The Best Tools to use for Live Streaming

Best tools for live streaming

Live streaming has become a popular trend in the video marketing industry and is expected to grow to a greater extent in 2023. As per the stats, the live-streaming sector has increased by 99% during 2019 and 2020. Thanks to the internet and modern technology availability, more and more broadcasters are joining the live-streaming industry every day. However, their biggest challenge is not knowing what streaming tools to use for an enhanced live-streaming experience.

The answer to their problem depends on three things: Necessity, Goals, and Budget. This guide aims to unravel the challenge and help you find the best streaming tools that you must use with OneStream Studio. So whether you want to get into streaming as a hobby or broadcast large-scale events, you will find suitable recommendations here.

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📱Basic Live Streaming Setup

The basic live streaming setup includes a camera, microphone, good lighting, laptop or PC, and streaming solution. Later on, you can add more streaming tools to enhance your performance.

💁‍♂️Tips for Buying Live Streaming Tools

💰 Set your Budget

The most important thing to consider when purchasing streaming tools is the amount of money you have to spend. It might seem tough, but creating a budget is essential to avoid unnecessary expenses.

🔍 Research the Tool

Research the tool before purchasing it, and do your best to find people with similar circumstances as your own. That way, you can put yourself in their shoes and see if that equipment is worth buying.

🧪 Examine your Surroundings

The environment you stream in will heavily determine your equipment needs. Examine your environment and evaluate what products you need to live stream smoothly.

🤔 Think Long Term

Live streaming tools are an investment. When you make buying decisions, you have to evaluate the lifetime value. If you are unsure of your long-term goals, it’s quite possible you won’t want to spend a lot of money on equipment in the short term. However, buying the cheapest equipment isn’t always the best solution if you plan on streaming for a long time. So think long-term before making the purchase.

⚙️ Top 5 tools for live streaming with OneStream Studio

1️⃣ Audio Live Streaming Equipment

Stable audio is key to successful live streaming. Your live-stream viewers might tolerate poor video quality but not poor audio quality. This is why investing in tools that might help you deliver the best audio quality during live streaming is essential. The PC or laptop you use for broadcasting has a built-in microphone that offers decent-quality audio. However, you can improve it using a basic wired lavalier mic. The lavalier microphones offer high-quality audio and speech, simply clip onto your subject’s lapel or clothing, and are completely unnoticeable in use. Our favorite microphone for live streaming is Shure MVL. It’s an omnidirectional microphone that delivers an excellent signal-to-noise ratio and features RF interference protection, high SPL, and a windscreen.

OneStream Studio offers necessary audio settings such as noise suppression, echo cancellation, and auto-gain control to help you live stream with the best possible audio quality. Regardless, suppose you are broadcasting live performances or other events where you need a clear, solid sound. In that case, audio equipment will go a long way. So, invest in budget-friendly audio live-stream equipment if you desire to achieve the best possible quality.  

2️⃣ Design Tool

If you are going to be live streaming, it is important that your viewers can tell at a glance who you are and what you are about. Streamers often turn to graphics for their streams to reinforce their brand identity. OneStream Studio helps you achieve this goal by allowing you to apply custom virtual backgrounds, intervals, countdown timers, and thumbnails to your live sessions. You can customize the layout of your live session using the available branding tools or create your own custom background, intervals, countdown timers, and thumbnails using graphic tools like Kittl. Once you have designed it, you can upload it to OneStream studio and use it in your live sessions. OneStream Studio, coupled with Kittl, can drastically change the game for you and enhance your overall presence in the live-streaming industry. Kittl is a graphic tool that helps you design thumbnails, presentations, custom virtual backgrounds, and so much more. It is economical and worth having.

3️⃣Virtual Effects

Snap Camera has been the rage for virtual effects. OneStream Studio allows you to integrate Snap-Camera and apply your favorite filters while live streaming. It is another amazing tool that is available for free and must be utilized for a personalized experience.

4️⃣ Cloud Storage

OneStream Studio allows you to record your live sessions and save them directly to OneStream storage, your own device, or any cloud storage. Investing in a cloud storage tool can help you store your live sessions and provide you with more space for creating live videos. If you’re looking for the best cloud storage, pCloud is our top pick for the best video cloud storage owing to its wealth of features aimed at video storage.

5️⃣Video Repurpose Tools

Repurposing video content means taking a single video, reworking it, and posting it to multiple channels and social media platforms. An example of repurposing is when you take a long video you posted on YouTube and create multiple short clips from it to post on Facebook and other social media channels. This helps you expand your reach and get more mileage from your old videos. For this purpose, investing in a video repurpose tool such as is highly recommended. The video repurpose tool helps you reuse your previously streamed videos efficiently.

🔦 Final Takeaway

Utilize additional tools with OneStream studio to get an excellent live streaming experience. OneStream studio allows you to go live on 40+ social platforms and the web at the same time. You can add guests to your live streams, communicate with the audience via live chat, display your products using the Live sales feature, brand your live streams, and do so much more. Couple it with diverse tools and enjoy the best features of two different things!

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OneStream Live is a cloud-based live streaming solution to create, schedule, and multistream professional-looking live streams across 45+ social media platforms and the web simultaneously. For content-related queries and feedback, write to us at [email protected]. You’re also welcome to Write for Us!

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