Live Stream your Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals with OneStream Studio

Live Stream your Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals OneStream

A foolproof live streaming strategy on Black Friday/Cyber Monday is the key to increasing sales. This is when all the businesses are advertising their products, and the customers are looking for the best Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals, so your strategy must stand out to catch the customer’s eye.

Continue reading to learn profitable live streaming strategies for gaining customers into purchasing the best Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales.

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💵 What is Black Friday/Cyber Monday?


Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving. Retailers typically offer steep discounts during this annual shopping holiday to kick off the holiday season. Cyber Monday is an annual event during the holiday shopping season that’s devoted to online shopping. Cyber Monday begins right after Black Friday ends, and Online retailers are known for offering deals and discounts on the day.

🧮 10 Live Streaming Strategies for Black Friday/Cyber Monday

🤩 Build Excitement

Shoppers buy products on Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals because of the long-year anticipation of getting their favorite thing on an incredible deal. You can use live streaming to build excitement and invite customers to your live show, where you can display your products. This will let the users review and have a better look at the product before making a purchase, which alleviates loyalty to the brand.

Pro-Tip: You should schedule your live show beforehand so that the people know something big is coming up!

📳 Promote Products on Social Platforms

Find out which social platforms have most of your customers and share the details about your products on them. You should place marketing campaigns for promotions on Facebook Ads, Social Media, Blogs, Email Marketing, etc.

Pro-Tip: Live Stream on multiple social platforms at the same time to reach a wider audience.

🧧 Utilize Email Marketing

Email marketing is a highly effective digital marketing strategy. Effective email marketing converts prospects into customers and turns one-time buyers into repeat customers and raving fans. Reach out to people via email and inform them about upcoming Black Friday deals. Offer unique deals or freebies to entice them to purchase the products. Send out messages to your old and potential customers to increase sales.

Pro-TipEngage with the audience while you are displaying products to legitimize your business. Take some insipiration from Amazon Black Friday deals.

🎁 Create a Giftbox

Create a gift box to sell your old products that have been on the shelf for a long time. Pair them with popular products and encourage the customers to purchase the gift box. This will help you make great Black Friday sales and sell the not-so-popular products.

Pro-Tip: Offer some discount on the gift box to make better sales.

🫶 Offer Giveaways during Live Shows

Encourage the viewers to attend the live shows with giveaways. Utilizing giveaways helps people identify your brand and reminds them of your business when they’re ready to make a purchase. Giveaway items are another form of “word of mouth” publicity. People utilize items like T-shirts and live streaming gadgets daily, so their friends, co-workers, and even their own audience will see your name. By doing so, you will increase the customer’s curiosity.

Pro-Tip: Collaborate with another business to foster business relationships and provide benefits to customers.

⏰ Create FOMO Through Time-Sensitive Deals

Offer limited-time Offers. Create time sensitivity by preparing deals that expire in a few days to create urgency. Due to the FOMO, people will purchase the products instantly. For example,  Successful videos inspire that feeling in consumers that they’re missing out on a fabulous deal or product, and therefore, result in longer engagement times.

Pro-Tip: Offer a special discount to viewers who attend the live show.

🚧 Embed Live Show on Your Website

Once you have completed the live show, embed the live stream on your website and repurpose it to reach the maximum audience. If the video has been embedded on your website, the new customers, or the potential customers who missed the show, will be able to watch it again and learn about the product easily.

Pro-Tip: Email the link to the pre-recorded show to those who missed it via email.

✨ Provide Instant Support to Customers

Companies can enjoy all sorts of benefits by providing excellent customer service during the live show. You can retain your customers by offering personalized experiences, convenience, and attentive customer service.

Pro-Tip: You can assign moderators during the live show who can handle queries from the customers and provide instant support.

💌 Offer Exclusive Deals for Existing Customers

People like to be acknowledged, especially when they have a relationship with your brand. Black Friday offers you a chance to show appreciation for loyal, long-time customers. Provide specialized deals for the existing users to retain them and appreciate them.

Pro-Tip: Offer special discounts to existing customers.

🤑 Utilize OneStream Studio’s Live Sales Feature for Black Friday/Cyber Monday

OneStream Live allows its users to display their products through online events. With the Live Sales feature, you can add the details of your product, share the link to the product with the customers, communicate with them via unified chat, and live stream your event on 40+ social platforms and the web, all from one place.

It is a fantastic tool to go live on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and 40+ other social platforms and the web at the same time while displaying your best Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals using the Live Sales feature.

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