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Live Stream Mobile Games

Mobile game streaming has been gaining popularity over the years as it offers streamers a way to enjoy their favorite games and make money and fame by doing so. After noticing the massive success of live video game streaming, many platforms have integrated tools and features for gamers to live stream games efficiently, such as Twitch, YouTube Facebook, etc. The future of video games, indeed, will be streaming.

Games live streaming from a PC is effortless and entertaining, but live streamers have been looking for ways to broadcast video games using mobile phones as it is an appealing way to create live broadcasts on the go. If you are looking for a method to live stream games from a mobile phone, keep reading as we share all the secrets of streaming mobile games via mobile.

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🎮 What is Mobile Streaming and How to Start it?

Going live from a mobile phone via a live streaming solution or a social platform is called Mobile Streaming. Streaming from a mobile device demands a more detailed setup than your computer or console. To live stream games from your Mobile Phones, you will require the following:

Mobile Streaming Equipment

If you want to send your mobile/tablet stream to a computer and live stream from there, you will need a microphone, webcam, an app to connect your mobile and computer, and a live streaming solution for broadcasting your game on social platforms.

When you live stream your gameplay from a mobile phone directly, it’s a lot simpler. Besides having an account on the streaming platform you plan to broadcast to, you need to have the If you decide to broadcast your mobile streaming video through a computer, you’ll need a microphone, webcam, live streaming software, and the necessary software that enables you to connect your smartphone or tablet to a computer.

When you live stream your gameplay from a mobile device directly, it’s a lot simpler. Besides having an account on the streaming platform you plan to broadcast to, you need to have the mobile video game and a live streaming app installed on your mobile device.

Let’s look at both methods in detail.

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🖥️ How to Send Game Live Stream From Mobile Device To Computer

To send your game to the computer using a mobile device, you will need a mirror view app that will project your mobile screen on the computer, an HDMI to connect your computer and mobile device, or a capture card. You can choose the method that fits you best. Once you start receiving the game on your computer, you can share your screen using a live streaming solution such as OneStream Studio and simultaneously broadcast on 40+ social platforms and the web.

To live stream directly using your mobile device, you can use the OneStream Live android or iOS app. Once you have installed the app, share your screen and go live while you play the game.

🚀 Live Stream Mobile Games with OneStream Studio

Live streaming mobile games with OneStream Live and enjoy the following features:

👉 Live Stream Pre-recorded videos

✅ Record your videos & live stream them using OneStream Live

✅ Multistream on 40+ Social platforms and the web simultaneously

✅ Apply watermark/overlays on your videos

✅ Add a thumbnail to your live stream

✅ Create a Playlist of your videos

✅ Schedule your videos ahead of time

✅ Add closed captions to your live streams

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👉 Go Live using RTMP Source

✅ Connect OneStream Live with any External RTMP Source, such as Zoom, OBS, XSplit, Wirecast, Streamlabs, etc., and enjoy the features of both platforms in a go.

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👉 Go Live Using OneStream Studio

✅ Go live directly from your browser with OneStream Studio

✅ Invite Other Game Participants

✅ Record the session

✅ Share your screen/media

✅ Utilize branding tools

✅ Respond to all incoming messages from all social media via the Live Chat feature

✅ Schedule your live streams

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👾 Tips & Tricks For Mobile Game Streaming

👾 Tips & Tricks For Mobile Game Streaming

🕹️ Test Your Gaming Gadgets Before Going Live

Make sure the gaming gadgets you are using are functioning before you go live by launching a test stream. You can go live on any social platform by setting the stream privacy to private and efficiently testing the gadgets and the stream.

📲 Invest In Good-Quality Mobile Gaming Device

For live streaming games, you must invest in good-quality equipment. If you want to achieve the highest quality streaming, find the best and most affordable gadgets.

📡 Choose A Reliable Internet Connection

A reliable internet connection will provide you pro-quality experience. You do not want your stream to buffer, freeze, or lag. For live streaming with the best possible quality, maintain at least 10 Mbps.

🚀 Use a Robust Game Live Streaming Solution

The live streaming solution will deliver your stream on social platforms, so you should opt for a robust solution that ensures an excellent experience, 24/7 customer support for technical help, and efficient tools and features to enhance your gameplay.

🗣️ Keep The Conversation Going

When live streaming, communicate and keep your audience engaged. Engagement is the key to better viewership. Offer incentives to your audience, answer their questions, and keep the conversation going by sharing real-life stories, asking questions from the audience, or talking about current events. One of the easiest ways to keep talking while you’re live streaming is to invite guests to tag along.

📝 Keep a Consistent Gaming Schedule

The importance of setting a schedule can’t be undermined. A schedule allows you to avoid anxiety about going live and prepare for each stream. Plus, it enables your regular viewers to get seated, allowing your stream to grow consistently.

🎱 Use Catchy Titles with Game Specific Terms

The purpose of a stream title is to explain what the content is about and attract viewers. It should be simple yet fun. You can use game-specific terms or the name of the game. Think about a title that will help you stand out from the crowd and explains what you will be doing in your live stream in a few words.

🤖 Create A Gaming Thumbnail

A thumbnail is a static image that lets your target audience know what your gaming video is about. The human eye is naturally drawn to images, and thumbnails are usually the first thing a viewer sees when browsing on the platform. So, it should be designed to capture their attention and make them watch your live video.

🏆 Multistream your Gameplay on Several Platforms

To reach a large audience, live stream your game on multiple social platforms. You can go live stream your game on Twitch, Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and many more social platforms simultaneously with OneStream Live. The more platforms you’re on, the more potential viewers you will reach.

🎲 Final Words

Live streaming games using mobile phones is growing rapidly. Social platforms and live streaming technology are constantly creating tools that allow gamers to improve their live streaming experience. To stand out from the crowd, adapt to the changes as they appear. Live streaming directly from a mobile phone provides you an edge, as you can broadcast live streams from anywhere at any time.

Utilize the best tools and a live streaming solution to make your streaming journey entertaining and advanced.


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