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Web live streaming via OneStream Live

Want to make an immediate impact on your audience?

Want to effectively communicate your message with the lowest costs?

Want to drive traffic to your website and lead conversions?

Web live streaming is the most powerful tool to facilitate each of these objectives in the most efficient and cost-effective fashion. This blog delineates the practical use cases of web live streaming and how you can leverage it for success.

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💻 What is Web Live Streaming?

We’re all familiar with live streaming videos on social media like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Web live streaming is a related technique where you live stream on your website. This is where you embed your live videos on your website instead of social platforms and let the viewers engage and interact with you in real-time. Unlike built-in live streaming features of social networking platforms, you need a robust live streaming service for web live streaming. OneStream Live allows you to embed real-time and pre-recorded live streams on your website through custom RTMP configuration.

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🖥️ What if you don’t Have a Website?

If you don’t have a website to host your live streams, you can create one using OneStream Live’s hosted Live Pages. This unique player feature, Hosted Live Pages, allows you to create personalized webpages with just a few clicks. You can customize several built-in templates according to your requirements, add a catchy and SEO-friendly title and description, and go live without hassle. Not only can you customize the visual outlook of this webpage, but you can also customize the domain name. And there’s no need to buy expensive external hosting either; OneStream Live itself hosts these webpages so you can enjoy a smooth and seamless web live streaming experience.

❓ Why Web Live Streaming?

Web live streaming offers commendable benefits:

🌟 Accessibility

Many people might not be able to attend events and meetings physically for various reasons. There might be other commitments, medical conditions, or travel issues. With web live streaming, you can reach out to everyone, regardless of their physical location and beyond the size of your audience.

🌟 Resource-Effectiveness

Web live streaming is a resource-effective tool to engage with a large and geographically dispersed audience. It is both time-effective and cost-effective, especially compared to physical events. Live training sessions, for example, help businesses save time, costs, and other resources, while successfully achieving business objectives.

🌟 Real-Time Engagement

The most widely acknowledged benefit of web live streaming is real-time engagement. You can engage and interact with your audience in real-time, adding authenticity and credibility to your digital presence and establishing a strong relationship with your audience.

🪄 Who can Use Web Live Streaming?

Individual content creators, business enterprises, and agencies can put web live streaming to practical use and reap incredible benefits. It has evolved as a day-to-day communication strategy and a critical business necessity for improved collaboration.

🏢 Business Enterprises

Business enterprises can use web live streaming for executive communications such as corporate meetings, business conferences, and stakeholder meetings. They can bridge the gap caused by the different time zones of their geographically dispersed business units. Web live streaming has been particularly useful in the ‘work from home’ and ‘hybrid work’ cultures. Active webinar series, product launches, and employee training have all become virtual and easily accessible through web live streaming.

Apple, the iPhone and computer giant, uses web live streaming for new product announcements, generating a buzz of excitement around its products.

🛒 E-Commerce Stores

Live shopping has harnessed a sharp increase during the COVID-19 pandemic and continues to increase beyond the new normal. In 2020, the U.S. alone generated $5.6 billion in sales through live shopping. Offering a digital shopping experience to the customers, e-commerce stores are leveraging web live streaming to foster impulsive buying and for brand building. Amazon Live is a classic case of web live streaming making headlines.

Aldo’s live shopping event in 2021 attracted around 17000 page views and over a 300% engagement rate.

👨‍⚕️ Healthcare Professionals

Telemedicine witnessed a significant boom during the COVID-19 pandemic, and ever since the outbreak, it has become a mainstream healthcare solution across the globe. Healthcare professionals and institutes use telehealth to respond to questions regarding health-related concerns directly, spread awareness regarding various medical issues, and respond to public queries immediately in real-time. Healthcare authorities can leverage web live streaming to broadcast seminars, advisory council meetings, awareness campaigns, and interactive discussion sessions for improved medical treatments.

👨‍🏫 Educational Institutes

With the increasing inclination towards virtual education centers, several educational institutes use web live streaming to actively stream webinars, podcasts, and course sessions. With Zoom live streaming, Google Classroom Live, Skype, and several other platforms emerging to the forefront, educational institutes across the globe shifted their curriculums from semi-digital to completely virtual. Given this growing demand for digital learning and remote education, the online learning industry is projected to pass the $370 billion mark by 2026.

Harvard University is world-renowned for live streaming university events, research seminars, podcast series, and much more.

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⛪ Religious Services

Live streaming of religious services is a trend rapidly gaining traction. Be it churches, mosques, or synagogues, all houses of worship actively live stream congregational and other religious services on their websites. It helps them reach out to the otherwise marginalized communities, those who are physically disabled or sick, and those who cannot attend these services physically due to commuting concerns.

Church of the Highlands is one of the five biggest online churches with an average weekly attendance of 40,000 that actively live streams religious services on its website.

⚠️ Public Safety & Law Enforcement Agencies

Web live streaming is actively gaining attention in public and occupational safety. Law enforcement agencies are exploring using web live streaming to broadcast training sessions and live webcasts instead of in-person training. Questions and queries are taken through live chat and responded to in real-time.

European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Training actively live streams webinars and conducts digital training for law enforcement activities.

🗽 Government

Government institutes and agencies are also increasingly using web live streaming to maintain transparency and establish a direct connection with the citizens. This allows them to reach hundreds and thousands of people without needing to be physically present. They can use web live streaming to conduct Q&A sessions to respond to public queries in real-time.

The New York City Council actively live streams council meetings and public hearings.

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Individual Content Creators

Artists and individual content creators are also increasingly benefiting from web live streaming, thriving on promoting their digital presence. Whether musicians, life coaches, beauty experts, health trainers, avid gamers, or graphic designers, digital artists are leveraging web live streaming to garner views and reach out to a global fan base.

Dua Lipa’s virtual concert in 2020 attracted more than 5 million viewers and registered as a record-breaking concert.

🚀 Why Choose OneStream Live for Web Live Streaming?

Here’s why OneStream Live is the optimal choice for web live streaming:

  • Intuitive Universal embed player that is easy to use
  • Customized webpages through Hosted Live Pages.
  • Pre-recorded,  real-time  and Studio live streaming
  • Live streaming to multiple websites simultaneously
  • Live streaming to 45+ social media and the web simultaneously
  • Adaptive bitrate streaming
  • No external hosting required
  • CDNs to solve bandwidth challenges
  • Encoder support
  • Ability to add captions to pre-recorded streams
  • Live streaming through Zoom and Ecamm Live
  • Scalable

Download OneStream Mobile App.

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