Using pre-recorded live videos for business growth

Using pre-recorded live videos for business growth

Live streaming is the best way to engage with your audience and trigger positive reactions from them. Not only live streaming content is rated highest in social media, it generates the highest revenue and user engagement from viewers. As someone who is looking to grow your business online, using live streaming with pre-recorded videos is a brilliant way to boost your growth. Live streaming captivates users 3 times more than a normal video and generates the highest user engagement. There is no shortage of convincing content on the use cases and power of live streaming to enhance your business growth, however, there are many scenarios where live streaming with pre-recorded videos can be as good as “live” live streaming. In this article, you will explore six examples of such scenarios.

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🤵‍♂️ Interviews

Interviewing famous personalities and social media stars is a great way to build the following. The excitement of an insightful and funny interview of their favorite personality is too tempting for viewers to ignore. You can record a high-quality interview and stream it at your advertised time using OneStream Live. Potential viewers will get notifications before the stream will actually start and the accompanying excitement it will generate among users, for something big coming up, will build great leads for your business/channel growth. Live interviews generally do not require any interactions with viewers and, therefore, make OneStream Live an ideal choice for streaming them live.

📻 News/Weather Reports

Whether you have a professional news channel or you just want to informally share news about technology, business etc. with your follower’s, OneStream Live is again an excellent choice. You can build your own online TV channel with OneStream. Record videos about local/international news and share with your followers at a predefined time, daily or weekly. With OneStream you can schedule videos up to 60 days in advance.

For Example, AccuWeather Spain regularly uses OneStream to broadcast their weather reports.

🗣️ Speeches, Concerts, Outdoor events

Public appearances by well-known politicians, actors, sports personalities are a very important part of daily online viewership of most people. Many users often miss important such events due to their commitments. Recording the event and creating a live stream for the viewers can give them the same feeling of being part of the event that a normal video can never do. The same principle applies to music concertschurch sermons, press conferences, match highlights. Creating a live stream for such events triggers very positive emotions from users that a normal uploaded video cannot. Although users may have missed the event, watching it live again can give them the same euphoria as they were actually present in the moment. Live streaming generates greater emotional reaction than on-demand content and OneStream Live makes it super easy for you to create that powerful connection with your viewers.

🎥 Behind the Scenes

Your audiences normally don’t see how your company created products or services. With live streams, you can actually show them how products or services are created from conceptualization to completion. If you are an event organizer at a music concert, you can, for example, live stream behind the stage footage to give your viewers an amazing experience of what happens behind the scenes to make the whole event runs smoothly.

Target streamed behind-the-scenes footage of a Gwen Stefani music video and garnered over 75,000 views.

You can use the same concept for services. For example, a courier company can show viewers how the packages are sorted and dispatched to their destination. Add to that interviews with employees and you create a high level of user engagement with your company. The more users will see the inside of your company the more they will start to trust the product or service you are offering. Live streaming creates 3 times more user engagement than a normal video and OneStream Live is a perfect tool to exploit that extra advantage

🤳🏻 How-to Videos

How-to videos are always in high demand on social media, be it make-up videos, cooking videos or repairing stuff videos etc. To generate greater user interest you can create high-quality how-to videos and stream them live using OneStream Live. Contrary to the popular notion you can also reply to viewers’ questions while the recorded video is being streamed live.

  1. Streaming with a pre-recorded video makes it easier for you to interact with viewers during the broadcast. Instead of diverting your attention to make sure everything runs smoothly you can relax and just focus on interacting with your viewers while OnesStream Live streams your video.
  2. The user experience is also way better with recorded videos as there are no glitches, pauses and quality issues with live streams we all have become so accustomed t

🪧 Announce a New Product

Just like bigger corporations like Apple Microsoft or Tesla have transformed product announcements into a full-fledge brand awareness event you can also create a social media buzz with your upcoming product release.

The goal is building anticipation of a live event and having a prepared video that goes live at the right moment when all your followers are anxiously waiting. A live event for the announcement of your new product generates additional user intrigue that transforms into a larger fan base and bigger following.

💡 Pro-tip:  Take your pre-recorded live streams to the next level with OneStream Live’s course on Udemy – your key to advanced streaming.

✨ Final Thoughts

If you are looking to put your business growth on steroids you must consider using live videos. Live streaming has massive potential and it is only the beginning. Live videos give users that sense of connection with a brand that an on-demand video cannot. OneStream Live helps you save time and energy in setting up your live streams by making live stream creation a piece of cake. You can create compelling video content and schedule it to go live without having to worry about anything going wrong at the time of actual broadcast. Live streaming with OneStream Live is simple, efficient and smooth.

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Bilal Chaudhry
Bilal Chaudhry
Bilal is the COO & Co-Founder of OneStream. With extensive experience & commendable analytical skills, he is a pro at navigating complicated concepts & decisions in a high-tech environment.


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