Mobile Phone Streaming – Live Stream from your Mobile like a Pro

Mobile Phone Streaming – Live Stream from your Mobile like a Pro

Broadcasting from a remote location? Don’t have your desktop and all the fancy equipment available? – Tadaaa…Mobile Phone Streaming to the rescue!

With life becoming fast-paced and live streaming while moving around becoming more and more popular, the advent of mobile phone streaming is like a life-saver. Intuitive live-streaming apps installed on smartphones have significantly improved the needs of professional broadcasting. And since this approach to live streaming is a lot easier and cost-effective, many content creators are embracing it with arms wide open.

In this blog, we’ll fill you up with all the nitty-gritty about mobile phone streaming so you can leverage this incredible technology and live stream like a pro, straight from your mobile phone.

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🤳 Why Mobile Phone Streaming?

As easy as streaming from your desktop, mobile phone streaming offers numerous benefits for content creators on the go.

🎯 Convenience

Convenience is the top-rated and most attractive feature of mobile phone streaming. Even better is that live streaming with the OneStream Live mobile app is as easy as its web app. You can broadcast your live streams with ease and convenience, anywhere on the go, and with minimal setup requirements. And it’s available both for Android and iOS.

🎯 Cost-Effectiveness

It is much more cost-effective to live stream from your mobile device than investing in an entire desktop streaming/recording setup. All you need is a smartphone, and you’re good to go. You might, of course, want to make it a little more professional by using an external microphone, for instance. But that’s absolutely your call, not a requirement.

🎯 Built-In Smart Streaming Features

Smartphones today come loaded with various features that come in handy for creating high-quality live streams. iPhone 12 Pro, for instance, comes with a built-in camera that supports HDR and 4k recording with up to 60 fps. It also offers night mode, audio zoom, and support for stabilization, with several other advanced recording tools. The quality of stream using this phone is a lot better than the one we’d expect from an iPhone 6, which only supports 1080p HD video and recording at 30 fps only.

🎯 Wider Coverage

Live streaming from your mobile phone is a great way to cover events that occur outside of your workplace or streaming studio. Events such as sports galas, fundraisers, and corporate events and conferences are better covered using mobile devices than desktop setups. And it is ideal for covering local news, where the journalists have to move around the shot location to cover all the critical aspects of the event. In fact, many new outlets and reality show producers have adopted mobile streaming to capture moments and create valuable content on the go. Now, we’re not arguing that the quality of this content beats that of a professional recording and broadcasting setup available at the TV station. But a mobile streaming setup indeed comes in handy in several such situations.

📳 How to Live Stream from your Phone?

❇️ Prepare your Streaming Strategy

Begin with setting out your streaming strategy and devising a detailed plan about how to achieve your goals. You’ve likely identified your audience by now. So, you need to determine what sort of content you’d like to share with them. Getting these things sorted will help you deliver a more successful live stream.

Perfect Planning Prevents Poor Performance. Remember that as the 5 Ps.

❇️ Select your Live Streaming App

While there are many alternative apps available in the market, OneStream Live is your go-to live streaming solution when it comes to a professional and seamless live streaming experience. OneStream Live offers professional features that will facilitate hosting your mobile live streams – 24/7 tech support, secured streaming, customization and branding options, cloud storage, and multistreaming to over 40 social media platforms. Even more interesting is that you can live stream both pre-recorded and real-time videos using the OneStream Live mobile app. This means you can multistream your real-time live streams straight from your mobile camera to several social media platforms simultaneously.

Can we have a standing ovation here, please?

❇️ Choose your Streaming Destination

Once you have your app sorted, next, you need to choose your streaming destination. You can select from 45+ social media platforms as your live streaming destination via OneStream Live, including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Twitch. That’s the highest number any other live streaming service has yet to offer. And you can even embed your live streams on your website using OneStream Live Embed Player while streaming from your mobile device.

Now, that calls for three cheers!

❇️ Go live

You’re all set to hit that ‘Go Live’ button!

🧰 Additional Equipment for Mobile Phone Streaming

Although you can simply live stream from your smartphone alone, you might want to invest a bit in some additional mobile live streaming equipment to enhance the quality of your live streams. Each of these is pretty inexpensive, but they’re sure to make a big difference to your outcome.

⚒️ External Mic

Using an external mic is intended to improve the overall quality of your live stream’s audio. You can choose between a handheld mic, a lapel mic, or the mic on your wireless earbuds, depending upon your requirements and the style of your live stream.

⚒️ Phone Stabilizer

The majority of the smartphones available in the market come with built-in stabilizing tools that help in reducing shaky videos. It is still good to use added small equipment to keep your mobile phone stable while live streaming.  You can easily get a portable tripod or a small gimbal for under $100.

⚒️ Mobile Lighting

Small portable lighting equipment is readily available in the market that clips onto your mobile device and enhances the lighting of your videos. Although small, the level of impact these lights make is pretty big.

📲 Tips for Mobile Phone Streaming Like a Pro

Here’s your treat. We’ve curated a list of tips for mobile phone streaming to help you live stream from your mobile phone like a pro:

  1. Use smart shots and angels that can strategically help your live streams convey the desired message.
  2. Pay special attention to your lighting. Use night-time modes for dark location coverage and mobile lighting equipment to brighten up your streams.
  3. Don’t ignore the audio quality. Use an external mic, ensure minimal background noise, and choose a quiet location to stream your content live.
  4. Make sure you test your setup before going live.
  5. Use a stable and reliable internet connection. Use a connection that’s both fast and secure. Since the most optimal tethered internet connection is not an option for mobile phone live streaming, a private Wi-Fi network is the next best alternative.
  6. When using the selfie camera, make sure you hold the phone at arm’s length at least. Having it too close will likely cause the camera to morph your face.
  7. Keep things at eye level, not too high or too low. Try keeping things head-on for an optimal look.
  8. Add some flair to your live streams. Make sure your background builds up your audience’s interest in your streams.
  9. Keep your mobile phone closer to the internet connection. Wi-Fi can become unreliable at longer distances.
  10. Never hit ‘Go Live’ without testing your streaming setup. Not every untested live stream might end up being a good experience.

Give your live streaming journey a twist. Try out the OneStream Live mobile app and jump onto the bandwagon of mobile phone live streaming.

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