put together a professional-looking studio setup. She chose to go with a simple backdrop and some basic lighting so that her viewers would be focused on her and not on her surroundings. She also set up a camera with a wide-angle lens along with a microphone so that she could show off her entire setup to her viewers.

Brittany’s studio setup is relatively simple, but it gets the job done. By keeping the focus on herself and using high-quality equipment, she’s able to provide an engaging and entertaining experience for her viewers. And because she’s using OneStream Live, she doesn’t have to worry about any of the technical aspects of streaming – she can just focus on being herself and having fun!

“Another thing that I love about OneStream Live is the fact that I can have a page dedicated to live streaming.  OneStream Live has the ability to create a dedicated page for live streaming where the audience can tune in if they are not present on social media.”  – Brittany Sherell

🚀 Brittany's Experience with OneStream Live

Brittany’s experience with OneStream Live has been incredibly positive. She’s found the platform to be user-friendly and the perfect way to connect with her audience in real time.

“OneStream Live allows me to show up consistently for my audience. I know my audience responds well to live interaction, and so it allows me to simulate that experience without burning myself out trying to be physically present on a daily basis to connect with my audience.” – Brittany Sherell

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