Venkatesh Balasubramanian x OneStream Live – A Success Story

Venkatesh Balasubramanian x OneStream Live

In the digital innovation age, Venkatesh Balasubramanian’s story, fondly known as Venky, is a testament to live-streaming technology’s transformative power. As the Chief Visibility Officer of CompuNet Connections, an IT company based in Chennai, India, Venky’s journey takes us on a riveting adventure through the realms of live streaming, business growth, and the pivotal role of OneStream Live as a live streaming software in amplifying his impact on the digital stage.

This blog will dive into the chronicles of Venkatesh Balasubramanian’s journey and discover the transformative influence of OneStream Live on his digital odyssey.

“One of my Facebook friends went live using OneStream Live, and that was the first time I knew that it could be live-streamed on multiple platforms. That is when I started trying OneStream Live out and immediately subscribed for it.”

Meet Venkatesh Balasubramanian - A Seasoned IT Expert

Venkatesh Balasubramanian, or Venky for short, is synonymous with digital innovation and IT expertise. As the Chief Visibility Officer of CompuNet Connections, a Chennai-based IT company, Venky’s journey is marked by a steadfast commitment to driving digital transformation. With over twenty years of experience in the IT industry, his contributions extend beyond traditional IT roles, encompassing diverse activities, from offering data browsing solutions to advising startups and conducting live streaming sessions and multistreaming them on prominent platforms like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

What sets Venky apart is his innate ability to bridge the gap between technology and the end-user seamlessly. His approach to IT is not just about solutions but about meaningful connections and effective communication. This distinct perspective has made him a vital figure in the IT landscape. His journey, intertwined with the transformative capabilities of OneStream Live, showcases the incredible possibilities that technology can unlock.

“OneStream Live allowed me to record, edit, and stream it live on various platforms. It gave me a lot of time to engage with the audience, which is the biggest feature I enjoyed in OneStream Live.

Venky's Live Streaming Set-Up

Venky’s live-streaming setup reflects his practical approach. Operating both from his office and home, Venky ensures he is always ready to go live. His equipment includes a dependable Logitech Brio webcam and a versatile GoPro when he craves pristine visuals. Multiple cameras allow him to provide various perspectives with his dual monitors. Venky complements these visuals with an AT microphone, guaranteeing impeccable audio quality. To perfect the look, he does not hesitate to use ample lighting. With this setup, Venky ensures that his live streams maintain a professional edge and that his content shines brightly.

This adaptability, combined with OneStream Live’s robust features, empowers him to maintain a consistent online presence, regardless of location or streaming needs. Venky’s streaming setup is agile and primed for success, like the dynamic IT world he navigates.

“I’ve been using OneStream Live for nearly three years for pre-recorded streaming. I’m from India, and most of my customers are from other time zones, so pre-recorded streaming really helps me target those customers. I record certain SaaS reviews and then go live on multiple streaming platforms using OneStream Live.”

Venky's Success with OneStream Live Streaming

Venky’s journey with OneStream Live is a testament to the platform’s versatility. As a business professional and digital expert, Venky understands the significance of adapting to diverse scenarios. OneStream Live has proven to be the ideal companion, offering both pre-recorded and real-time streaming capabilities.

OneStream Live’s pre-recorded streaming lets Venky pre-record content and multistream to 45+ social destinations, including Software as a Service (SaaS) reviews and training videos. He deeply cherishes this feature as it allows him to maintain a consistent and polished online presence. Venky found the ease of recording and editing with OneStream Live to be a game-changer for someone not initially comfortable in front of the camera. This feature gave him the confidence to deliver high-quality content to his audience consistently.

“I am not verbal, so when I started recording videos, I messed it up because I was uncomfortable and shy in front of the camera. In fact, my daughter used to be the cameraman, and she used to get wild with me, saying you talk so much, but when it comes in front of the camera, you mess it up. That is where OneStream Live really helped because it lets me record, edit, and then stream.

Furthermore, OneStream Live does more than just help Venky go live; it facilitates active interaction with his audience. OneStream Live’s user-friendly features, like Unified Chat, amplify Venky’s commitment to engaging seamlessly with viewers during his live streams. This connection through interactive live streaming cultivates trust and credibility, forming the bedrock of Venky’s thriving digital presence.

“It allowed me to engage with the participants when I went live because I was not on the screen. Naturally, you have to look at various things when one is live on the screen. Is the video getting streamed? Is it streaming on various platforms? With OneStream Live, I was not worried about all that. It gave me a lot of time to engage with the audience, which was the biggest feature I enjoyed.”

Venky’s experience with OneStream Live as a live-streaming software has been transformative for him and his company, CompuNet Connections. By going live and showcasing his expertise, Venky has not only introduced a face to his company but has also built credibility among potential customers. Live streaming has allowed him to connect with his audience and demonstrate his knowledge, directly contributing to CompuNet Connections’ growing reputation.

“I used to get a lot of business only by word of mouth, but when I started streaming using OneStream Live, people could put a face to the name, which helped me build a lot of credibility amongst my potential customers, which is a big plus.”

More to say, thanks to his live streaming activities and the accessibility provided by OneStream Live, Venky’s business has experienced significant growth. In the last two to three years, the company has seen a remarkable 200% increase in its success. The ability to engage with a wider audience and build trust through live streaming has been a game-changer for his business.

“Three years back, I was only streaming on my LinkedIn accounts. But today, I have a very influential Facebook group with many founders from across the globe who are happy to listen to my reviews and tips. As a result, my company has grown by nearly 200% in the last three years. I attribute that to all my live streaming, and OneStream Live played a big part in it.”

Venkatesh Balasubramanian’s success story with OneStream Live is an ode to the transformative power of technology and live streaming. His journey from a camera-shy individual to a confident, engaging live streamer is a true inspiration. By harnessing the features of OneStream Live, Venky has achieved personal growth and significantly impacted his business, CompuNet Connections. Venky’s successful integration of this tool showcases how OneStream Live can adapt to different user needs, making it more than just a live streaming platform—it is a partner in the digital journey.

“My experience with OneStream Live has been very seamless. I am not a techie; I am an HR person. And so far, using OneStream Live, I have yet to seek help from anyone. OneStream Live is very easy to set up. Secondly, the pre-recorded and unified chat features are extremely seamless.”

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